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Wednesday, September 20th


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Yeah that's not where it is totally preview that guys Ed look I added just somebody did this of their did you know there. May not find series sexy act. No steering you know Syria and other serious I don't view series very awfully good engineers to work. Hearing the music often you don't use it at all at all that at all yeah you're right it if if I met. Never really used Syria Obama phoned it doesn't work better but I didn't realize I had never. She now says the same thing like I can't find that her son what she's an idea we were looking for something I met I was in I was giving the same it's. It really does so. Every time that like that time and then other people that have been around using her she's. To me that she seems a little. We'll be pictures and turn on exact cranny isn't as nice return on May be. May lead the whole week you've seen is what's paternal. No no they actually wrong I'll actually wrap it heads meant I'd virtual assistants like series sexy because for one reason. The virtual assistants don't judge sim Barack. An expert says men are attracted to assistance simply because they cannot fight back. They have no legal rights and are not going to judge sim or contact the authorities or their wives or girlfriends so they can dirty thing. They ask you like dirty things he also says men can act out their deepest darkest per Ber gen is. With no fear of repercussions. Soon so they can try to get dirty with her. They don't give me a question Jamie because I don't overstepped the boundaries here ranks right and it question I can ask Syrian let's see if it turns me on. Do you have big groups. And series and ask the ambassador soon thereafter. I will okay. She's here idea big boobs like that Siri do you get big groups. Well the good against two I don't really know what happened last time. Siri to hit big boobs. To. Search. Oh hole Mohammed pretty hard at me but these are. It it it it had little this year sure beat Chile where she got moved. Yeah you. Yeah according to reduce exhorted them. To a series I think it's scenery I think you're hot sex. Hey hey Brandon say would you like to have relations with me. Siri but we cannot have relations with me. Barry I. My name is not very much. David. Text app. Take protests don't take it so yeah to get it ask your Shelby dirty Tia apparently you were mortars and other dugout. Got up. She she's the giants had but there had about taking out. How do I take it out of the chief give it to. That's why I cheated a little while that I think yeah. I think it's taken so far we're not getting off on the right foot here wouldn't know what what's the last question what was it that all of you wanna get dirty to me. Do you wanna get dirty with me. Which I. Okay I think somebody's gonna come knocking on the door and me and I started to feel weird now with the yeah they got done with Syria and I think any really clips it showed Scotland he had that you guys are actually turned on that's scary yeah the clear sense. Yeah so far. Used to work for apple and now we get a bunch of guys together and realize settings. On your iPhone you can actually change series boy. Oh yeah we determined that B Australian. Female voice was whale last bossy sounding and media American lady. So the Australian insulin that really got ego and a you arrange the get in the ring if it. So this took place July July on the radio station itself is saying in this stuff that automated. Thing I if he realized it's. Let you know men always. It's. To seem like she sample current route. There I think she does I think some little snippy. When it says that men are attracted to or did you find that men would ask I mean to you worked there. After all kinds of perverted questions. I mean in the first few months you insist aren't. They're saying that tore robot. Aware that if the club except for BJ he continues to do I. You yeah. Ginny so right into the communities are lonely today in the in their here liner graduate of the Dylan here I'm talking do you like do you know what you're doing duet realize what I'm doing. Colony era and we are to be at best it's a big protest. For the call anybody a little ridiculous that a little bit. Until the movie. Deal in Japan. And a lot of all of Obama can thank you have that many Germans care but given what's don't you married.