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Wednesday, June 20th


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Steve on the we got kind of an emergency. OPP apparently this guy's got a dilemma. Has somebody do with us I'm not even positive what's gonna sum about Father's Day so but it's a fresh wonder something mocha and so hum. Other people's problems and it is Jeremy who's gonna. Need some help today Jeremy. I hi what's going on. Well guys so rushed it is Father's Day problem. OK so logistically it is eight years ago. My wife and my daughter's mother. Just basically walked out of our lives just collapsed. Yeah and you know there and it's just you know me and my daughter for the last eight hitters. And like my daughter everyone's so while you get a birthday card from her mother but. Very few very frequent in between so later said assistant in my daughter for the last eight years thanks. I yeah I want Father's Day. Let's Father's Day I get a text from weird number and it's hurt. And she tax knee and she basically says ilk. She complements me what a great job I've done with our daughter which I you know obviously how would she know that she had been around I sit and think yeah. And and then she says you know each cheek and thinking about this thing she's been missing that she's you know and she's been gone through the last eight years. And she looks digging that she wants to reconnect. You know what you need and my daughter. And are honestly I don't know what to do because your ocean like I said. Eight years ago a lot of space to the urged. Eager EDT has not want anything to do with either Russia or all this time and always lazy come out of the blue and once you know and monster retain your relationship with meat. And our daughter. Well swap do you. What what do you mean by I mean I understand the rekindling a relationship with the daughter but do you think she means. It sounds like she wants to beat you with your she just want to be friends with you. Think she just wants to be friends I think she wants to start their relationship. Or restart her relationship which put our daughter and leaning on the best thing to do that is to be friends with me. And my problem is I think I think she's having a good day. If you want to talking about there's. She looks very up and down owned while we were married and there was more bad days and good days with a good you know. And the good days were good the bad days really bad. So that's why not that's another reason I'm afraid. To let her give coast toward daughter again because I'm used to trade that she's just gonna. Breaker hard again you know we shall start apply initial gore would be can be such. Incomes are holds the donor. The daughter all left. Thanks so. Did he she curious about her mother or does she share you're sort of disdain for the woman who walked out of her life and little. You know she knows that her mother last. And she doesn't have staying I don't. Emmy she knows kind of what happened each. But I don't you know she doesn't need her mother. If that's saying. She doesn't know mother asks so and I know and I talked to some friends of mine is important to my third you know she should have a right. To know her mother which I agree but. I know her mother and she's probably better not knowing her mother. But I don't wanna be what do these guys extended the Il is in addition I stand in the way I am radio I don't wanna beat the garbage and I stand in the way that say you know what it's better. You don't know her. If she's if she's really not a good person or she's like and I would be disruptive influence although I don't know it's your decision. Report. Sure I mean not that she's not the well I mean. The fact that she left three years so that makes her a bad person actually I don't you know I don't think he's you know moral issue not a well a bad person I think you know what a weak person. And and what what you said the destructive influence I think that is much more worried about the disruptive influence social have a my daughter's well. Well you guys both remember the way she was. Kind of don't know the way she is right until you spent time weather so that's a hard judgment call but in the end. You're yeah I never considered bad. Yeah you're the parent parrot the job one of every parent is super text your children term federal over your heads out and if you decide. That mom is not a good influence for your daughter. I don't think you're doing it out of spite trying to get back at mom doesn't sound like it is so like you're that bidder. But I feel husband with the ax now you just wanna do right by your dog you've done the right thing for eight years back so all right yeah. I put some edgy if you spoken to your daughter any kind of filter up about where she her head is that about one to meet mom or not. I don't know I haven't I haven't so many see very yet she doesn't she doesn't know about the text Jenna and any links on her body yes no. You can just keep this to yourself and it's kind of no harm no foul ya is it is his ex moved back to town alone or she's. I really don't know where she's at I honestly don't know -- so she's just blew next door she could be across the country when she text you I thought I'd I think we're we bottler ducks in a row here badly did you respond to her or does let's say I did not respond to the guy never responded to her and I haven't. And I haven't had anything to my daughter and she didn't. That one texts you're at it again so. It's one of those things where. She just. If she's got any brains in her head she has no right to go low rise like rate sheet she balanced for eight years so like you you know he knows who played all her tanks backed immediately or at all. But there isn't there is a question of why each. If she's turned her life around and she's doing better. Should she get to reenter her daughter's life at twelve yes and a horror and that's really a really. And yes your record breaker you know a twelve seed old she's younger she's still not know what's going on June each. Twelve isn't awkward timing anybody's life hormones and everything in like this is. I don't know if this is a good time and plus keep in mind to Jeremy you're gonna have to sign a common ground with her as well the Euro if she gets all yeah. Yes values that's a whole relationship you've got to re address and read and you. Eight years of the money. I heard of parenting and analysts and you gotta righty co parent they are hard. On. Jeremy eight who we feel for you man and I know there's other people who had absentee parents trying to come July orange so hang tight end listen up we're gonna bring you some advice here Donald. He has no or I'm I'm sorry I'm a person who believes both sides really deserves. To Tim did a shot at parenting. She. She gave that up and she did as she says time I. Only good but now now you want well there is that's Warburg is my question asked if this person all the sudden it was so they got clear straight know their life they know they're ready for this. Can you deny him that because she is the month. Can you deny MP that's that's a deer lake that's that's it his whole crux I mean. Legally can you deny don't always heard that with a visitation install every bombing. You the truth she's complete deadbeat she balanced for eight years but would you wanna beat them bigger parents inched Trent and struck out Curtis. If you've been in a situation like this or just you heard Germany's words he's not Steve already nailed it she's not there she's not doing this night after her it's like. I've got this and I don't want to disrupt my daughter's third so is he making the right decision error or should be at least allow. His ex the mother of his daughter to step foot back in their lives Shelley. Yeah I I. I had so I was rooting situation my mother. There left. I mean when I was your goal each and came back and in my life when I was sixteen so my advice to hand it. Is luck you have that you touched or whatever you need to do and say look. I'll let you any. But you leave your app saying here I know but are not very slow mutual ground dean at like at. You know I screenplay to whatever mutual crowning and then let that Goddard I should work. Continued their relationship. She flakes again don't lose my number don't ever try ever again. Yep that's got a ground rule right away is like but K I understand guys are like together here's the deal. You leave you play to your diet. It works for you do you argue or is your mama party your life for now he. And vineyard completely trust her again everything is back to hunky dory York. Not necessarily I actually had a kid on and then she's Smart and Bobby and my kids liked and I am but I kept the king Harald. You know you're gonna be there you balance your parent. There's there's a lot between YouTube. My mom and I yeah no it's not loves it's just you just gotta tolerate. I why well let's. You're you're a bigger person and I think I like I I would be to better to let them back to entice you mommy when I was three you don't get going to show up when you once you have reinsurer. Asked thank you for the advice Shelly we appreciate it. Serra. Yeah yes when you. I got the I am. So I was that girl that was grade I might add and let me when. Eight when I'm when I would buy it is and my my mom wanted to come back into the picture when I was fourteen years old. I am my dad let her come back into the picture. And it would an awful idea alone you know. Yeah she was not okay. And it would you know rate in the middle of high school and I had this woman come back into my life who is not stable was not okay. And it matched with me and I get I would have been so much better off had that not happened. So your dad he's he was put on the spot he had to make a call. And I guess he went the wrong way and now your dad probably feels guilty. She she dad and even wonderful and he would just trying to do what was best. For me you know thinking you and I girl on fourteen I'm going to be going through all these changes in my mom last. But but I didn't because my dad was my rock. And he still is my rock. And see you I I kids you know she wasn't well like she did she was not she was not mentally well. And I think it's he's considering doing that he needs can neatly herself her hand times before it's. Yeah and you like cheese and T how she really it. I don't I don't wanna stereotype anybody but like anybody who would abandon a four year old or they're just how well you're not you're not just that's not a normal. Means. We can bet that the total is going to instead you learn mean I'm assuming something is. Not wired properly. I don't you it's weird slacker is we all familiar with deadbeat dad. We've got a couple calls now doing her own deadbeat moms and say thank you for the call Sarah appreciate it chase and yeah I what do you think's. I think that she shed her. We adopted our three nephews though aren't outside and and we just started having contact with their birth mom in the last couple months. There are thirteen eleven and nine to kind of similar ages and it's just been really positive and I think even for him a while he just can't. Allow all her. Daughter just as fears who her mom is that kind of make her own conclusions. One thing that I found is that. Kids tend to put what they don't know up on a pedestal. Dollar you know estate if she'd seen the good and the bad and you've ever realistic view of her mom rather than it actually gets to George teenage years. Even Matt again and that she'd like her from her and she's you know in her mind she can be whatever and typically pay as you look. Their parents and their birth parents as. Salads. Act and the evening and the kind of allowing her to either true or really bad after it. Everyone in the situation and shelled Cheadle well enough power she can kind of despite what she wants out of our relationship. And I. Like we said with a different person who called and if this woman comes back in and slates again do you there's no surge no you don't you're you're just afraid. By Friday thank you for the call Caitlin. Amyloid. And I what do you think. Don't think it happened him or her right get out and bought. That's a big response. It's really it's grown twelve year old yeah. And you now on whether you want to bring that up now a word wouldn't she's eighteen or however all the hey that might make it clear that they didn't. While thank you for the bus and we kind of alluded to that would military but he hasn't even told her yet. What are you. And she's older twelve mean you're almost a process halting bit late do you even wanna see your ma C in if you don't. Are you have to be the one to teller dads and go god she don't want nothing to do you yeah I think dad would have like he said be the parents and I. You guys have given us spectacular bicycle try to get an update with Jeremy did you got more things to say it at the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.