Slacker and Steve - 10 Best Candy Bars 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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Staying on Astaro is all of these polls comes out about the best of all time insert this horrible time this movie of all time best. And Melissa are so subjective. And typically I would just have to say wrong. And this list is no exception of the top ten candy bars also a review 8000 people voted online. Let's go to the listened to date them quickly at number ten only enjoy. Always know mounds is better because you've W the all India all the joy you Dielman on this now has the dark chocolate yes with no none. No not yet so. I think they're equally good but probably shouldn't be in the top ten enough of humanity. Hates coconut having. To look at how the loan came with coconut in there. Due to a spoiler alert your Reese's peanut butter cups is not on this list is technically is at a candy bar. You know. It's security it's not so she. Rounds the idea because it shaped differently doesn't get to make the list some BS reasons to hope you enjoy. Kind of old bullish but it's still ball are. It's shorter you know two pieces right yes. I don't know man that is a tick tick tick Reese is out as they don't know what would. Or do well I yeah I wouldn't put TV into it would definitely be the top ten have to be told her own. Sentenced triangle orange. It's it's weird it's German when I was a German class in high school way to sell these deal on things and Jeanette had visa I was told their own guys are good they are really good it's more hi and chocolate but dished the way it's shaping this triangle you break off these it's weird. It's overall it was a little bit classy. This has to be in international survey because they can run and I'm sure it's great but no nobody sit around going. If at all nobody says Zach at all and when you're when you're at those stores we have to run the candy I'll gauntlet to see for yourself. Piracy Tobler I don't either. But her finger. Comes in at number seven top ten candy bars balls I've you know what prolong this time there used to be bigger bar and you pay the same price they were bigger bars yeah my mom this was your favorite candy grown up I really don't like him find them very messy butter fingers so give me that there chocolate is so thin. They use it always leads residue on your hand you've I didn't do it in whatever that stuff is a war additionally. All over Europe yes it was sixty your teeth it's really sticks to my own reality out as I'd I'd I would kick butter finger all the way out of here as I would they can't beat number six. Nestle's crunch. Well let's with a little oil race Christie's in there and stuff is good crunch. What was the other the other while the other. Oh there is another one that has so crunchy it's. It is made us not Nestle's it's made by him arch. What was Jenny Bard that's not yes we crunch made by the other companies come up within crackle on. Don't crackle nailed it yeah. You know like either Nestle crunch I don't dislike them but I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is Tony with karma yet we have Vince how not to talk. We know six top signed to a point where we haven't sound car more yet we had we knew yet. We have not okay. Here tests us and we don't have any of our ability to. Associated great TV market but we're not to get him in the outside the original Hershey bar. They're going to be solid chocolate it knows it got really sooner though consider consider raising they're doing that because they're cheap to. It could be that there are trying to kiss or not it's just there it's shot it's good it's it's been around forever it's going to be a staple of America. Ladies and gentlemen making its appearance and arm Snooki and total. Did you tactically Milky Way should have been named three musketeers that whole third I don't know if I believe it but I heard a story because the idea why. They said like just three musketeers. Should've been in the know the only way says this cannot be it's got chocolate is one must do your new gig is a second message here and cardinals third aussies here agree that should have been three musketeers. We just a milk this three musketeers only as true things and it got chocolate and knew exactly Snickers was supposed to. What I always do smokers yeah well speaking of Snickers it comes at a number of Jerry hey where's your curveball it's number one to me. Stick to deploy a moral universe. Two of true sleep the number one candy bar on the planet is Carmelo. Because it's cool and amazing chocolate that's me but Cadbury is yours is again yes and then the creamy karma of G there's not a better candy bar and that's a that's a tough one but it's not even on the list it's not it's not. Number two squeaks. Well you low on fuel I think she loved the twigs. I eat the cookie after bottoming and make a little out of that's right yeah his role as a second go away road bartender mark and it's true. Chance to win yes stupid people thought hello. Federer adding I know what's the right chip and that's great to any ideas but because it's not a law or this he's I don't know finally number one's. I got and how you feel about this. She catch. Slow play the Jumbo size kill Jack dodge and I'll do the thing that you do it makes your head explode please don't it's you know people who hate reading and I. I don't want to all break off what three or four just hormones he bites he doesn't. All three doesn't. A separate candidates I despite being a across the green every aspect. But you guys don't understand why don't you have you have this is not one and it's time it's. You really brought Lehman isn't them it's just hey I don't of that home two jabs are I was just you know I.