the Rothschilds explained

Friday, April 8th


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DJ JPH Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner so you may or may not beyond FaceBook and if your not. Man you may not know that there's actually. FaceBook page out there called Lehman knotty TV they have a little video up there which basically says. The Rothschild. Conspiracy explained in performance committee don't have four minutes maybe don't have FaceBook page. Maybe use money team. Dumbed down for you and them. Because if you're somebody that is actually into the Cole conspiracy thing to have fully jumped in the pool. The rust Childs and also the rockefellers are the two names that are thrown around the line that our controllers of the world. All right so let's so let's tell you about the Rothschild de Rothschild Stanley is do you wealthiest Stanley on earth. Captured a lot of people they probably would like to be part they're estimated to be worth over 350. Billion dollars. How do you ask Barry did question. The Central Bank in your country is owned and controlled by the Rothschild family they run the Central Bank in every country in the entire world. And except for three countries any guesses North Korea I ran and Cuba. Holy cow but this list used to be longer back in 2000. There were four other countries on this list on take a guess on who they work Afghanistan. Iraq Sudan. And Libya. OK so let's think about some stuff here what's happened to. Afghanistan Iraq Sudan and Libya. I really see too much about Sudan but Libya Iraq and Afghanistan. They've been overthrown by new America. Or quote on quote. Rebel forces. And and you have North Korea and Iran lots of Saber rattling about Iran North Korea obviously. In crazy town. And get this Cuba. What is happening Cuba. United States. Has just re established a relationship with Cuba and part of the reason why Libya was overthrown that not many people know this is that Muammar Qaddafi wanted to take. There oil from the US Petro dollar. To now be treated by the gold dinar still if you wanted to go by Libyan oil you had a painful dinars you couldn't pay in US dollars futuristic. That's the challenge so he questioned how to de Rothschild scheme financial control of these countries they created and infiltrated their land it's like to send. I mean that's pretty obvious and within a limited amount of money and power they can manipulate any entry into doing anything for them. The story goes on to say the United States of America was chosen as a puppet to fulfill their plan. They are the military superpower of the free world. They wanted to control over Afghanistan and Iraq first the public couldn't know the real reason behind the patients they needed. And horrible excuse that was turned America against the Middle East and some say that could be 9/11 that they're going to be talking about I think that's pretty safe to. I know there's a lot of conspiracy theorists out there that believe 9/11 was an inside job. In the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 Iraq 20032003. Both Afghanistan and Iraq central banks got under the control of the rock tell them. So the first step was completed. Then you have Sudan and Libya they were Africa's last countries that were under the control of the Rothschild. This time they chose the United Nations as there. Controlling force their puppet. Certain key people in the UN couldn't resist the money the Ross tells families were offering them. Let's just say it probably everybody has a price those folks in the UN change decisions interventions were taking an insert countries including Libya and Sudan. Where the UN entered the by 2111 both Sudan and Libya central banks cut under the control of Rothschild family. Now you have North Korea Iran and Cuba as the last targets so. Question who's going to be the rust child's next topic to take over those three countries. I got a film they've already chose. Got fillets America. Probably Obama. Iran supreme leader sent a reply to president Obama's letter seeking better relations. Then you have the US restoring diplomatic. Ties to Cuba but instead of using force there now trying to be best buddies. Not pretty crazy when you think about that the Rothschild control almost every country the last one being North Korea. Maybe China will be doing that. Works over North Korea or maybe without the Americans into another 9/11 frenzy. Best way to do that. Have some sort of inside job attack on the United States in opinion on North Korea which to be honest I'm trying to figure out why would the Rothschild is want to. Financial control over North Korea is it like a demon monopoly for them where they just said you know what I wanna believe everything on the board including the jail. To be careful the media is going to be manipulating you be vigilant kind of eyes wide open when things happen because you'd never know. If you're a player Justine play and I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember always have your bug out bag with you. And Alex.