Slacekr and Steve - OPP: Sexually Active Daughter 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

Our OPP is keeping a secret from her husband. While keeping a secret from your spouse is usually a bad thing, this one may actually be for his own good. She’s going to tell us the secret and wants to know if you think she should tell.


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Steve are there. Stephen buyer already arguing about today's a PP and even talked to were yen sounds about keeping secrets from your spouse slacker so that's never good thing I said sometimes it needs to be done. Let's find out what's going on whether she's asked for voice disguise her and her name to be changed so candy yeah. You are 898. A secret keeper huh what did you tell us what's going earns. Well I have a fourteen year old daughter. Who recently. Came to me and explain to me that she and her boyfriend have started to our. Relation. Old and he says he's fourteen I'm sorry to. Keep working. Oh my god I'm sorry can I just digest have from a Gaza and a little girl and I don't you know she's not. Yeah okay that's fourteen pounds okay. I just ask you before you keep going are you OK with that or do you feel like you don't have a choice. I mean I feel what it's a little beyond. Why it. Norm I'm Barbara treat chose accompanying you being responsible that's true and is asking game. You help curb capital. Is a good relationship like that. Some fuel and over the problem it. She asked me not the outlook Boller. But it might open and I. Our. Big honor and being completely open and honest with each writer. About everything. Okay the whole I'm I'm not sure do I do I continue to keep it. Are going with my daughter and lied my husband or word you are it. Poll. Might have been the truth. And ripped. My daughter not parking and need a mom in me again. So if you tell your husband. Do you think still yeah they'll ever be a point where he would snap posse yeah hey something like us. Went in the heat of the moment which he ever bring it up in front of her TPC that type of person about whom I. I I think it would cool ride ought to know if I explained the situation where it. You know it's something. Happened then. On argument and do what I'm saying I am worried that he's my. Big thumping. I do suited sounds like your daughter's worried about that to go a little bit as I know slacker is a father. When it comes to daughters. Dads have a tendency to you. Yeah what overprotective or be what I think I might. I I feel like this could be my life someday and I would want the honesty com. But at the same time. I'd I would want my daughter to have a safe place so I don't know what the right answer is if you know your slipped outside the day out if you but he sounds like. Like your husband is can you need your daughter calmer senses that. Then I put do you think she'll ask okay so here's the thing. I I might be trying to find a solution that fits into Steve's world which is it's not lying if you just don't say yeah armed but it still is all but lights. How long before your husband starts ass skiing has our daughter talked you about. Relations has our daughter mentioned gee do what do you know about her. But how long before he asks that question do you think. Well look at the moment that you've already got me no way did I think she's. Its goal. Is not way. So I've I've told him no. Switch. It point. Was when you told him no majority no she was. Free public. So you Marty lied a little might you wanna know if it's time what trumps what here. The dubbed the trust and bond and a mother has with a daughter. Or the trust and bond that a wife has with her husband passing some candy to you go back to the daughter and say pretty much were you to send us. Honey look your father and I we'll keep secrets and I know you asked me to. Two or forty if she's fourteen yeah I know what would you do if your mom said you know you tell me a thing confidence and one of the trade accounts well one person and I wouldn't phrase it like that I would I would decide what a fourteen year old can hear K but I wouldn't phrase it like that I would try and see if you get off the hook with your daughter. By approaching it that way if not you've got to let your daughter know the position you are in year. It's not about you but she made it about you she did hear your stock yes your viewers doc. And aids so yeah you know I'm stuck in Britain. OK so then. We're gonna get some advice to you but a couple more quick questions. Which would be war who do you think will react more negatively. Your husband who's lining out to you slide the or your daughter finding out that you told her of her father. She just told you are not I don't think she would be able to comprehend. Like he's having patrol. Forgot about it. It even though your husband might slip out she's an adult he would probably understand you did this. As you were once stuck in the middle and two you have to close which way to go and you figured honey husbands you would be more understanding and immature announced that I would still slip out yet. And I am I but I just I'm just saying you would you Richard or your husband Yury said he would flip yes hole. Arms. We got to find a way to bridge this gap will take candy we're gonna we're gonna get you help so just. Hang hang right there we always say anymore they might incriminate me neither party snow was. And the husbands fathers were just kind of disposable or throw away so I wouldn't around not tell. I'm actively involved in my tennis life and in my wife will do exactly what Cain he's doing OK so I would say you heard the husband you'll get over it. If you heard me ask drive down all the stuff I've done a lot of years via. I'm gonna say the sentence that's not fair but it's not so that's not fair this. This situation isn't fair and someone's gonna have to take it in yes someone's gonna have to get dumped on here. I just got a meeting I say go it's dad it's the husband usually is anyways so what's a result we need eight other people have been in the situation. I'd like to talk to fathers too who had to deal with this who felt betrayed when did you finally figure out. They your wife make. It's like this agenda so viper teams in your house just an alliance there's a feminine. Alliance in your home against you but maybe this father rules stop and realize you know what she cannot betray the trust of aisle were daughter in a way ass dad got so. Rational so. I don't rational to had a fury this position how would you what would you how would you play it what would your play B dad I wouldn't turn my wife stressed so wife came first. Why I was born in my kids' test I don't Cam Newton could you did this. Do you our new studio this. One of the worst OPP talk. I think the final answer will probably be what you're saying but looks much stock to some people and figure out is going to be a better way if you're forced between your lover and your kid. Who do you choose. Tim. Yeah I mean guy who do you pay. OK you know what I am I am Jean beat on this reader is absolutely and you know why because mom and dad to an else. To be honest with each other through better horse when apple ever write UN a fourteen year old girl you know it being honest with current great that's a neat thing shaping on the with mom. But opinion she's fourteen in chic skirt responsibility. Of having relations and that comes a long way out. You know a child possibly or. To beat him. And all of the other thing you know and she's old enough to take don't think Don achieve all the wrapped up in her out like an adult. And it doesn't matter what your bets bashing it's that they're at it it's monitor you know there have to be you're unit and half. Do you really think you're seeing it need to tell that to take just tell you the team's slot where Bob Lisa bloom talked to the daughter who looked re right. Rewrite all you center DNA did she needs a teller you can tell that's a mom Lisa goaded daughter and you'll look to your father and I have this price you would tell you're actually yeah. Yeah but so yeah Donna you're. It out and talk and daughter. And told daughter you know I have the bond with your other completely honest with him we eat together need to pop you're not only now. She did she port hope in the thing is she'd. You know she'd acting that you want to be young adult who wants to be irresponsible. She's not in my opinion you know she working your goal. The thing is she took it on now she have to involve mom and out not on mom and a position. Where she according to now I really don't find out so you. I I agree with everything you're saying because I would as a dad I wanna know but I'm telling you if you force her to tell dad. That's the last secret she's gonna tell you I think this'll last time she's gonna confiding to promote a quiet. You know what your mom mom is an. And say you know what you put me in a place where I'm lying if somebody not. Or meet personally to him. That is not me at all it's like I'm not gonna lie it by and I. You know it's it needs to be a conversation in all three of them out of a restaurant where nobody can get upset the storm mopped all that and say hey dad. Facts are facts that Paladin has no sorry but you know we wanna include you we didn't want to leave you know. And you know get your daughter and eat it can be just gonna have to understand. You know and oh yeah like to get deep breath of what repeat unity oh. Can you right yeah he's right I'm just so we all know oh. Thank you for the car yes we appreciate it isolates itself is tough because. The man has always gonna lose he's always on more now it's another Tim Timmons and yet I didn't do it in the situation room. Yeah I've got three granddaughters. And yeah. And tell me don't you know don't tell dad and when bad. Which as I telling you don't wanna know. And now with his clue not ask this trust I guess smoke. GO lap he allowed you to have secrets. In the house they could have affected him as well but it it's just. Well. Does she have to agree to it just is seen as you're there. It's like I I I you know what's coming tonight distribute told you don't want and now you that's not. Three you see there are but. Did you do when you have girls become you have to keep cook then. And let's something's gonna happen more they're gonna get lured to. And I could perfectly. You have to protect your group you'd almost. If I get debt and it's a fourteen year old daughter. I would want both parents available to protect me but I understand where she's coming from so she's only a protection from one parent she sings in mom guess what amount my shoes and that is is yet flipped out here yes. And saying yeah I had guys who do you. I think she had it. Keep it secret for her daughter working world stressed that you really hard to regain typing while her husband Walt actually get over it he'll understand. Not the end of the day you. General's turn and the husband kept it from the Weis. You guys wouldn't hell hole or just for you as fortunate and. Let me I would be at that I had an immunity and even at the end of the day I have to belated and I think if he kept the speaker for them that's great. I grew up but I tried my mom tries on kept secrets for me and it was great and I tracked her and never close relationship because that it if you live betrayed me. I don't know where I would and that I may be you wouldn't have been my best friend running up and that. So hard a hard world were a girl to grow up being and. You know. It's concerned at all. What's sad too young to his mom trumps that an area and every occasion would statue is. Is now the common bond between mom and daughter is he he or got the secret from dad your club yes this little easier to eat yeah it makes you think you called and it makes me and so on yeah it does stuff it's survivor cracked an expensive father slash husband and he's done nothing wrong. Why from Janet Taylor he's just trying to raise his little girl darn thing. I believe I. If you're really into that went well we're I'm sad as active in my dad is gonna lose and ask them what do you think. Are working and I can I talk to me yeah. I think very tricky great great great play I would Griffin and we where I can not to make any link I can't. Everything from not only stupid to bridge and you know and eight to what I wouldn't do that would be my boy it. And there's Eckstein and 28 and they count every inning and many know about the rigidity I know it. If they're trained opera and drag as they tell me everything and I am so blessed that they deal you don't tell your husband and unit. Oh. He he eventually I'll talk to him about my first event I am that but that's their relationship and I I wouldn't risk I mean I need her so you guys aren't parents together. How would you kind of a little tougher than I actually still. Parents together you should have the same information when you're making parenting decisions are using eventually go have a simulation momma always did it first and that's not true trickle down the day I. I'm making a different decision based on Dallas. Oh you have or don't have so it's OK can I go to a movie tonight of course. I don't know you're sleeping with your boyfriend right meets I eighty I need that information before I make a decision. Well if you go out every income OK so it's better at least have one parent it's in the know and that's always going to be Monterey honors student. That you are things he's done. It's a pleasure. Home like Dodd and she takes pleasure in knowing their husbands in the dark evil because the daughters beans protected and amber. Hey guys who do you think. Well you know I how would and that situation like one of my children and I did have that. Deal with my husband and I was honest with them and dish it went about our relationship to leave him and I it would. Is more about his relationship with her and he said he wished she never live that I never would have told them because that was his eighty. Girl. And he had the vision of her as not this innocent baby girl anymore and he can't go back. You know that's sure who cares about father's image of their daughter as rector not even Joba looked. I was approached a tad bit. It nobody it's one of those things where you Steve you remember how when I told you the first time I flew to Brazil I slept with my wife in her father's house and they knew we were going to think it's it's one of those things where it's sites. Is now weird having him know that you're in now I thought it was weird that I always think that's weird. This is our own dating sites that it's almost like men. Want to pretend they're daughters aren't doing anything forever even if it's happening to be better for Osce and screwed out then yeah I don't usually there. Occurred at the mentality of all fathers and yeah talks yeah we want to pretend doormat that we didn't now. OK so then removed dad get him out of the citizen because we're emotional which when it comes short little girls were too emotionally unstable handle and that's why the mom and the daughter know that anyone does have a conspiracy to use it all the PP and you were right from the very beginning don't yet know when you leave and line. I used to wanna yell and scream about it over on the side Christine FaceBook page.