Pulling tooth with a football is not ok 092217 232.mp3

Friday, September 22nd

It seems like people will get mad about anything.  There is a video of a man who is pulling his sons tooth with a football.. he tied the dental floss to the tooth and then to the football and threw it to he granddad. Oh the people of Facebook went crazy on him saying his is a horrible dad!


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Vijay and Jamie quickly here this is a video that got posted here in Colorado and people are a little bit outraged over this new job if you are. A guy pulls his sons to. How did you do it the old fashioned way he ties dental floss to the kits does it ties the other into a football through the laces of the football. And throws put a halt to the son's grandfather. It looked at it goes yeah. Right out of the kid's mouth at eagle's flight so he had to kick start looking at it is because the two fair right right and some people are saying. That. Is wrong. You can't pull your kids to school football debt. Both lost and I hear the audio. On the idea I think I got him. I thought he probably knows that place that I I was searching through to see if I could find the actual audio as well I would like me decided that was nice or not is is that kid's reaction like. Is he excited about this is he freaked out about it or whatever because it's none of these it's a thing that people do now like with them remote rental cars yet. Yeah they put on there the milk has seen that gathers a ton of those different kinds of ways template and I don't have a problem within the okay. I think it is terrified and doesn't want to participate that's why I wanted to know. I'll tell likes to say yeah yeah if the kids like screaming crying a nice yeah. Now from what I understand the kid participates. In is a fine within the deal does you tied the string can you shut the door. Yeah I do remember that yeah. I think we tried that a mere couple dives. When I was kid I thought maybe your teeth are on the important right now I don't think so I picked. We brought. Us your shot. What are your teeth to. I'm there and they're pretty good at an all time. That's the lowest tides straight I've got lost here we get tied to the door that we can do it on FaceBook lies and slams but don't. It's gonna work witness I think you have to be you know as I user submitted an Afghan and get back at my glued him. Pretty good is this finalist adventuresome and yeah I just like the working Turkey. You get so sick. Over everything I know at every day it's. Well where you have that Turkey the Turkey Turkey and be trump salt. Alia a way to. End the importance on Alex I.