Presidential Debate tonight, will it be a circus! 9/26

Monday, September 26th

What will happen on the first presidential debate tonight? Will Trump be stupid and Racist or will Hillary wear a pantsuit and will she try to make fun of Trump? We also predict that Trump will be really orange. Its tonight Time: 9 pm.. Eastern Watch on: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, C-SPAN and all cable news channel

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Vijay and Jamie tonight is tonight the big presidential debate the first of three they're expecting. Over 100. Million viewers to see trump vs Clinton didn't. Then there that I admire and Canada. Has to take off Woolsey buckle two birdies and ride on top. So low it hit it. So here's the thing that ever and they are so many theories that this huge stigma that. Guys first got you know that they expect our bigger ratings than super ball. Close stood to what halftime show. I don't know when listening to a group that discipline at a not the minutes of the stuff to this seems to bother me. Be Dalai needs about thirty minutes you know just let him spar for about thirty minutes and then go to your corners and don't come back ranked I don't mean 99. Halftime show them yet via I. I've got a bit of prediction tonight I don't think that it's gonna be as entertaining as most people. I will now they are really down IEU goal as well as I do chain we're in the height business. Yes and we got. Well often we hardly send her. Really our news and we don't do very good job hunt and no but I like we are in the honesty is its guests when we we comprise that we don't like we should I go belly up. Just kind of sucks yeah. Yeah well there are those times like but inculcate good are the bosses would like for us to be enough Heidi that is OK I. Sells ring ready to okay that's what it's all about right yes and I feel like that's what's going on here with trumping Clinton you don't. Helped it let me give me a reason why I think that because I think onstage tonight it gonna have their differences. But should not gonna see you're a big fat liar. Liar what are those people killed in laying Ghazi why. Yeah okay lied about your Dark Knight and lack I don't think that's gonna. Happened I like why is this now it's not as they said Hillary Clinton is watching footage just like a football game she's widened but wanting. She's watching footage of what his trigger button czar you know that things make him plastic handle and she's so she's gonna pull those out they sent. She's gonna go for the triggers to see you shouldn't get mall wacky. C act. You might be right yeah they said look I might be totally wrong here breathe here's the way I didn't according for triggers. Right see but here's part here's a way I see if you're fighting with somebody. Often what goes on behind the scenes is far worse than when you meet face to face. Would you agree that. When. Our analysts say that Sean and I hate each of you guys did on the air. Look at the list to be the permit. Eight often went to that was great but I went here I loved it if that well that type. Of if two people don't like each other. More are said all fair in vicious and nasty but when you come face to face you don't really see each other you realize it's there but you don't see. I would disagree with you if it was then Donald Trump. You see I don't see it I think yesterday presidential stunt that I don't think he's gonna go there I think he's gonna do everything he can not too I think he has toned it down I agree with you there. But for her to actually find the singer's new sheared right at the Mark Cuban thing here and then he agreed to act so what is she said Mark Cuban needs shelter. Says like I have a key there and you Donald Trump dead again not being very presidential you know and he did it go oh yeah. Dinner in the front row or. The moment that's. But that's that's what I mean you knew they die right there. As though they didn't even really face to face is what I'm saying they're gonna be on stage face doesn't matter each other now. I have made an accidental I just don't think you're gonna get an that was not presidential at all and it was hilarious. And and then Jennifer flowers re true it is it said. You know I mean you're tour and definitely. The Emporia. I'll magna and in the other sixteen girls came out. Good luck to go to there's a there's not enough room for all of it. They better be exciting I want it to be exciting and well presidential crap now a quarter margin of four if you are Bill Clinton. It's not a good as Gennifer Flowers is in the front row and Miller is going to be good you know my god this is borrowers not much I'm not even militant. Wesley brought Monica Lewinsky Donna bluegrass a little more room. Mario mine and do stupid stuff I'm only watch and hampered non residential trash. I think we're gonna believe this hole I really do if you don't let me down. On another and I don't like he is and I just don't think certain things can live up to the hype sometimes and I think this is one of them. Because she got a couple of candidates there that. No I want. So here's out what happened I want her to follow over not guy to follow over you know have whenever episodes you know electric and just does. Coughing fit or something something like that and then and then he has to catch their yeah. I'll take it right into and he just does TO oops I dropped or edit. Then he gets all the bad wrapping guys dropping got a nice stage I I mean that's the kind of stuff we want we really didn't yet and it's not gonna happen and it. I feel well I feel like O'Donnell season so stupid that bill that he I don't want him to the drop. He is associated with his own races and he's gonna mess everything up it is in Oregon daylight. Hey Hillary nice outfit doesn't really do love for your boots. You know something stupid is nebulous idea that what the we think she's been aware. Aaron I'm heavily easy answers Luke may be that Captain Kangaroo pocket jacket you know and say it. Got a machine and they're all hot lights installed towards the I know what is admitted that he is going to be over there at this guy will be more orange in the Cooley man can hit this guy like. He's will be so orange tonight. Well you know when I got his hand after the big event right. You're gonna see my circle of bright orange Donald tonight or that blond hair and now recognize it is the that's what you get is CNN's state again and meanwhile Yossi trophy Hillary over there were kept PGA or Rupp like it jacket on wall under the lights. It's and they both their faces and just ugly both ground and they're both of them ugly face it there except. I did this interface and into the eighties over 100 million viewers for a presidential debates about you know when you get. I guess I guess for the country when you like thirty million viewers that's huge in this day and H I mean huge. Hundred million expected. Hundred million and I Brussels also saw this over the weekend and this is great for Colorado you know that the way it's shaping up right now if the election were tomorrow. Follow rattled. Would decide the president of the United States and Ireland are gonna pressure. You see that Colorado is the deciding state and as of today well. San I think airbags like that Hillary don't open and I like to split. The Colorado split 5050 they say. Ike which is kinda strange because I thought for sure that she would have the lead here but it's right down the middle east side and we will decide here in Colorado they. There's this guy is predicted and three he's some kind of political analyst he's predicted every single presidential outcome ever. And like ever since you've been alive. Like sixty feminine whenever anyway he's he's produced him correctly until he predicted trump but Vinny and he had been pastors instead. But I've never seen a president a gallon since I don't know yet this and so on yeah. Google is his prediction which is jump as an at this is like. And but not really sure. They mark. I don't know what's gonna happen I veto it all starts tonight that they say they say tonight's debate could be a make or break for both candidates. I don't think it will be our I think that will be the second or third. That actually decides and I think tonight's is going to be one of those that we're gonna watch you know while. Those are two key. Saying we have to choose from her. Did you read videotape dots on my videotape whenever recorded after my phone from the TV bulletins you know through Chia Pets yes yeah. It's all right does why can't CNN Lutz Fulton is a laundry and it came on and so I've. DVR it backwards and I recorded it are those funny things where I love. You get them both yeah what you have to buy individually you die and then I. You got both finesse and also I I didn't he go with the commercial that they had Bernie Sanders and that an Obama would theme. And it but it was a look closely yeah. He will greatly can I do I'll bet I'll bet she had the trump wouldn't outsells all of can I tell you why can't I feel like with the trump when have you gratitude that I'll yes please look ahead number like between for hours and braced. Unseat him feel like I could stylish hair perfectly with the seeds exactly I did. Yeah I'm telling you are that you trump cells to one over all those guys the NY contract at a more seeds to the top yeah you know I get that little layover and thank you and battle over the doughnut that. Theater just the right a little. All right big presidential debates Dutch show does is start to died 7 o'clock I think so I believe on all the news channels. Well. I have no idea what times you're awesome by you don't know where it's Eddie who do you yeah. What's it what channel in New York on its in college known under note you know what channels. I thought it was an ivory news channel. Am mop. And it's gonna be on ABC CBS NBC fox seaspan. And all cable news networks seven dot. 9 PM eastern two B seven I replied I think it is our it's thirteen minutes after seven that though Betty Cheney who boarded show will be right back. In immortal son Alex I.