Slack and Steve - Early Christmas Decorations 8/9

Thursday, August 9th


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Stay on the day. We just keep finding stories on how to make yourself happy yeah we need that nowadays bomb we really do I know a little bit happy and ask if you be open to doing this one 'cause I know. This'll make me happy her well I know there's a type of person no probably pictures this I. You know we got to do we have to do that thing where people call and tell us what they think we're like. It is interesting people call god you know my pitchers Steve at his house slates. In and ask god with the things could put a harem of women whose latest just to serving him grave seeing as it's. How people would pick would say your house looks. Being. I'd I would ladies I didn't know all the way you are so I would say your house your bedroom has a black lacquer bad. You've pain in the wall like not to not to eleven embraced new stuff but bit flakier. You've made this. Bat man like DuBois sort of saying the all I personally know at least people listen to show might think you're kind of I think they have that general impression of their minds if you above like a leather sectional yeah. And he did so he comes out and who that's actually. I. Zero salmon in touch. Is the web that people think of your house and that's not too far off. It is completely off did you have to lesser. Similar was over your house and I know you said you put him away but there was giant chess piece says you have those who have put away their road you're. Like your bedroom looks like pottery barn throughout their spiritual life to its not blacks it's like you knew patrols its sages know since you're right there's it it looks like you're bass room had an optical seamless like sand in sea shells and all the stuff it's like you're healing your stuff doesn't look like what anybody pictures at all you are right I do have help female touch committed him to do all those things and is slowly. Back to all that stuff files so here's the way to get happy yeah I mean all this your house in decorate all Boca. Psychologist says that people who decorate. For Christmas. In doing it early. Or happier. That's the trick to be just put up the tree early. Emmett I. This is the other thing I know about you work you don't have a regular tree yeah it's it's it's not green it's just those playing branches that said Restoration Hardware with a pre lit. This is playing browns could Joshua trees now current house is so great hemorrhaging started it's not an evergreen or any sudden it's festive. Lit pre lit white. Well then this wouldn't work for you apply because they this psychologist since Christmas decorations a evokes strong feelings of your childhood. And I imagine your parents had a very traditional tree they do not the kind of thing you got your writing. Pomp and their visual cue and pathway back to the excitement that you felt in your childhood students you want that has different. You have different Sri themes were everywhere you look bureau did you even have a tree in your bedroom. I did too simple for awhile and the parsley because it's so freely. Crap trying to land gestures and I don't want one of the light sweet so many lights on the tree and actually makes it hurts yeah it's it really it's I just went belly down in the basement while but when you put all that stuff up. You sir early because you have so much here's the thing I. I like the psychologist and I wanna do it. I want I would put my ID I never taken him. I dude I don't know if you feel the way I do. I love my house when it's decorated for Christmas has told me if Hillary is my house is as old. Toast he's Darrell right now I see that you've really got its hold me it's family there's something about yell warm lights us do right now where my tree would be is this giant. Home Depot base with my age. When we US dead branches car. Yeah well atop you know I was urged those big huge yes huge earn better with a huge state class there than did spreadsheet there's nothing I'll lie were on the amount but I like it's it's the Al. Asked her scene of a home make over show. If you mean it's like they took something that looked all home mean like you get the kids' drawings and crayons were all scattered about and they made it this. Still year old perfect and I so I would have Christmas I would never take him down if it was socially acceptable and I think you wait until whatever what awaits the Thanksgiving is it after thanks guides I you're supposed to kind of Soka but I do away. I want to get it I get it done the week of Thanksgiving I like that because I daunting Stephen yeah. Yes exactly students all over a month away from Christmas so it's nice texts and you can leave them up till you see every two months. I mean I'm not like a week or two after new years. Why. Oh open however psychologist telling me that I'm so. So so happy you're making yourself happy you says word we're doing it for nostalgic reasons and down if it creates some magic in our life phone we'd imagine and it compensates for some sort of past neglect we. Looses all psychologically. And a council OK I got to go with some decorations on Haifa bus.