Slacker amd Steve - Bad Neighbors 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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Can you talk about. A verse cabinet good ones. They're not fun everything everything someday. I'm gonna have neighbors and it's so I know you did so spoiled due to your in your decrepit neighborhood do all of foreclosures go and I saw. I've bought a house would nobody around me you know got one neighbor. And I had these one neighbors that live there and they kept themselves new couple moved in and they seem great they just don't. They don't bug me I don't bug them closer awesome you have that little believe may be known only to a moment and I actually like her much talked to one dynamite. He should calling it brings whining and it's just like it's just over you can't really yeah I mean. It may someday but it's a huge. What I do know for a fact. He's they are never going to. Call the police army they're never gonna burn down to hey you know what they're never they have a dog. I never even heard bark what I guess I wanna move in Mexico he's. For. Us. Com there's a Florida man who touched his neighbor in the mouth. After the victim got some grass and these are. Say that again got some grass in his yard. Isn't sure darn. All ready grants but it's my grass now you've got your grass clippings and all over my lone. Also it's the clippings and then there's yeah I do I can I pick up my clippings I bags my what I know. So only a tiny little bit of clippings all lied. She did that neighbor's grass was tall and they didn't bag there and. Reunion that in the story Curtis. You're making these here all sorts Qaeda so don't close those didn't like I don't you don't know he had general is did. And so yeah go ahead what are despite you readers already know it was a lot of that in there. Now here's actual source than it was mowing his lawn of the guy started yelling quote. Don't give it your grass in my yard yeah end quote the two argue before the victim decide to go back to mowing his lawn. A short time later the guy I was hitting the mouse and his neighbors stood over him with a wouldn't break. Ian they must've skipped over the long the long grass you're there the victim hit demand act in self dissension in itself trench. We're shocked the man running George Karl at the moment caught Sharaud the new boom short of the slides showed he's tired of his neighbor's grass could you do you ought. Well Jo Connery most rouge out of the usual rush couldn't sharks with battery. You can add the he's going down the grass clippings throwing you're pushing the mobsters music and she's got. Holmes let's just to file no that's a neighbor. He's close litter on in my yard. That's who refuse blown all over but they don't want to mulch this week you like your neighbors. You're talking about and I recently when you can see and the leaves are bone in your card because we usually not incompetent stuff here designed to ruin your the it's I. Sickened user notice Larry their ivory tower north man are you scared the (%expletive) in my article. Did use salt. Okay hawkers sold every year just like Manning and alma at least attempt to do so. Good but it was on and there was another guy behind you was it by telling him it was malaria do get there quick working mark okay no I want. You know they are very well so you can't phone call away saw his name I forget with the he's gone you sure. Sheer rock bed. And so I I have no qualms every year I'm there with my middle time during my instrumental in late scores Jeremy. All share your little. Purdue the decorative rock and you know it stripper rock and separates our property so I have no qualms doing this I'm the guy out there I will demy medal time break. And I'll rake the leaves from their side of the decorative rocks stripped and I'll break out all of us to both our leads. Tank but in his long leaves below industry. Yes you rocked and I saw I just wish we all just get oversee pages all get it done this a day no no I thought it expects -- no wonder you're defending Florida boy with the grass clippings because all becoming our our direction I. Laser focus I don't promise is I know my style of trees and debris in the trees a recurring they are and no woman neighbors are so whenever you saw the government of all this is not above it it's back main focus. And I have. Yeah it's not a huge. It's all want to over so now who could beat the I pulled the little little part of me to believe I can see you drug route to trouncing across Europe which you gotta do it like fifteen steps in new yard sort of blows again it doesn't come probably. Back yet own pocket. The other side of this sounds stupid and don't want. Tonight. Qaeda could keep my dog I would you have got our. So bad neighbor we wanna hear your story there's another neighbor who. They got some sort of fight over this guy constantly. Listening to the song angels by Robbie Williams. I tasks before we started talking little do you define the song angels Farrah doing or not you're gonna sunk by Andre who is true. You have Santorum is under I did it I mean if you saw a decent song one Tonka did you even read halfway decent songs three Terrence. Constant song is your neighbors glass and it it's did you get stabbed herself to we have noise ordinances that they'll do a noise ordinance they must. Org or organs such important ordinances that the he was. He should tell him. That's yes why I actually children yes small towns secession a pretty read the story never mind. Or. Wow you box. If you lose you say you like that 24 hours a day I am yet to be stabbing. How we dynasty have yet I guess not running well and she's last lesbian take that are sometimes. But yeah I just famous David and and he's like Robbie Williams is. I don't you just track but well at least Robbie Williams he's probably one of the most famous people. Only over there never cross which nobody here cares at all like Robbie Williams lake just. Clark's any people anywhere like. I would socks and rewrite Anaheim angels all right but yeah there's crap you seemed saddened by that so I am. You're my best on these. I think people here need to be stabbed overrun your coach I want there to be stands here who plays music so much earlier this guest status to. The noticed pulled the plug on the show and I'm supposed to Robbie Williams remembered more. Italian making a Robbie Williams 700 or so yeah now we want your rotten neighbors your general resources to more quickly this one guy like to Sunday's Nate did in his backyard or whatever whose neighbor put like a cup on top so the guy was like. I know you're doing that just so you can see ninety feet. So he built into stories cement. Wall. Next. Well yeah even though it took all the clearly joke you cannot. Struck out there and nine HO holy smokes be sure he told the watching our losing and he built this thing so the guy couldn't see his PP I have an idea. Zap some innate thing can you even like it but stop but you're gonna run the race. Somebody seniors while and then there's another one where's. He was just there's poop sang somebody don't like sixty cubic yards of course nor called upon to give back and dropped on some of these. Property to get Beckham for not always clean up the cougars didn't do well blur of. I guess some really guarded their doubts if you play two more diverse. His posse and I just I thought if you've had a rotten horrible neighbor we're giving you the radio station to I would almost Nathan. I. Neighbors. So other than they literally have to do behind us in the end he was creepy your person like you don't waste time wherever it is PRD had to spare that's just. Like. No matter what you do you'd be staring out of our so our house just. Are you sure you don't live behind Steve spoke. Yeah I got and that's allowing my truck goes back to smoking hysteria on loan Maple Leafs in rocket and if you lose you know it's such a oh. You're to go we'll go to Belgrade based inter really nice wouldn't change between us. And I would want to stay at one day and I notice these marks along the word. Look like Bledsoe and one and on every board they bore hole but you could poplar wood out of just care. And that's committed. She's seriously those slats are Placido auger bit and went through and show hole in every single cent. Gave her you're sorry can't get ripped out there he could pull in and replace. Gotta respect that hadn't godsend. Pretax investment yet in that now I know it's as Steve does win more labor than what they say. Wow did you call it now. You just like how the real estate signing it out editor. No we actually sickened awarded. Well all the trillion to try to get through all right well I'm hurting quite. I went back how do you know there are liken march what you try but he couldn't get Sprewell. Since I thought my god that is creepy things you can call me today. Live these. Guys. Creeping in Minnesota. We have these neighbors bat could see into our back yard and ERQ overweight dog and they're both. So they would repeatedly called the cops on us for animal abuse. First feeding your dogs not for not seeing your dogs but for over feeding your dogs. Well notable Bradley so they'd be neglecting neglecting your exact you know six seats. He's also a chemical like you did dogs they're quite why it's important. Oh my god and you know is that neighbor there's no doubt. Yet in regard to them about it next to you over and over and some has got to be mad be cute for the I just I don't look like a bingo. Harder something's for every time there's got to be some sort of prize for every time Steve says an advocate sports because I. Almost never have you sent it for real but that's true or it's always nice to see she's like well I wanna do and has attack. Moments. And who you really don't lose going to be O get the title. Liquor but it's. I knocked if you and neighbors with. Yes so we used to have these neighbors we figure we're trying to get pictures and to and they were always up there whatever hour in the morning Schmitt had this little Chihuahua named Lucia tourney which she does her back door to open our yards but also he. Part get our back door all. Night moves he would wake up till like 2:3 in the morning to this little Chihuahua constantly. Barking Maroney are. What do you tune. It's. Ultimately did he cheated cheated dog over and they are we're just gonna have late. Put it back over the sensed that the hard way and. Are they did finally no word network is it a dog harmed you know the dog it's not. You see is right it's not the dog so it's but you know someone has to be an advocate yes war but don't. All. So I to question where he go with a neighbor children like a home from what we are re the neighbor who's playing some good stuff. What's your what's going to sell out bust. You know specifically I don't wanna control board today relying on donor ring known as these will include hot. Steve is a spreadsheet is definitely took liberty here's the patriots though I imagine her decision. We are not neighbors. OK so my neighbor reported new drive away. Admittedly he took all the extra concrete and sprayed it down the street right in front of my house. All of it ought to order he may or how should concrete washout there yeah. Every two stretches I did yeah. Unusable. No single ever grow Derek Anderson I can. I don't last slot when they're building and you talk is don't wash out and it's just a piece of rides for amber and maybe that's your problems. How should pull out of Britain or try and I trucks start flight number wonder what barrel and I just tried to. And it. Just all over my charge now I don't daddy trained there's got to block out the front door and just go PR my mailbox every day. Oh word what fun match I think he's at his dedication to the cause Yahoo! is sort of person out of the gumption no I didn't pay you for the call. Max. I neighbors. And it's so we we DeVon neighbor that would be black is. All acre yard but it weed wacker. Acre he doesn't go by like you come to dead or John Deere. He goes out and sit no but eighth. Hand you know we wanted to ask Howard loud runs. Nearly all day on a no look. That is possible to sling blade this from her samba scholar and guys. Finally got him a lawnmower and he wouldn't use it. Italy is. You know you're retaliation that is.