Slacker and Steve - 3 Percent Won't Send Food Back 2/23

Friday, February 23rd


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Steve I am seeing here all the time he was not about 1% to control all the money in the world and whenever I know I'll never be. You have a member of the 1% nerves. But I you remember according to a new study of the three for Senator Clinton does what do we don't think you might be a 3% ownership is a good. Good day yet Kirby is a terrible thing you know we are spineless why would this 3%. Core so afraid of upsetting the apple cart there we will just we will let somebody completely screw us over for a handshake saying you may I have another I don't know if I like to freeze for a guy I don't know what you but I dude I'm telling you learned 3%. So here's what Diaz survey asks and how we become a 3%. Not according to the Serbia surprising number of people won't send food back. Regardless of how wrong their willow. Okay because of our complete and total gut wrenching fear. Of confrontation he I'm so why that's funny that's why do that's for me to it I just I just don't want remarkable amount rocked the boat guy I because I don't. I don't want them distinct. I know they didn't cook in the waiter or the server or whoever is they come up tonight. Yes so old I need and I I don't wanna go out just you know if it whatever it is it's wrong with it I'm dislikes if there's something in it. Yes they're not obviously can I won't. Just shove it aside and I'll leave film and also pay I will too and then maybe it did a little there's a need to know these things and try to calm dynamite now I just don't want yeah. Right now so to this is what they say if there's hair in your third would you send it back 16% said no 7%. Weren't sure if they would or not the rest are all like us. The other 7080%. Close to 80% and I've done yes I would eat around living here. Oh my god I would definitely not do that why I just can't get you don't know pick right you don't know because it if there's one here and there you don't know how many more hair does that mean you're sending your whole plea to the side another city leaving the ninety's paid for and always. And I might even goes as far as I know like when he comes like oh you wanted to go must shirk. And this is the best meal and I was so yeah I'm just so often puts her on its own way on the way housing are probably who you are so passive. Let the surge is just fine course so lawyer I did you know what I think we receive our spines for other battles but lose I don't I never battle I don't know I don't know if I if your soon Jim out on a dirty play would you send it back. You know 12% wouldn't be 8% weren't sure so that's 20% total the other 80% fassel Lou. Leave sentiment part of the outdoor you're supposed to but I do is lay knew I wouldn't. He so here comes our 3% are here oh we're almost there if your suit was undercooked would you send it back. Mon. Again I just if it's a chick in and it's pink on the inside a deadly not gonna die I don't eat it only took Randy off from interest rates and stuff on and I evaluate him like what's the fat part she exactly what Craig often give them whatever they Alfredo mark authorities I can pull that crispy skew them off from one piece and just. It would be Christie just undercuts. Pay me. It might be if they Kristin I'm 10 yes I was straight left were up 6% said they would not send it back while 5% weren't sure sets eleven to 90% of people. If there were undercuts plus you gather your spirit your food booths. You know why we don't do it that's why I think they're gonna do it. Last line and that is why does not address 3% there I I I won it saved and I wouldn't do this type. If you're in high here Neal was wrong we just send it back. I wouldn't because of you like oh this is something I've never tried before so what you order tacos which again and they bring out. Meat loaves made of its whole slew oh definitely die now. A UN I mean there's a little guy it's like he's not even the same ethnicity. It's not the same week he's the menus. Are always very good that's a big deal blues grill. Oh definitely you're right you'll hear in the like I don't know I am not sat sun. The legs extra large bucket on the I would say you would I. Might say something missed. Put on your side if and when they give you my mistake is not too bad. I might do you know venture out you know me and white and training yet all you would doubt you would definitely know I hit I think you're just outside I just unhappy I don't know I've ordered a salad with a ball some and then regret or whatever and they bring this stupid wedge with the ball just assume he blew cheese yeah. Lake. He might try to scrape a little bit Robbie some of the big insurance out that don't have white creamy on him (%expletive) man who's side again shortly Siberia I guess I just enormous challenge tonight and it pays for tips and then I'm and leaves with my tail between my legs and he's trying to hold myself buff from lack of style you guys or you're at 3% or not I am so 3% to. It's.