Slacker and Steve - Air Terror 6/13

Tuesday, June 13th

Jennifer Lawrence was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing after they lost both engines! Talk about a scary experience. What's the scariest thing you've ever had happen on a plane?

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Staying tight end I don't even know why we're doing masses. Air chair. And idea lot of corneas lot of stories but you're right. We're three outs. Do you you don't you don't get different idea until it's not a flight time. But are usually not so I have the fear oh do what it which part would what do you fear I don't play asks. Well let's Kennedy would know nobody spicier the desperate denial so I also accept it well commit. What is not long before I. A yeah. Yeah allowing don't get me out of this G. And isn't married engineers then I. No I just. Let it got ugly so yeah a wealth I just. I know that if something goes wrong probably dead right. Yet it's like you always say. The second you purchased that ticket in you have your boarding pass you've already decided your faith you have yeah he's he's going wrong right and wrong regulars or turn him back so any if there's nothing you personally can deal pretty much not yet. While he's like and a little deep plays flight simulator all the time and then he's like. But. Yeah. There are literally going to be life. I. We want to ask for more military people. Microsoft flight simulator thank you where did you first crack it does burn skinny kid that says he's you're an expert seats don't even try to defend your point nine neighbors think computers flying the plane on our way that's playback it doesn't even matter now I just read an article that says that we're learning and have pilots anymore dislike him car do themselves planes are doing now all you do is they take off they pulled back on the stick him in the go. Auto pilot basically tennis clinics yet. It is Nigerians are flags and it's just gonna do to Republican so here's the question we're gonna talk air terror in the few stories here little the are you going to be able to screen these calls and then ever go on another trip thus probably not a catch so this was we traveled together for the last time mute look home. I'm search for Jennifer Lawrence had an incident 31000 feet like a bad one. Basically around the private plane had two pilots one in. One of the issue engine issues happened. You know what to injury issues were. Ha says. During the last engine they need in an emergency landing in buffalo due to the left engine issue. The other engine had given out already tough so don't come and in on one engine. That's a kind of air terror we're talking about have you been involved in an incident like that we're not trying to shut down the industry were just trying to talk to people. Who's been in situations like that they I have been on a plane. I don't know why. This happened when I think about just I was flying from Mexico. To Denver from. And restart just sending this you know I've I'm one of those geeks who watched the channel that is your view plane flying or never. On and we started sending Sunnis across the border into America that's not normal don't want to although it is it a day in day into cholera right. So we circle now Americans are is that we're make him a landing in Laredo Texas was like well okay that's a weird spot but a guy. I don't know why and it is a major medical emergency or some. And then we'd get down low announce. Elaine in their little radio and we fly were hit we're now we're we're anywhere anywhere really and I got. We did that three different times. And what we later found out. We're flying past the tower oh so they can CSR landing gear was sometimes if the dispatch like a fighter jet to fly alongside you and keep an eye on about how would say I just maybe they knew they weren't sure it went up a second we took off from Mexico. And they were like let's not deal with it here let's just slide into the first stop which inmates in. America incentives claimed accident when Lehman touchdown we were just you we would just write about it I guess. So you don't know it might get earlier where we're Marlene relate. And I'm telling you anything and do it two more times. That's why we still are a 100% sure and we were lights so we had like we weren't doing the brace thing we were we were ready to get. Late but we didn't feel landing gear was like ice brace brace while we were we were in for a do it to you were told you until later I. Had something like that happen when I was on a plane once where did great Elaine and and took off right away again we took publix super vertical I mean months almost like space shuttle British okay and the like to highly got on right after he was like sorry we could land there was traffic on the runway. And I was sitting on the side that was facing the runway. And so I kind of like turned out looked. There was nothing on the runway was completely clear and so I was like. What just happened why did at the NYT yeah and they were like given us a cover story and never we never found out what it was whoa it was probably minding your thing. I don't know I'm telling you. So so that's that's that's a couple versions of air chair hears a completely different one apparently there was a slight going to be ease up on. As I can from Manchester to lead these. If you've seen the stills I must think we deserve video or just else I believe there is video it's very blurred out video but yeah. She the girl gets up she's Stacey is the guy and sits on his lap. Just released our goal in the town they're definitely and Beijing care they're the town they're going do is not abuse the future there could have been naughty today hey good day he literally had relations on the plane. And I don't care they don't know that doesn't sound terrifying to DC bar people you want to see. All I was terrible that's why OK I was you know is the worst thing ever to say one mean they would've gotten arrested if they were high but since the blue EL that's probably if I mean yes. Certain you get your name meant to be a certain size to be able to sit. Who view in the inner normal airline's own yourself and so that means not a horrifying. Not to diet health. I'm just making it's almost one person had seen somebody else talked with the with the right and I guess they finished and everything I don't see sinister they finish one hour. I still think they did yeah I know people boredom part but they've like no blankets no cover it and now Nelson just. We we are reading I don't know if these are from reddish or like some sort of confession like a flight attendants said there she bought I couple what the woman was underneath the blanket in just. Lying on the guy's lap. OK gotcha and then she would I should sinner co worker by her coworker Chad and I that's going on so much are let's go back to beverage service like. Or 00 and by the time they got back. It's finished and then deep into the flight the woman tried to turn the blanket back in the fifth in the outside and it was nice if he should keep. If this is an idea for your next 12 o'clock press is that gross that is super grows as we as we all know they don't wash the pillows or those. Just as important class to use me but it takes visited just don't touch them. And there's a couple stories about scorpions on planes and anymore keep telling you our stories terror really want is your chair have you been one of those claims. Where do you know pilots he waited forty hours of the tires back to the people instead. We're not positive both engines are gonna work so let's take a vote on the plan next Oprah should we don't know four or shall we not go for when the vote comes down to the passengers yes and the pilots are handing responsibility over to meet. There's only like twelve people on the plane wanted to begun forty yard hole as soon with the that was twelve people who want an NA news mutiny on the plane people it. I'll oh no wonder if you wanna give me also sang there's only if the pilot said there's a 5050 shot. Oh that's the kind of air terror stories we're looking for if you've been involved in something horrifying involving your plane we wanna talk to ya I Tracy. Hi hi he's already here we're hearing Terri today. My good what I did. Really and in a panic and I had a layover in Hawaii and there's a bomb on the actual plane that blew up. It was in the early eighties so we had to stay over two yards that as a lot. Women and soils clean and I had already blown up. And they just grounded everybody else. No no the plane was being grounded because they blew up. So we can go to continue our pledge your parent. The plane that was supposed to take you Japan had blown up. Would hope they couldn't get another plane out there. Well they had a layover and got new planes I got back Aaron or tries to teenagers now. We were you gotta be so right now you Molly price you. You it's a long flight out. It is is the why me and I mean yeah it really complain about that is like always just standardized terms like three days all but there might be a bomb are you like we have and they even call you handle it reminds. Near my brother. One of my Brothers flew on September 11. She's in general and off and had no idea he was fine in the San Francisco so he was in the air when it all happened. And eight the pilots like we're just dead satellite all the pilots and flight attendants in new. By the time these planes are starting tell these planes just dig down deep down we don't know. Reached planes compromiser and a heart so they finally landed in San Francisco in the literally were just screaming. You your stuff and run also playing everybody had to just run. OK I would know how to take you know I we've talked about her face Canadian also was on the eyes it was bombs like what. I remember him tell me it was like I was running across they let them awfully with the stairs and not end here for running across a tar run run. I mean can you imagine that know that some usually goes something other than terror the size I don't run so I know season I have to. Do. I'd consider freak out so you guys that the oh Laura. Yeah I went and what you guys. I got it getting stuck in a huge. I count the though we had just circle in this storm. Through tremendous turbulence we kept dropping like ten to eight hits and that's a little it. Tilting in that everybody on the plane would like screaming and praying and. That went on current power in dorm before we could finally land so it with your developed in the. Aaron wound. When you if you don't claim whatever what we feel turbulent Sasser plane dropping maybe ten feet right but playing. When you're playing that drops a significant amount of feed all ones it's just. Now who was a little detour. Somebody you knew was on a plane dropped like 101000 feet in a couple seconds. Anybody was walking around us is now on the roof was literally on the Merck and you're buckled then. Any you're just like listen this kind of thing necessarily slowed the line. Yeah furious storm could you seemed like to eat I understand that cleans take lightening hit a lot more than we realize you could you steal it did you see lightning hitting a plane. Oh god yes we it was all over the we all outlets people shot and windows committee wanna see it but some comment the window open because they'd rather see if they're gonna dive. Com it was yeah it was constant lightning probably every chief Beckett. You know it was it was lightning the whole plane the blade up and. It was just ruled there was tons of planes in that absolutely out. Only. Jerks which would be even scarier can you know on our. I'd turn the plane circle that close together but yeah it was it was definitely. Are there oh my god that is my serious and we you're holding pattern mines are die hard your legs. Oh my god that is often take you minister we're glad you live exterior tank millions. Yeah yeah these are your. So veterans my grandfather's story he was a pilot in the northern territories of Canada. And he and a friend replying back what they're cartel. Which happened to be immune. And it was so heavy but the bottom of the plane just now how. And they found him two days later unconscious floating on debris in a lake. What's so I think the mood looser than on your. But there's OK I suspect that he's. Mississippi the Obama pulling this plane crash in in the bottom dollar. It in LA. When Walsh how lucky you are yet. They are about her longtime pastor Rick good 00. So then he's not a big game winner either run the homer John. He dropped. All that way even survive. How how Ohio wasn't do you think 30000 feeders and now. You are right now to me I can't wait it's Gary absolutely had to be a small plane if the moves to bring to a great so let's hope there's only. Irony could put ads like. Is slimy and mosey back to Canada. It's okay thanks you for the call. And I terrifying. Johns. Yeah I. Air chair I'm. The turf for sure so yeah in my actual life. Or you're not a hot air balloon doppler that all these look. And the baskets. Old like nineteen people and like ships tanks so well they're reload do they eat up being inside the blue a great. The first Lugo Oswego often will watch and you know we're about 45 under tree which is pretty high and about Google balloon. And we'll watch other political down in the schoolyard and then this guy goes. On the weather though weather changing and blown out of the way we ended up out of fuel load audible. There's seventeen people in this basket and let's go down. At a at a good angle in war and we get over this vineyard in the lady comes out with a shotgun and so you're calling an end here. We got no choice. So he goes I want everybody to lean on what led about construction had been so here we go caution drew this in the injured. With all these water cooled the grade boy. And it was insane and I look. You're ruining her livelihood by the way do you think that the what are that's twice as Madge she's like this is my life and if you crash a balloon and do it it's gonna take me twenty years he defines back you slacker portable pilot annoying I. I'm just I was. Defending her or Iannetta huge I mean nobody had a choice. Absolutely her livelihood. All the guy explode in the blue and so we've got new tool is where are you scream and we got no choice throughout cushy later had to go ahead. And luckily we were a part of her opinion would be then here would whose dad who's got for a moment. They still have done before you know the warriors never. Yeah it was truly unique American when they finally got the band to a picture driver in the sand buried the backing him up to the actual the mud off to a life like just this whole yeah. Oh boy what are you just put up or I wasn't expecting whatever I can tell you this right now I that offers a hundred different times you go up in one. Right I didn't need this call I would never do it in one of those the united once an honest or. So would you why is my Libya what I would do you get the eleven leadership and usually she wanted to go to our hot air balloon. Well sure birthday. So I I gave her the money and they won couple hundred people may have come back down from the public a blue and like I told you now you'll do. Can't steer can. Know you're the majority in the wind. You're at the mercy of when you went up to everything was fine. He was CIA actually feels like you're not moving that the earth is just who moves and any underneath you which are right eventually you run out of things to throw overboard. TTV as well that's an app on yours yeah. I know that I know buy more of your flight scary in this air terror stories over on the saccharine Steve FaceBook page.