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Wednesday, January 18th

Get ready for the Trump inauguration.

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It's Richard Murphy from conspiracy corner all the peaceful transition of power is coming up on Friday with. Trump taking over the reins from Obama and I think when bush. Was given up the reins to Obama I would not have put out this conspiracy corner. However today is a different day and a different environment Dale Carnegie once said in his book how to stop worrying and start living can be summed up like this what's the worst that can possibly happen except that that's the worst that can happen and then work to not let it happen but if it does your prepared for. So let's take the inauguration what's the worst that can possibly happen well let's say for the sake of argument on 9/11 event whether it's. There. In Washington DC or somewhere else in the country and would you deal. Well I think that there is some precautions that we can take is obviously we can't do anything really to stop that is individuals. But we can definitely. Take care of our own personal situation so here's what I suggested you. One I think you should probably go to the grocery store and just kind of stock up on some of the essentials that you need before Friday. And others in your a lot of time but I. I think you should do it I think you fill your tank up with gas so that if something happens you have full tank of gas you don't have to deal with the gas hikes I also think the issue probably pull some cash out of the bank and have in your pocket. Because worst case scenario let's say some event happens they shut down the banking system. And now the only way you're gonna be able to make purchases is cash special edition down ATMs and all electronic purchases. And for me personally. I give my kids out of school and have a stay home they can watch the inauguration as a part of a educational. Event. But I don't want them to be at school. Remember when 9/11 happened. I mean here in Colorado everything shut down air traffic shut down they were evacuating all the buildings downtown all the high rises there is price gouging going on at the grocery store at the gas pump because everybody didn't really know what was happening are we going to war is or is this just a huge. Event that's only instigated in new York and I think we should learn from that event now why would I actually talked about doing something they like this when we're talking about. What should be the peaceful transition of power from President Obama to president elect trump. Well there are a lot of mitigating circumstances and a lot of things that are out there that lead me to believe that. There is going to be people that are going to try to disrupt this event and I hope not I hope I'm completely wrong and you all can laugh at me. But what's the worst that's gonna happen in the situation. You're gonna have a full tank of gas. Your coverage are going to be have food in them and you'll have some extra cash in your pocket over the weekend he can put back in the bank on Monday but here are some of the things that are going on. One yet George Soros. Bill Ayers who was part of the weathermen group a terrorist group back in the seventies which actually caused the death of some Americans here in the United States. Who's also a personal friend of President Obama and I have you and also Michael Moore all calling for the destruction of the inauguration. You have project Veritas who went and exposed acorn. Planned Parenthood for going and selling bad body parts student now going and having an undercover investigative video of people that want to go and light off. Acid stink bombs at one of the inaugural balls called the deplorable. They have them on videotape they have them and this was featured on Hannity on Fox News and they went to the site and scooped it out. All on videotape to the point where that project Veritas was so concerned they took it to the Secret Service the FBI and the DC police who are now investigating. You have Craig's list advertisements that are up in New York Washington DC. And around the country then our advertising for people to come and protest the inauguration. Even here in Colorado. You had one of our local government officials. Mike Coffman personal headquarters while he was there spontaneously. Quote unquote have about a 10250. People come and protest. The fact that they're going to replace and repeal obamacare. Really 150 people just spontaneously happened to show up all the same time. Doubt it so let's look at things that are happening globally you have President Obama putting sanctions and taking out a bunch of Russian diplomats because they say they have evidence that Russia hacked and influenced the presidential election. Over in Europe you have Fort Carson soldiers and their mechanized division of tanks all now stationed in Poland. For the first time since World War II you have the US Marines now stationed. In Norway. You have the Albanian military. Now marching towards the Serbian border where the Serbs say if you crossed over to the border it's an act of war you have NATO forces that are all doing exercise is close to the Russian border and you have the Russians going in bringing a bunch of mechanized units closer to their Russian border along Ukraine you have Moscow. Putting surface to air anti aircraft missile batteries around Moscow and then most recently in Dave Hodges common sense page. He he actually interviews the spokesperson for the DC police in which they found. Two caches of weapons pistols and long guns and ammunition. In a park within a quarter mile of each other and not far from the inauguration event. And there's also report that van was pulled over outside of DC before traffic violation and it turned out it had a large number of weapons inside that van you have the left constantly protesting about the fact that trump visit illegitimate president. And we're just scratching the surface here when it comes to all this other details there's a lot of other things going on with the China Korea Taiwan. Events happening on the US Mexican border that this is a time for families to quietly take a step back and watch things unfold. Because of it doesn't go well you want your family in a safe place if it does great we weathered that storm but better to be prepared a Dane advanced. Than an hour late I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner let's hope for a peaceful transition of power. I remember always everybody go back with.