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Wednesday, September 20th


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Vijay and Jamie yesterday get to call. It's one of those crank calls for this it's happened to be several parties have Nokia movement I've got a couple nephews that love to do this it's called break dial. Dot com there may be others out there but this is the one millions. And you go to this website where you can get it on your phone Jamie it's one sided conversations and it's an altercation in his somebody trying to get ego to. I never even adds up. It seems to mean but listen to Charlotte and knee and. All right so and so you you can literally put in a friend's phone number units trained to dial dot com. Danny Robbie tries it on me yesterday. He works release. I'm but he go to the website. Or on your phone you put in a friend's phone number in what it calls it shows an unknown number so when they answer that's when the crank start. I'll play you this is the one that I got yesterday at. I don't. And what you're doing. Very area I can't ask all of seniors amber. Must. They went out and what would herbal abortion and he'd left Maine. I don't know. And sort of prank but I don't know. Would she says print. And that's what I call you and I know that's an okay. Yeah like gets a dummy because I never heard of this network and do you do it like we need go to do that. Downloaded on your phone is an apple and wouldn't ultimate break dialed dot com okay where you go to the web site. You put in somebody else's phone number in it calls for you now what you can see is a box full flash up in it will send a conversation going not. And I watched last night is Sean at about thirty seconds John I expected this they didn't drop all fried it keeps him. It keeps going so no I know. Without listing because I'm not hearing and as you're doing so record it for you to hear later the OK so so I I realize that you or duped again can you. So so because exit Goran over a minute rank but it. After you hang up after end. That's when it posts so I get to see or hear it to get dark here Sean swallowed some sitting Brett I first tried it on Jamie. What are you just drive me know. Love meeting never called me at 8 o'clock at night ever they've actually doubled then bug in is the big news what I duly get 8 o'clock at night. I don't mind at 8 o'clock at night and then I had a leg and then started chill up your name then could I finish up your name. Because I mistakenly you the first wanna call OK and I mistakenly put in my number I'm. And Lisa said no you're doing it wrong you're supposed to put on the spot fake number could forbid if it's what you do. Our answer. Number right any college he'd leave no message the message not deny everything get this workers unenviable and I'm right. Lisa's her I don't know meanwhile man climbing a plug it right yeah. Am I calling Mac he won't freak an answer. No because I don't recall you just pointed out this that I'm really I'm working on shouted disappoint right Danielle the Kook right I suppose I don't answered I finally after back of those Alex played it tomorrow morning. Nobody else does Sean can go ruled the great dial dot com and you can pick different scenarios okay that's an old lady saying that I've been harassing her Rangel tried to you know I knew for a fact your son had been in a car acts. Well yes he had backed into someone in the parking lot. That's why I chose this one for you. Well. Allow. Well now patents. This and you'd want to hear about cost I'm not likely and this deal won't know Obama windshield. Now I've shared it can be you scratch marks in them both so much to life. It yes you did. It looks who you'll insurance company beat this what are. You out don't lie to me. Now I believe it. You want politically you know it's. A strong number I got no problem. Columns in my decent speaks perfect phone call there but what you. I try and oh yeah I got out but it not only can't. We don't know. Break I break down until I'm. All of let me. Shock. You got John Dillon. So little blue fuel to do it and what. Yeah it took. I can just picture her show you out of oh yeah he handled this how. Take care that yeah. And it was a we're a Bluetooth in them driving. Well earnings and so it's like we're both involved in cell. The dedicated to the someone's car and I I did Africa called the floor and I thought for sure I was like Brad and I. Ollie back a house call and other phone numbers actually can opt out and today and and it's like I thought it was that kid's mom trying to miss. Mean yeah. I mean I believe apple not gonna say well I just my. I needed elevation about blood pressure you know you can't. I know that it. Just sitting there watching the timer because again I'm not us into the conversation you won't post until you hang up ranked so I'm watching that I burger homered off. I'm starting to feel bad because I know are duped. Once it goes to amend it they don't you are. What is this this phone call does not allied person does that free recorded one side of the conversation but you hit it perfectly with the argument. I do and listening back to it now at one point I should've got up on ice and a product. Caught onto it when I answered it and then he said something else like yet you did this you know Kazaa I at this and you're angry yet. And I are completely best I wanted so badly to get Jamie ivory league did. Stewart. Then known as. I'm known as blog yeah me so I'll never be a they answer. Should put great dialed dot com on our FaceBook page in on the Alison Eastwood picture I edited and have people try this today so people all over town will be getting prank calls today. Great story. You don't block unknown in my villagers. And no I don't know comes now. But it just goes says it goes away nice amount that phone number did I can of the 303408. Number which I knew someone in the past that had a 408 number which is another reason I was completely truthful because that's a legitimate but that we know the second phone on him he asked the number. I apologize why put dev phone number in their book for Jamie registers is meat yeah she's got it is Marist beat you didn't have it end there as well. And we understand muffled he does that not kind of. Article rate dial dot com or go to our website or actually go to our FaceBook page that if right now. Jones who couldn't right now it's absolutely straight pull it on somebody to do well. And now. Yeah yeah. You'd wanna hear about are. Into the importance on Alex.