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Friday, March 18th


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CJ and Jamey Richard Murphy with a another edition of conspiracy corner. We'll feel like reading bloggers there's a guy called strategy had to night night isn't Knight in shining armor. And yes the story posted up that says. David Rockefeller says conspiracy about one world order he is down to it. True apparently David Rockefeller admitted this in an article by the independent. If he is accused of such conspiracies to bring about a one world order and he is proud and guilty as charged. He says some believe the rockefellers are part of a secret of all working against the best interest of the United States characterizing my family and me as internationalist conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure. One world if you will. If that's a charge I stand guilty and I'm proud of it however John F. Kennedy seven days before he was assassinated said. There's a plot in this country to enslave every man woman and child before I leave this high in Oval Office I intend to expose this plot. Seven days later JFK. It is agreed to let my check that out also talks about the dark history of the secrets of wealthy families. And the race to have the biggest baddest. Military equipment. China and Russia both been showing off what they have to offer. It's under a news. Stealth helicopter it's pretty big a lot of our and I and China's new spy plane with an Austrian body. Actually looks like a private aircraft called the CS team. 003. Scout. And if you're about all things military might wanna go and check out this website Dane eagle dot com spelled DE AG. Eat Al dot com they have some crazy things in there. Everything from parts in who's supplying them for the latest bill to which country is buying what type of military hardware from another country. And I really recommend you check out a list of countries forecast. We're 20/20 five. The population at the lead back in 2007 and then when it's predicted to be in 20/20 five the GDP military expenditures. And the power purchase. Period on the stimulus dollars crazy thing is check out the United States after you check out everybody else and just look at the population. If you don't go full AMG. Past do you look at that there is something that they expect to happen because it is a dramatic. Decrease in population. Dramatic. Told analysts say ticket the political fire in the GOP the Republican National Convention this coming up is actually starting to be stoked. On the all news pipeline. Big steel is on RNC secret plans revealed Hannity I'm swat team was supporters time to make their voices heard. Apparently they're saying that if either Cruz or trump. Become the popular. Republican candidate to win the delegates go to the Republican National Convention. They're gonna nominate somebody else and dad not nominate trumpet and or Chris Webber is the man which. Tell me people I'm gonna go out in the streets in protest about that especially on the Republican side and you have the popular vote. And we we saw that almost happened between gore and bush so this kid actually. Wind that may be tipping the balance from. Disgust you activism. Danger danger danger if you're wondering how cern stealing apparently they're getting ready to fired back. The guardian is reporting. An update on a possible new particle from cern large hydrated collider always dangerous thing when you're playing with particle physics. It's one of your bucket list trips is ahead to the Antarctic. Make sure you mark down the ice cube observatory to visit daily mail's reporting this incredible ice cube observatory built. 8000. Feet beneath. The Arctic ice. And it is designed to catch mysterious particles from space. Or some might say it's just an air shaft to go down tonight. Subterranean in alien bases underneath. Antarctica interesting read don't zero hedges reporting that anonymous has. Hacked into Donald Trump's private material. Group claims it has his phone number Social Security number I guess this will be an opportunity for Donald Trump to endorse life lock. You know at some point I would imagine there's probably going to be some horror flick written about this place. George Knapp that is a sharing details about the ranch in Utah. Where that Gorman family was terrorized by a series of unexplainable counters that included UFO's of various shapes. Mutilating cattle disembodied voices poltergeist activity. Invincible creatures. Most isolated location in north eastern Utah as a history of desire reports dating back some fifty years. Places called ski in the locker branch. So I feel like a good horror story. I recommend you go to the fort teen slipped. Dot Blogspot dot com yeah fourteen is don't Ethel RT TE and slip. And if you have a team before its news is a lot of prophecy stuff that's on there right now I don't know how your spirituality the clock. Your meter is running but. For a lot of people. They believe that something is up some say the end times the book of revelation is about to. Unfold before our eyes on the Fords news there's a story on their called. Got left him a terrifying message. In the deep desert pell is about to be shaken out of unrepentant. American and then there's another one that was a very interesting to watch Xena. Earth's changing importance why ancients this year when he sixteen as quote unquote the end. There's a lot of numerology. Mean sonic. In the jury you. Tile lot of things together. And presented a very. Thoughtful argument on why. We could actually be in the end times scenario remember we're talking about little little pieces everywhere there's little pieces and if he kind of put them all together. He panicked creates this little. Or being event to remember I mentioned that date will report quality go to the data reporting you look at that he put the spiritual prophecy and there. And numerology prophecy in there and all the sudden. Everything just seems to be walking this way to this certain of mandatory events. To be quite honest with you. I hope I'm wrong. I hope everybody laughs at my face and says you know look what you said about 2016 you are still wrong the one of them right away if it's just a little bit. You have the know how to facilities. The supplies to be able to at least protect yourself and or your family. Some pretty think about and that's why would buy insurance for our car we don't buy insurance for our car because we're gonna go crash yet and we want to we buy insurance because in case they quote unquote accident. Either of your own making or someone else's you have some insurance. That your investment. Is going to be protected. Depending on how much insurance you buy. We'll tell you how much your investment is protected that's on talked about protect your investment your fans here. Your life. They so I just got this email so I thought I'd share with you for a few different reasons one is just fun to kind of interest in Maine enough but on the other side is like maybe maybe it is time. But that is something nefarious happens at least I've kind of put out an email address called heads up that do you root dot com. And it says we're coming for you in the subject line exclamation point and all they wrote was we know who you are Richard. We know which you know common but you don't know everything exclamation point. You will be visited soon dot dot dot so part of me says wow cool they know some oracle that they can kind of give it. This should be great and then decided he says. Just trying to scare me. And then another part of me says is it somebody who doesn't like what I'm saying so anyway if somebody has some nefarious plans. At least I'll put this out into the digital universe can say hey. I got this and I disappeared. These could be people are. The interest and nothing happens then that's all they laugh and if they actually are serious and they have some political for me to charity. I'll be the first to tell. I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember always have your butt out back with. And Alex.