Seth Rogen and a sick cat 10/17

Monday, October 17th

A rolled joint by Snoop Dogg went for a 1,000 bucks at Seth Rogen's charity event. How much would you pay for a sick cat.

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Vijay and Jamie got a question for you now now let me draw a scenario that you need to give us an area he used unite might know the answer to this what's in area. No scenario a scenario remember I was at my age. When I was at my ex husband there was or the bidding surgeons begin snapped a conference he said in the scenario. Scenario scenario you. Why yes it can. All right. Devious and arena and sent to Korea artists and we don't forget and I are. It's a charity event. Posted by Seth Rogen it's called mojo hilarity for charity Halloween themed event OK it was Saturday night. You would like Snoop Dogg here's the scenario scenario yes. You invite snoop dog snoop dog pulls out his best we'd. He had his own doesn't yet welcome guests he had and he does does does he isn't he uses Colorado clean up and going yeah. I don't know he angrily Nelson I think they didn't they bring in Sweden that somehow might be right on them yet are so he would set as badly would sit. Naples that is rolling papers can many roles a nice little steady as he calls to get. They put it up for auction at this auction of this. A stupid dog joint. Buds I don't know a lot of people that would pay for that bust duke fatty. It is just. I off the top of his head I. There's like a wet it's the charities for lung cancer this is back to well you know at the you're right I even if you don't know it. Well if it's morals Iverson going to it's okay and its its for alzheimer's research for those affected by the disease and raise money for my. Had a rude and that's that makes you forget everything that with a look at. You that I agreed in part that's funny. That this guy with a look at world the man who has the yeah. Art so what is the value. Ugly snoop dog here rolled right there on the spot joy a steady five grant. John. Yeah I would go to I was gonna say 3000. There you both off it's only agree and really didn't pay 1000. Years is he seemed to have. People and is it was 1000. And Seth Rogen. Karlsruhe murder remembers Seth is a big. Big time marijuana duty slowed got a big topic they say on set throw it would when you do any of that within you have to get high with a burst out that's sweet and innocent workers who that he really likes his lead and you would think that would these high rollers they would go for more than that I'm would you disappointed. I have a game OK on his retirement money are here's my game right my game is if you have a cat. Okay okay have a cat to your cat is fifteen years alt and it has fifteen years old and it likely expects the of the cat is when he tried. And your cat gets chewed up by Bob can ride my agent wig has yet been like. Right now. And we're both cats. One city animal you catch it spewed out by bobcat. Can he take to the emergency room. How much would you pay for a fifteen year old cat whose life expectancy is twenty years how much did you pay for this gap. 500. And they need to but it Gambia. And then like dogs then put a cup cup kind of like profit off how can lose on this have. I think was my girlfriend right Nash's fifteen year old cat there it was eat you know the story for a great because she's so devastated. She even had to get into her savings like her savings savings you and and there IRA and all this until so far it's 20000 dollar bill. Up on the least so far who leads in all my gossip personal call bang him. Why. The forbid they are. No there's no right or wrong answer I mean you know what you would do right you can't really direct somebody else to make that decision. And the first at the surgery is word 111000 dollars and she said she felt like because her son was secular. And her daughter and exchange opened. Because she was sitting there with them she felt like she was pressured. I DU what does cat delivered not it's gotta have surgery it would get the same for her kids indoors again. And this isn't life. Well she's a she's a single mom and she said the weighted pulling handed batter like. Don't you let your cats allay all yet they guilty yeah yeah like she felt like they really guilt is there. Now this cat is on a feeding two homeless guys and now she asked if she had chicken back for a third surgery and now it's up to twenty green and until it must do dog story was at peace or July. Jane Jane Seymour on Alex.