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Monday, October 3rd


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It's Richard Murphy would another edition of conspiracy corner all right. I know it's been awhile since I actually communicated. On this page but I can go into a lot of reasons of why haven't been but let's just say it just didn't feel right. Until today. So tomorrow is October the fourth why is that such a big deal. There's a lot of chatter that's going on around and hopefully I hope nothing happens and you often have a laugh at my expense so first off. We have a situation where Julie on astonish. On Wednesday gave the fifth. Is going to announce from his. House balcony what actually. He's going to bring down Hillary Clinton whatever information the past. I was thinking about that like while that's kind of a crazy announcement to make Jimmy why would you go and telegraph something like that. Unless maybe it's never gonna happen. Because on the fourth. Here's some of the things that are happening so you have Russia which is going to be doing a drill in which they are moving forty million Russians. In Russia into their bunkers and they're going to be in there for three days from the fourth until the seventh. Now first off if we as Americans just said hey. Forty million of us are gonna go live in a bunker for three days we were like we're way too busy to make that kind of commitment and yet. That's what's supposedly going to be happening in Russia. And so I started thinking about oh why would be down there for three days well if you think about what FEMA has stated. They say that you should have enough food and water on hand. To be able to go and last for three days and if you remember Lotta people talking about the October surprise. What's gonna happen. And you have trust me would that be a surprise. The talked about to be true and the fact that. India and Pakistan are threatening nuclear war against each other over Kashmir. You have North Korea threatening to dew and AMP over top of the United States either by launching a missile. Or exploding their satellite that's orbiting over top of us Russia talking about the fact that if there is any type of attack against besides. Military forces by the US that there will be severe repercussions. And now you have rushing doing this drill there's just a lot of things that are kind of flat lining up. And as an investigator you look at. Okay it's circumstantial but to get enough circumstantial evidence in any kind of goal. While there's enough things that are piling up here that maybe we should probably think about that so hopefully the fourth will be a non event and this will be LB DO. In the meantime it probably wouldn't hurt to fill your tank up on the way home. May be nature you got some food and water got some cash in your pocket because if stuff really does hit the stand. Then you're probably gonna need to have cash because that's the only way for a short amount of time you're gonna be able to do any type of business and then after that. It's gonna be either barter or you know jewelry or whenever. And speaking of jewelry. Isn't it interesting that. In car dash Sheehan gets robbed a ten million dollars in jewels. In France could this be used sits as some sort of big mr. recht. To try to keep the eyes of the public awful what's going on around the world or was that robbery just a big set up. Do you do some insurance fraud because of the fact that Kanye has such a big amount of debt that the needs to pay off and they can take that ten million that they're gonna get an insurance money. And helped a co pay off his lone. So a heads up better to be prepared to a year in advance and an hourly I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner.