Slacker and Steve - Ambien 2/27

Monday, February 27th

We’ll give you one word and chances are you have a story about it. Ambien. Tell us what you did on Ambien!

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Steve I. And the Ambien upset. Or else there has you don't need really where is getting a leg up aliens ended up what happened would you do it. Man phones at the Catholic I. So. Worlds where. You know I think society is getting more and more open to the idea of marijuana being legal them in things like that. On II I wanna I wanna Ambien to be just something missing. At at at the funeral saw her yes we will send you know she's as dispensers like that now. Now lame weight and just pop one and magic the worst case scenario. I sleep. That it's sure we got the worst thing regular milk we sure exactly yeah actually we don't well rested and I do better in my job. And I agreement on how I got there there you go that's what we wanna hear about what may be ambient if you go to namely in story that is option and eight took some got a great night's sleep. Moments outbreak here it is if you gotta be told about it which will videos and later can you know oracle or any do you and your distaste looks knocking or doing this this woman Jackie Warner yup and she's on probable didn't show so she's right up your Alley and I yeah but it but it while I love Bravo but then she's fitness so I kind of what I mean if you don't you also it's also OK yes model RIA the irony of it all tonight. A lot of kids if you try to data model and she wanted to get away from you it'd be easy. Our chase you but dad. It's just become so he she crashed her car in West Hollywood and she hit a hole easy and apparently when the police got there. Xian. She wasn't peanuts. There's bats and then she backs up into the po po oh she did just about crushing his deputy here's something no she claims she had a martini earlier in the day and that was instituted Cooper out of there and then she's like took Ambien or something he values towards the end she blew a 2.0 later some gloom and she's claiming her defense against this thing is it in the Ambien meter sleep drive. And she's got a good shot again now this because every time we even said the words Hillary and scary how many people you. I don't get how you can perform an activity. As complicated I don't mean the driving is complicated but consciousness is an integral part of it snouts in the manual it. Juli is it says why first year starter should know error colleges did. Through most of you you shouldn't you god but she's claiming she she sleeps droves. Like you said do we hear so many stories I don't know or that's gonna play housed in a player she woke up in the hospital I guess and had no reflection of recollection of driving definitely getting some of the details wrong. There are no you're not I was just gonna say when my favorite all time series that we've ever gotten when we've done the Indian topic is a woman who Bakes herself an entire chocolate sheet cake. And then drove fifty miles and woke up in her car eating cake they she'd be good. So she knows it she made it comes in her pain or didn't at that time but then she got home and saw the cake mix yeah. This issues eating takes fifty miles from home yes sister I must also maintain he's like a present here waking up so yeah. They are well. Hey this school and now know how Nancy I could make you take when I'm blank only no way right only and I love our some other dude said she made a cabinet. But is it. And I guess it came out like awesome yeah. I was approaching cabinet this is my favorite one though this dude put up a photo of a receipt for 3075. Dollars and 99 cents. For golden to bash in. Jack see really gold to bastions osu and ask three min DOT I urge accession. License dock the back because of candy with the are you kidding me do you come pinch your yak. They ship don't duplicate. The facility is gone after all so yeah no it isn't enough we're sure you've got to Brock for Sony's broad goal to measure that's right yeah 3000 dollars will ship here that's. Don't you think you assets about a lot of good. Operator in golden to bashing yeah act dot net. Write what I did have its own history in the morning I'm like. And you'll want to commissioner and it sells the organizers one has has got the one pulling question you can't can't. Oh all doctors your back taxes and Iraq. There was this one and this one's probably one of the scariest ones 911 received a call from 75 year old man at 2 AM. Screaming. He was freaking out this year Dan in a plane crash yeah Alex screaming a sick he said he was in a small cargo plane was headed organ when it went down. And he took the operatives are you able to safely get out is that no one ended and so did you hit buildings are just into trees like XP in the trees are still with trees. On the he claims he's in a plane with three other people who were not conscious. The operator says are it'll look up when you are able to see the wing where you're at ease and no I can't see anything. There are looking for this guy he imagined the entire your sang that's because Ambien that is way kid now I mean. I'm sorry one I'd like to see him actually five point else I. Sheila we got somebody probably operated an aircraft on AB and he just doesn't remember he doesn't want to talk to the news or him but he did he did say he's concerned about the side effects of and unable obviously to H. We anytime we do is mean. Yet and he messed us who worry your we what are you sleep aids and only you know and so I think we don't know the week like the rest is Murphy has just spoken of for me you might its maker's mark the reason we should. Just do it David's life makers that's not a size he's breast anyway if you've got is you've done something wacky on an MBA and we'd love to hear your story allure. Oh yeah I I am in. To protect and Manning drove to my boyfriend path. And and I went through his gun dole. Getting there isn't big community. Dot com the next morning and I knew exactly and over and everything you'd water bed with big frame. They went oh sure mind that every candle in my house that I had my. With an empty bottle of quiet on the court however you don't remember Warren. All you coolest chick so tiger I will say this the once MIT to name B and I to do with wine and it messed me up hard. That's how I did and I need an attorney general why that 90% of people stories and Ambien is to zig they went off label if you re either the labels on either of the package racks. Hey man. You don't remember my I didn't open a wine until I was like. Well in Tibet or him being gone beach and I keep after thirty years now I don't have any problem we have the first night they can't get. She then lit candles acts. I'm probably not been burning when I left out and my car will still unwinding all been. My friend Patrick my boyfriend Carlos. In your room that I would say I don't know I don't. Relations with him when you got there. I don't remember I asked that's like woke up next and much like what. You can he says yeah you are at its best one of those weird things where he. Did you could be ended up in somebody else's apartment and you wouldn't even know exactly what are you. I haven't talked to the guard at carton house. That all my old and tell my I was there and and remember it's. I can act like you know what you're doing think you have no clue. It's you know what it is you've got to do things that are like a muscle memory like if you've driven a lot I think you can still do so but if if. Eight that I would I not good test and what do you drink wine I'm confident we can meet you could subpoena. The amount of court that was all I can. Open minded about let's go let's start there and maybe the goal and it's fascinating that Ambien miss our Alex. Yeah. In the yeah I try such and such tell I have a eight stranded. You know eight in the Internet to eat a lot of ports that feel to turn. Reggie an Ambien pre. Cash they were up 28 trichet struck and we redact aren't tactical gear everything. We're open pretty IIR regular. Had no recollection that electoral sounds. They were getting at the strategy that hurried out went director. Pulled tactical year thanks. He doesn't remember. Like the mood they call the roll call meaning like nothing just all the sudden I'm eating doughnuts like hey guys how to get here. Pretty much and that and Abbott and that scratched their. Car well and it and it could be huge happy to add Internet like that. Whole great shock result because Avaya media. It scares me a little bit and she lives aren't. And everything I'm not knowing. I mean she'd gone our calls since Friday. I'm. I. Wouldn't do what we're just assuming it's a girl men do get affected by Indianapolis. How well the American. Oh wow that's that's creepy that staring you could call leg but what what is Yukio lakeside as a sort of don't or you really hearing Zach. To see you they seem normal when somebody sleepwalking and Ambien date other factors are sitting there eaten it tastes or do when sleeps. The you know Melissa well. Yeah I the Ambien and I got a kick out of Amal are trading but closed. So having the clone Sox. You know enclosed letter here it's Levy's. Are fairly dispel early stock. And then there at least speak double speak way. Then I just kept playing went there and I guess by what to really creepy and was actually. If I apparently went like gates. Hour and a half like being going on I. What they. You don't remember like you took Ambien and thought he went to bed and you went to the mall. It's so we aren't as Smart aged nineteen her like Olympic Indian and go to a bald. Hill it they would you know I learned blacked out from jury look toward bulk how would I want to normally experience with the NBA. Heading close out I didn't think of a lot of better things he did I think well under brutal good thank you very coalition. Jackie. Yeah I'm really. I right semi bad and I ran meteoric Canada played better on our never really got that I'd eat and there and got our planet staying. At the odds and everyone ran and got. I love you didn't. You me you were on him do you remember did not see rich. As. I well how the problems yeah. You. Did you. Wait a minute ramat let me let Medicaid that bad of a play. You always yeah. Here are my friends and bringing your Reagan era at good bathing their club but as bella a row when we. Far strippers. And wow thank you for the golf links. Yeah anytime you union. And yet it's 01. Timer a couple of years ago really hot have a ceiling fan on take Ambien go to bed. Well in my altered states I'm thinking that the humor in Canada anyway you asked is these blaze about to come off the feeling it. Yes he started trip and yeah oh. Low trip didn't bat and I hit it began thinking thinking oh well I do incremental isn't doing what it normal person would do and going and turning it off. I go downstairs been brought into this screwdriver. Where I come got scared and makes all the believed office feeling very. You just so that's your mouth you did not really do that and you dismantle that killed fighting you know. So you'll wake up. The next day with the mom's car days on the ceiling stand in this literally it got a blender like you're zero C. Oh my I'm actually I don't think it's home from work and you look at the blades stacked on the Clark we did what. Do I had. If you are getting Tony. And I would pick you know its first. Did you know I need. Yeah blood. Yeah. Hutus who only got I love you know we'll see your friends and your answers. How. We all know could I turn it off I think the government controlled it would not comment that we. 000 my god give is that the reason you got a divorce is that when you realize just crazy and he's admitting we should see other people who couldn't it you know. And somehow snagged. You go back that he seemed like you got some really good story say this let me give us. Brandon. It's. Out of here or are you India bureau gets DA would Syrian series. Yes so you might call drew may decide if you you know prospects few drinks out to the shipyard bar and a little bit of football stadium. Ten a few more pops an Indian. I just got back two outs apparently. Historic got a little bit better he decided. Did you get an idea to get this call are trotted out prostitutes are modeled practiced parent trots. Along the way it takes up the phone calls call mama used to reading because they're so unique to our all over the highway. Apparently every car that he's all look at what was called was a dog it's running you over these dogs Miller running along not in use extremely intrigued you're out there is mind. I don't remember the whole thing he woke up the next morning and stared straddle it you heard the source from the ball. She when he. They're fatally crashed zero times crazy. Enjoy it yes sticky sticky side tomorrow I'll try Trout see how do you rely. Or port town stories. Pena Y hey Tammy we started having fine we bruise lady let's let's let's any now winless streak at all just news oh my god had an awesome story doesn't give Brandon rich. Yup. And then. You guys I. It is so you have my now wife was pregnant we are searching kids and source term knew what was going on. So we were to gospel Susan labor brought to the literature ambulance service home although we go to bed and sort. Two or three hours she is a form labor. On Ambien and doesn't even know what's going our. Woes shrill she ordered. What did. I holder but who has possible. Dead and like couple hours later Ciara verse on them like. There after an issue like who have burned and she doesn't remember or any mixed she doesn't remember giving birth to your second child. Chief well actually turn up strokes. Moments where she remembers where you are social issues. Or labor and took note hearing. I did I seem weird the doctors would give a pregnant woman Amy and I guess it must not go to. It does all its image in the hosts brain and doesn't snow we the world. Wow where are sort he was up so I just do it. Oh really news portal he NAM you know 200. Knew if I was a woman in every had my first kid every other kid I would just to stay on in. Your wake me when I'm. I saw him in there TCI is also hit you for the call man. Yeah. Emmy and. Comment yeah well not I'm railway to work when they and it shook. A couple of my medications and normally take during the day and went to work. Did amazing hair all day long cutting hair coloring hair. And all of a sudden I'm in the background going. How did I get here. I don't care all they. Aren't Ambien. You're taken my dear lady is some other hills. Took me Mohawk to everyone's tired you'll only know. No comforting to know what he's sure. She knows how high hair I don't remember. Am not positive scary what I'm talking about it's a muscle memory you that you just doing things you this is if you're creating or with someone's head it's like the spiral permanent U. It is clowns actually need nobody else could. Some serious starts oh my gosh are much you're actually cooler and and I counted down in Canada told I'm like oh my god. Oh my god and yen. Pretty that was an awesome thank you Becky Alex. A guy ambiance. So I woke up what do muscle and she's. She eats. I'm here and that's it's been there. It's the British. Did what do you do look. Well first stop I'm scared to step appliance still am but I am I took thought I had Ambien and I took why they do you know all it took what not to do until I got it to happen. I suspect on Saturday is yes you're out there or not and has been expecting I noticed. People start got a little bit funny and then I am I black out here this up and walking up and down held the white. Yup that'll do it. Yeah yeah that's in the air Marshall is that I don't like also is like a bit anonymous but now laid down. Wow Alex. I still wanna tell us he's the virtues of Amy and we love to hear your stories on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.