Putin pulls out of Syria, US election rigged, nsa used by local law, Trump protests done by move on, liberals and assignations, snowden UFO Hitler and the US, disaster app, Jean claude van Dame outs NWO

Monday, March 14th


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Vijay and Jamie it's Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner well this is kind of than usual but Russian president Vladimir Putin is coordinating a pull out of his troops. Currently stationed in Syria and reinstated the effective work of our military treated the conditions for the start of the peace process and went on to conclude that the Russian military's mission in the region has been fulfilled. Now it seems a little weird dead they figure OK we're we're good we're gonna leave now at this moment there's a bigger reason why there in the evening there's still don't have. Troops one air force base and that one of the ports and Syrians and others that everybody's full amount could be that they're preparing for planet next to your opinion is there's some. The bigger problem that's going to be happening over in Europe with the Ukraine or is it erode the dealt with they're saying that they're gonna pull out allowing all of the prices and al-Qaeda folks to go back after Syria only to expose their positions to be wiped out because if you're aside. You've probably been enjoying not only has beloved little so. The Russian and Iranian. Presence. Now Russia's getting out of there and I would think you'd probably make him a little bit nervous and for those few are doing a little skeptical about the validity of the elections. On the last great stand dot com website. Here's a story called computer programmer testifies under oath he rigged election computers. He doesn't go to YouTube and check out rigged USA elections exposed. That is a blog on this probably about a month ago how. One of the technical universities out there actually showed how easy it was to supply the virus that. Fakes a vote for somebody you're voting for and actually gives your vote to whatever candidate they want to win. And then after you validate the voting results the virus automatically deletes itself out of there at thus leaving no record of it ever being in. And for those few who are fans the NSA not. You'll be happy you know the deal each people.com. Is reporting that the NSA data available now BC news stopped by domestic law enforcement agencies. I believe that a big part of the reason why the NSA is allowing this to happen is to continue to. Tried to increase their validity and legitimacy. As a viable way for us to. Being monitored. In the wars has story else's breaking anti China protests funded by and directed by Hillary Clinton. I think also it's come out that moveon.org. Has been a big sponsor of the protests against. Donald Trump and had crews to and Cuba most of the efforts are against trial. Bernie Sanders people also been associated with this I think what's interesting about this is there's so much effort to go after Donald Trump. Then it almost looks like the establishment. Wants him removed doesn't want him to. For everything that happens wherever it for everything he stands for and probably for the things that he says can do. He's probably gonna do and where most politicians say they're gonna do one thing and once did over there. Like everything changes. And here's something I don't understand of it if you're. Against. Let's say you're against Donald Trump and you go to one of his rounds to go protest. Why would you do that it's a rally for supporters. One if you go there to protest a bill in disrupted all you're gonna wind up doing is solidifying his base. And Miki is they seem even more like. You're going after my guy OK guess what I am gonna vote for him I mean it's wanting if you have a town hall debate or you're having an opportunity for. Questions and answers though when some business going up there to rally their supporters. Go and their protesting is not gonna change anybody's mind. And historically. Even if you look back to. The arch duke Ferdinand. Assassination. I you can even look at the assassination of Lincoln. As well as John F. Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy all of them radical left wingers wasn't a conservative that went off until these guys are you could say. Those were the ones that were the fall guys for whoever won to have those people dead even John Hinckley was afar last. Deranged yes but still far less. So you got to be very nervous for a lot of our political candidates both sides something stupid it's going to happen. On the website UFO that truth is out there dot com. There's a story out there which is entitled Snowden documents proving US aliens Hitler and linked stands in Russia. Suffice it to say that there has been long talked. Hitler. Getting away from everybody neither going to Argentina board team the Antarctic. The talk doesn't alien bases down in the Antarctic the fact that the US took an armada down there and battled some unknown force highly classified. You have the Russians who are taking. An item there from. Saudi Arabia just recently so this story and I wouldn't say has legs it definitely has intrigued. And all of that starting right after World War II around 1940 fives. Mean stones documents even confirm the report the tall whites the Norm Dicks meeting in 1954 with the US president Dwight. Where these secret regime currently ruling over America was established. The report also warned that the tall whites agenda as being implemented by the secret regime ruling United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system. Meant to hide all true information about their presence here on the earth. As they enter into what one of stones documents calls the final phase of their and plan for total assimilation. And two world. And grace maybe. If you're somebody that's into apps and would like to you. Did into the development of one there's a disaster prediction that's being developed by suspicious observers you can go to YouTube. Go to suspicious observers site and then in the more info you'll see them going to be able to go to that kick started pitch. They get a check this out if you go to the info wars website and utility and Jeanne Claude van dam Rockefeller and Rothschild Stanley's we'll let trump wins. We go to YouTube including John club that Dan calls out Rothschild and Rockefeller's. You'll be able to see the roundtable discussion that was happening in France on French television are telling you join the F Francais and you can actually see. Sean collide chatting about the fact that he believes it Rothschild and rockefellers are not interest in a term presidency we'll do everything they can. To stop it now the best part is he going to need to know France does it some time. I think they're also playing a game. First person to speak English loses so stays stay with it for the whole thing find out. So it's not just weirdos like you that live in the rattle its women conspiracy pool I got celebrities I got famous people like truck on I got. It's not that I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember always have your bug out bag with you make the celebrity Kerry there X. And more sorry Alex I.