Slacker and Steve - Above and Beyond 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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Steve are there. So let's. Just feel good or does she is this is is all going to be fueled by hopes opens I wanted you do without you will feel good we could use a little bit we make it out all of it may be just a little bit because the first story is not all of its sealed it adds a happy ending but that didn't get dare apple dark it's Derek we talk about people who who have gone above and beyond that is dude named. Seamer or my diamonds on the name's Mike diamond and you lost to diamond yup. IG and engagement ring for his fiance arm she threw it out is a three carat diamond ring and she chuck did she just she had some trash on her nightstand and just kind of doing it's you know low lifes who grow and it was mixed in this. But attention realize what is happening told mr. diamond garbage truck can already picked out from outside their apartment on our white sheets all do this is in New York. All forget it's you heard data don't even try it's my diet and don't eat it sure I diamond decided he was gonna go my right above. The almighty called the department of sanitation they alerted the truck tend not dumped its load. Thanks so then. They go to this waste transfer facility they dump the load they are. And Mike's. Goes through. Over hundred bags that are on the floor easy yeah she's throughout a great deal from the smell. But he he sounded he recognized his garbage bag that would be missing for me I wouldn't have to go through. All hundred Baxter meet you the red bags or your ability bright yellow guy in the white magic so let's talk a little arms. Let's see to have Steve. Odor she hopes the moment don't like to some recent don't nice yes so I could even do all that I audacity you. I would just take it nice and start cutting into a mental one had wine corks on that's kind of step up and Allen time. Look at a clip it's clean clay I don't know that I Sotomayor recycle but of course the party and I thank you want to you know so that's when you recognize your own links for you would be nothing but lights or you're talking that kitchen trash bag not a big green yes yeah I use a third though the idea yeah and I. But they voted by using green ones a big ones though like everyone else uses up the big green tubs yeah did you don't all your bags into the trucks all they have there is back. Axe right so it's your it's going to be so much for what that's like teach him pull yeah yeah. So cut back and assassin. He he he sort of drum sounds. That I went Avandia does an idiot he committed a lot. What makes radiates in Shaw earned his fiancee throwaway F three. Terry diamond ring that's when you say sorry no more fiance about a cut out all that he's got a behind the cookie out there and who doesn't know exactly were a three carat diamond ring is all the time like that would be my 11 possession in life if I had something like that well. I think that what happens is like I speak for my wife she loses her wedding ring all the time around the house to she takes a bath oh got to do dishes all do this oh woman. I'm gonna wash to kids care takes it off and night and you forget which chore you started to do where you took off your ring. And other stuff got put on top of it. I can see how would've gotten picked up to join contractually you married people have to teacher rings off that much every day eat ice Signet ring off every time I give to kids about because you're like they might I I had a Mormon platinum ring it was heavy. And I literally knocked my own tomorrow and I literally washing their parents I. Well and in her diamonds is cut their Skelton stuff won't she just doesn't want to lotion on his emotion gets down rule premises so little for world. That's hard yet. On site C I UCL get us but I do I we wanna do commend mr. diamond's today on going above and beyond. Then there's an I hop later this is another above and beyond. He walks into his restaurant here's the register popping. And Stephen. Booked in some dude was like trying to steal from registered. This dude Elijah Arnold is a third degree black belt. So she just started running for the did he said he instincts kicked in he took full speed Adam. Tackled the guy didn't ground the dude had a crowbar. The world and hit. The employee in the city school hall. But didn't matter Arnold still grabbed his leg and eventually brought into the ground again. And he thwarted the robbery there was three people who were robbing the one guy. They caught immunity got a ways of using a ninja master in his big ninja move was is to grab the guy's leg I was expecting a little bit more ice. As solid state I think he's started with the round or are we bad stuff for me and crowbar. I'll hit him in the face we just grabbed and when I got to drownings are two guys anyways so then. Ninja moves are out Actel training is over now this is specious hey you know it's look at the yes but he's still way that's just. Love Bob NB a that's so cool I know you're excited about the other them what's what this bit the cop dad died when it. Yeah actually was a woman it was a won't do what happened. Say the gender till halfway through the story what happened there's like the seventeen year old girl she got busted for stealing food from a grocery store fishy was doing the usual odd right we have no money I was just trying to feed my fairly well when you get into the details of her story she's absolutely right I mean are the system. Doubting your luck. Could have been any worse she had to quit school because she got pregnant could get a GE. And I don't know enough so wondering cork. This female police officer was gonna ease dropping them a seventeen year old girls start a conversation explaining all the things to as I've never done as I never get in trouble for anything I had to do that I had to see my family yes so she got. She got a drug guilty 700 dollar fine. Well that's you know police officer pastor can you wait outside the court room. A police officer broader car around answer to get in driver down the grocery store Astor to stock up on as much food as he can in some diapers. I think the police officer also paid the 700 dollar fine shots. Yes it took this woman back to her place so this woman was just blown away she goes Warren I didn't think anyone cared in beef in these times right now you guys police officers and all this whole crap. So she was so blown away but it civil police officer would do and that somebody should she got all that just from over hearing from you started as a police officer said we've all been there I've done there I'm married but husband has two jobs I have won the weekend. Make ends meet sometimes we don't steal we don't go that far. But everyone's been there who can't feed your family. I'd so this is what we wanted to if. We're gonna be nice. For a like a couple Mormon you if you've done some things that he is above. And beyond or. If someone is done something for you. That is above and beyond and you wanna give them shout out. Were you will let you tell any stories that follow under the category of above and be aren't Natalie. I above and beyond. Yeah. And I got apple Eric and I noticed. A couple of people like walking Biden I'm not pan am. My playing and do it turned mean there's like. Are you done a good time and I look at the bullying they Felix you'd let that fool. Moon. You know crying and I had a big column. The big beat cal on my card that I did generate heat and and I helped helped a mob that I payment in my car and don't write you off that bottom compared to pan and boxer underwear and see. Literally didn't have pants aren't. Normal or burn you put a strange guy on your car. Want. Do you have anybody with you Euro loan and you helped me I I'm not really that's cost him what you did is amazing with the risks that turn out. I can ridiculous are you make it. Do you want to catch. You do that prosecutors this one and done. Com. I do it as often as I can learn how can. While Natalie you are awesome it and so I'll grateful was he. He showed me all your entry. That she bought him a whole new wardrobe like pants to shirts old tennis there too that's. And I think I'll make a plan. Last hoo for you Natalie you have gone above and beyond thank you for the car. Only CO. RA ID above and beyond. Last week actually I was in color being not a ticket for a while Bailey your thoughts and Bob Franken I was so angry because I know I thought it was thought I had my kids both. I went up for the Jack explained how little model continued and I just wanted to people don't have quite you know like I need to get a little bit how. I left went Len Coleman went picnic at the actual got a call from the court that the lady I need my entire game. We use sex to its seriously. She I don't know who it is just it was one of those kind of paid for which she didn't want the the gratification. She didn't want to. Nokia is apparently waiting after me out of political arrogance that I wanna help that yellow arm while it appeared he can't think. I called the clinic and she was able to give me a leading goal but that's it you know I never really get to anchor but I only have a name. A bad ass is that just think that was a real pay it forward and of drive through line a person be a front you do manslaughter. Yes. Religion without a solid guy. And I think and therefore stay here because I just I didn't put my garbage together I'd say fine let's us know at the time not do the pin forward with the deals. It's pretty fast. Police say do what you at least give her first name and sit in tellers thank you. Her name is Laura and look and again like she she helped me and making it dramatic I raise my kids by myself and you know it was bad luck getting that again I was so angry but it made my day at somebody that there's such good people out there willing. Hope really sure Laura and so that is awesome Lawrence you for the call EC schools that. You know what. I eight feel like. I would do that just never crossed his mind though when I'm in line and so irritated around other stunt exactly and its people item just like a certain winds in this video over there for me yeah. I. I do I. So caddies humanity we constant Sarah. Yeah I I above and beyond. So I'll let you being a professional REE eight we thought about it. We who was your professional athletes and your brother what what did you need of help your brother and legal. Wait Sarah see you gave up. A career of being a professional athlete with what was your sport. I would playing rugby out but it. There at all as bold means that. Almighty god she you gave up all that to help out a bunch a little takers were. Appreciate what it's actually really good day all gotta you gotta find the positive your right to Steve is still doing a thing where he and I are human enough to go above and beyond. This you know what's hilarious Sarah you did a selfless amazing thing. And somehow in Stephen guy's minds we feel like just letting you talked about on the air is our about and the idea. Good how we. And that I nanny really excite it. They usually are observed that is awesome show. Yeah right yeah I above and beyond. And so I would certainly probably gonna college town try to. And it drinking under age again and MI peaks Kern and an apparent you know and had to sit down too seriously and sidelight jumps. So we got down and they told me he at this MI PQ didn't get a whole Europe abroad for the Matt yeah I got cropped in Moline. Right he can't I tried right now I wouldn't and I don't like it on the ticket and now we have to kind of shut at the consequences and Turkey on our other than what has parents and I sat there thinking about it I got an MIPs. And so well couple groups and well. Oh I got you know it is definitely get a good kid that can't came and so I went on how to act are meant to begin work again enjoy Europe and take care. Yeah. I'll tell you aided these two do summary you know yes thank you. Had a few things I need you to expunge from my record to ourselves why. Leave one and an IndyCar premiere so I thought you know. The loan. Hello GO your are so bad I was above and beyond I want you. I only hope that you just didn't take days like act as I do get out of jail if he if he realizes how close you guys are losing. Everything yes and turns his slice that would be with Julie's. Yeah I above and beyond. I'm dish about last year and again I went there. I know there's a girl sleeping in her car. Lobbied very well and I when that turn out there if that area and data unit's name atmospheric and half months rent pretty. Hello her movie here. How green juror. Our talk stranger yet and that she was having a hard man. He entered into the our and a half months. Where do you where you words she's gonna steal from urine or you're just you're just that trusting what. I. Mean I'm sorry that you are not being held at the primary I wish I remember I agree. You can't yet noted bar and I can make your eyes that. Why how do you Wear her husband's good news you guys you gotta draw I won't even let a stranger alright my Breslin yeah that's true. We are terrible here. Slash.