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Thursday, April 7th


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Vijay and Jamey Richard Murphy from conspiracy corner now march. They said was when we are actually going to happen planet could be room planet X worm would come through and it did really happen but those that believe saying it's still on the way they're just their timing and stuff. So if you're interested in planet X I suggest you check out the YouTube video planet X near route 2016 to lock down America. And set aside about an hour and hacks. Yeah a companion video to that is biggest cover up worldwide. They know of in bound planet. Search that title and you can continue line your discovery and knowledge. One planet next Napier who normally it's. Or if it's that actually dark star pan. In threats start with a color ground where it anyway you can find that as well and that balance not to dad that's only eleven. You may or may not have heard about the Panama papers basically. Packed a Panamanian banks. And released secret documents of world leaders professional sports athletes also entertainers. That are. Legally but still questioned heavily hiding their money outside of their home country obviously if you avoid paying taxes on it. Maybe team. Trying to get out of a failed bank consistent within their country what I find very interesting is that cherry picking of the people that are on this list. To push whatever urgent agenda. So if it's a right leaning media they're gonna go after left wingers or after prudent if there left leaning they're gonna go after the trumps of the world. Or if there's somebody team wanted to go after specific sports figure or entertainer. Still bigger view is just. Watch carefully. And question why are they only telling these people because apparently there's like hundreds if not over a thousand different people's names that have been released. There have been some people that have been interviewed. And when they're asked about it they actually get out bingo slipped I'm not it. And don't even wanna answer the question. On the alien side of things NASA apparently had a live video transmission capacity unknown objects. Appeared near the International Space Station. It only instant. To slumber trying to get some closures some understanding. NASA has to say I'm. If you go to the mere dot CO dot UK. And check out weird news. They say it. Article above bizarre Google Earth footage captures crashed flying saucer. In the middle of the mountains and panel looks like something disliked his crash there from looking at the photos that they have up on the web site. Whether or not is it crashed UFO or may be a balloon boy incident if you remember that but still interesting nonetheless. This is a little scary that could be on the horizon for us humans apparently the daily mill as a story cult mind control microscope. Changes behavior of mice in an instant. Scientists may be animals do whatever they want by tweaking the Marines moved. Real time while. You know that there is some sort of dark paramilitary group that is probably going to be wanting to brace this now if we are. Electronically. Manipulated by another source and soon. We get a pass from god for that or he still accountable. As part time. On the earthquake watched there has been. Just in the past seven days. 84. Earthquakes that have been four point five in magnitude. Or greater of those 84. Over ten have been over six point oh. Pena media not really talking about it. Most of that happening. Are on the Solomon Islands and a lot to. Over by the Philippines. However. Just off the coast of South America right over in by the Caribbean and Venezuela a five point two. Which happened just this past seven days ago also a five point two in Chile. Then let's not forget about the six point two U this happened just off the coast of Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. Some things about them. And looking at earthquakes today but still boatload of activity in Oklahoma. But you're also seeing some around Yellowstone. Over along the San Andreas Fault area and then also in the Pacific northwest by Mount Rainier. And Alaska's still bumping. As well as. Hawaiian Islands and finally if you go to both top secret dot com you'll see a story. Which I found this guy absolutely brilliant and tragic that he passed away comedian bill hicks and his comedy compilation called the voice of reason. A great way to tie in. Conspiracy theories and ideas. With humor I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember always have your bug out bag with you and I.