Slacker and Steve - Americans Don’t Dream 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Staying on at weird study came out and I I got to ask you kind of personal question have you Boca. You dream. You wow that's funny I haven't I don't dream nearly as much I think there's that I used to dream. House at all you have no I don't he remembered did you dream that I don't there's a study that says Americans are dreaming as much as he should. And it's hurting our health why Americans who I guess we're just stressed out we don't get to sleep in general. And so we don't get enough of that brand always Wear a dream yes do you have do you dream the only time that they do dream is when I go to bed early. This is the rim which almost never when you do not try to get myself back on track and I've been having crazy dreams this week while. For real yes and you remember on the yeah. Even if I do dreamed I'll wake up I wrote down like a lyrics from a song. I was playing on stage. In a dream I had a couple weeks ago it was like it was a really weird. Like oh. Death metal song that was I HRX. It was like that was one of the lyrics I you know on the darkness you realize you have to rate that's on I. No legs that's only dream. Even if I do dreamed I'll wake up Mike. We tell you dream and I don't remember any of it. The my thing is of all have like X rated dreams all I won't remember until later in the day like it when I'm here but also it'll hit you want we. All of sudden he did the mood here with us I did yeah I know exactly yeah I just don't know. How do you get your dreams dashed just let me tell you the rest of the study. Said people who aren't dreaming or who aren't having REM sleep Rem sleep. Are more likely to develop alzheimer's moved whoa so we have to find a way to surgery and we got a dream. They also say. Alcohol marijuana and sleeping pills disrupt your sleep. And and especially interest Janet. So I wanna know how to get my dreams back I don't go to bed late. I go to bed my kids go to that I don't fall asleep on my kids mostly but I don't go in in my room when they do you put your drinking alcohol which you know it's supposed to do. So I got a quick time to dream that you dream that stance could snap. But that is filed in UK so this is a weird thing. I think when I was in sixth grade my teacher. Made estimates these pillows. It was a pillow later when notably six by six kind of hello lunch and we still have them wind streams. It was called a dream till I was just can't you why is it Swiss. I can't remember or there was quite a lavender. And different since they were very pungent smelling herbs and spices and flowers and whatnot and you put that. Under your pillow was wise and apparently. This now because it worked we make my sixth and seventh great year I had so many dreams you would remember your dreams can walk I am. Making this up it's like a dream hello browse our aspirations. Talking actual screaming just it doesn't have an error an understanding remember Atlanta there's probably no right there's a whole bunch of stuffed inside unless he couldn't pay DOD. Is nameless Charles Manson pretty close at Charles I. Yeah with a pillow he was my favorite teacher I ever had in my life Charles Manson is so you got one over his house and he showed you his own dream to. I'll. Kind of things to say it was placed my dream I that I got to remember dreams are you Google and it cannot alienate it's such a thing is a dream tell us what's the can car auction and that's fundamentally not only dreamed and a guy is some who say you can have mug worked in a multiple shame and a meal or lemon Ballmer lavender Rosemary. She and all those are supposed to relax you make you dream now. Or are you guys. Did you have to I. It's a print ads that don't want our series just if I don't. Remembering zero right now if this just even one dream and it's it's like an almost never security is okay and so you opposing any more memory than you I don't know. I love to show you got. Gotta figure something now while you go first with the dream code you tell us how weird dream you can break down an entire document your that's the other thing you got to do is get a pen and paper right next right right away you got a referendum Leo so when you have an extradition I've always wanted to have one you never easy zero you have you still remember. 'cause the thing yet. I don't like I wake up my dreams are always like. We're seeing in the space shuttle to see in. Our. Or both of decision that's why it's H showed. I saw a guy out there right to their dream or nightmare so analytical approach if I put some recipes out for dream catchers know not dream catchers that's something during the truth fellow dream tell us what you dream catcher. That's the thing that they've American im an origin always catches your dreams than you all gathered during the people hang out there JR you've made it out of Mac remain yours I was had a dream catcher was the sock that you had a near. And knowing what okay no scandal and vice talking I had.