Slacker and Steve - Adulthood at 24 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Stay on the end so who. My kids are never moving out of my house and I don't know what's so they're not to remember we were young adulthood was kind of like taking you for a 21 that was kind of the general number I feel like adulthood. Was eighteen. ET yes would you would you would you go to school to vote yes you can vote that's adults at a certain age like. Back when I was young eighteen you could drink yes you can join drink like 32 beer in some states yes. Com it's not and I know we keep pushing the official number of adulthood back now longer since slackers kids will never leave his house according to scientists. Adulthood now does not begin until Tony's Tony for 44 wise it's 44. Because I guess people are delaying marriage in delaying parenthood so then follow the averages of like when you're ready to do those things and then. Extrapolating. They say men in their first marriage route 32 and a half now wow win minute thirty and a half until swimmingly we have been wanting to push that off that's eight years later. And in the 97 no wonder so that's why adults who knows consider on 24. There are also seeing people delay finishing college is part of it is you're alleged. Be a full blown adult my twentieth going to be like by eight senior in college twenty got to be done and then you got it yeah it's dull it is your job. Not a job no job as a career yards a career in the government and how soon in the car and other gaps here. Yes and he just a couple of years need another jab here the got to explore Europe. And then by the census whether they're finishing college later in the dude. It's their 24 now. By the time my kids reached when he four create. Don't save that 32 it could go either way buddy yeah. They're never leaving my house is view these stats always give them a reason not to have to leave. Aha they don't wanna settle down they don't wanna become parents that's the other things grown ups for me I remember. Women saying. Don't you dare have a child past forty you'll have there will be birth defects there'll be downs syndrome. There's all sorts of things and now I've known. Lots of women having children 4245. I know woman who's 48 who had a child and I'm like. And that the children are quote unquote normal they're terror they don't have. No dates but still you're right if it used to be this year I guess that fear is gone is I guess what researching everything everybody just feels comfortable. With. Now making instead of childhood being zeroed eighteen now childhood is zero to 24. That foreign middle phase used to be eighteen to 220 is now 24 to thirty that's true rule. And then you have to get serious about life. Until thirty to wish when you get married started having kids. Like but that's why I feel bad for you your kids are they were built and Lisa. Going chilly here now huh. Accept I don't have to deal with what I've heard appearance doing this. Like when your kids go off to college you got to sell the house in downsized you gotta go buy a Condo. To stay in my house so a bit like eventually went grandkids I have the rooms and I'm sure you've got to make it so that they just can't. We can no longer be your like somebody there's a boomerang McCain comeback Tia my parents when I moved out and got on the tour bus in whatever. But they've never done this with any my Brothers my Brothers bedrooms were set up. I comeback headlights call all your soul there's a computer desk there's there's a big sort of reclining chair and a book shelf in the my bedroom we say they could take the oldest son America's he ever comes home at all. The guy who's going to be yeah. And I got there till it. There's no change there's no place for you you are coming back that was. Drew is on don't tell to the basement when I came back because I'd never run a native seal completely in permanent it was like. Oh come of course her son of course you can stay here. Let's get the unfinished basement we put to tell us that used to be upstairs to the dean G dog died on touts you. You down there they made for got to respect him for doing that didn't work. All players can. This is the difference now parents like a home I have to leave the room up you can steal my insurance your forty. And out like do my 22 year old nephew still running a Mike on its car insurance. Side you know this you just so that it makes my god that is so they're never. Are gonna grow iron what why you didn't. You warned me pumped for years that you did you're like your financial grand bridge here. Slowly ever leave your colleagues look at your kids now you think eighteen is over no rides 44 and that's just today.