Slacker and Steve - Amusement Park Predicament 5/7

Monday, May 7th


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Staying on Anton. Timeless about amusement parks I know righty is about time for clues are open and up to be known for us to get caught on rumor true that now and so does. Do you ever stop her rest I have not local because I don't ride him that much is much you do you're the adrenaline junkie here. It's really fun to get on a rollercoaster would you little deed because I've never seen two grown men it's just I'm not that little. I acquire all of the sudden quiet. Did I'm goes through the Xperia entire time we waited in line to get on the last rollercoaster Ira with you can you can go well is based Patriot Act there Eric would you try to. Like actually. Speaks it asks you not to get on this rollercoaster to a little bit maybe now I don't need to do is all these stories I'm like please don't go to all of because when they don't break down other actually could really well and okay is. Feeling like you're gonna die for three minutes is is somehow rejuvenating hub is just a thing that. Through you when you get off from the ride you're like a new life I'm reborn the rebirth that's what it is one out it's like yes. You jumped out of a plane to ease back and I find so fascinating about you I'd never done that I'd wouldn't ever do that why not it's better than being in a row it's not that are you. You know we've stuck paying an upside down for hours and when you start hanging upside down for hours at the end to lock is still left there is that you're equipment sales. You know Joseph are allowed Newton crater fell to a couple of care LA just outside your. An indentation demeanor fields Alpine long months is actually jumped out it makes no cold averaged. You wanna you wanna die you know. I don't play real duo out after the what you wanna die is over Biden makes Platte river that's where you want dogs but don't get along well also one of the all right Donna Jurassic Park team rollercoaster in Japan were stuck upside down for two hours in the right install C. Coaster at 64 passengers on board and all the 445 on Tuesday because they were stuck there are 65 to a hundred feet off the ground. For two hours all of almost sixty Plosser syrups and yet. Other blood rushing to their heads zeros. It's I don't know what I would want to happen at that point. Because I'll tell you. Do you want them to dinner crane up there and I'm buckle you and then your they too I didn't stuck on a scissor lifts to perform also ugly and restorers. We were doing it was like a long time ago when the apps were amazing and they've won the cup. Norris is a. And all of that we run a scissor lift for the parade it was a and we went way up high we're doing abroad has no matter what it was like oh eating at some downloads it to down buttons and. You didn't work and we're stuck like up high high. I was fine with the hype until I realized. I couldn't get I don't suggest that thing and that's when your body your control and then just I mean the anxiety takes over and makes. I I was shaking. And here's the worst part you relapsed. We we brought a bunch of listeners with us in the wrong really cute. Girl's listeners up on the whole that they saw you know BM not men and up unicycle I do you decide you like. Do you have an important and know that you. You had the panic guys all of America I'm. I'm saying like you I was stuck 65 feet you'd be married lives up in there like oh look good on the Orioles might not gonna get here why. Got a spirit is there. And so you would stay outside now do you wanna I just. My question might if you were stuck on. On right would you want to Biden team turned back on and have completed self or would you wanna have to climb down a latter. Or whatever has seen like on some roller coasters if the track is wide enough. Don't walk up to you and then you get also riding up the walk to the yeah I. I don't I don't forget you dude I you know meet Su it but I don't wanna trust the week for the ride to continue in the right itself as an extra Iraqi time. I don't know the I don't know I would get a that's why don't go in the they married in yeah we finally got to detain where you would meant to your friend. I another two people were stuck a 160 feet up on a thrill ride in California. 160 feet eyes tracked to writers fourteen and a twenty year old. They used a ladder truck to reach a platform where controls for the ride were available that's convenient for the due to a to a certain level I think. You probably. Breeze. Raise like two worker apparently. Eight year low controls over oh we we also know. Gonchar Pete's. Never took about forty pledged. Let's give me that's a good place to vote on oh yeah gestation or it's all very Omar does he show up now Missouri Tony don't. There's a massive fire deep we shouldn't read data drives it's sad you guys should know. Our purpose I wouldn't be quite butchered controls need. Half what that's a lot of fantastic idea of the company also sells the latter you. That's not a bad things consequential yeah yeah me up to right it doesn't alt button eventually were able to its. Get to people dug after hours or spoon. Whose bomb another woman got hurt on amusement park crowded. I mean really say what. I don't think carriage on the fireball right broke apart last July. Oh this is in good and it killed one person seriously injure this woman and three other people. On the she's. Didn't one point eight million dollars for the rest of her life though because she's not going she's got a brain injury bad. The kid who died in the Stanley of the kid who died only got one point three million ago less yeah because he was a younger he wasn't as live as lucrative. I know that it get the figure there's a a math equation for its. Why you bring in Augusta yeah are you but I know yeah. He wanted to show us. And it's it's for the crew don't tomorrow could cause. Do are liked so we audio from actuaries. Yeah sure you heard what I need. Do you come up without much somebody were bad for the and then as a brain injury or more. I apparently uses a little of 100000. Dollars in a few more hundreds of dollars so okay did what we're gonna do. We want you if you've been part. Of one of those crazy news. Amusement park horrifying things other kids got slipped out of a Ferris wheel Jack this is I don't you Ferris wheels 'cause I don't Janet. We mean when you see a tie for and just going to go on the biggest roller coaster that let us. Yes and it's always it's over weapon on the number zero down the slow estimates there. He's got I don't light it's actually there when your stock your you were all you thought you were stuck to all kinds. Which is secretly the entire right here's a the shares will essentially and you learn how I thought the Steelers were the important when you're the top somebody's trying to load in the bottom line and somebody like all. You can't come in it and you start it's not like. Is right here's this tool just not on channel. In other words I never thought this basically or Ferris wheels is people waiting to get off yeah. Yeah. I'd say it. It's clearly as you know you don't like it all that's right I hate these are. Users a way to oh. Weighing in your. They are if you've. I I got number one dawned on a roller coaster one time you did yeah. You went number one I hate roller coaster and somebody finally convinced me to go on one and then number one on the upload edit. Or I it was when I was early teens. Here's another team Internet yeah. He sprayed everyone behind you why did groups are already at number one all all you got one yeah I thought you were the okay well old wooden coasters and he went and it was so it was just like in this seat back and forth and so yeah. Yeah well he won enough that it seeps through the jeans and up and out yeah. And on means. All those he he's that's okay good solid number tutor now ask others to do torpedoing the all right if you got a good amusement park bar or scary or stop whenever something horrifying happened. Sure points and had one of those carnival just pops up there roar among all through those are the best whatsoever whatever is is being you've got an amusement park predicament we wanna hear stories Melanie. Yeah I amusement parks. Without the current state chair on the right call to grab trying. Myth and added that. A wry look at it patient and you stick to the walls everywhere spins this since your source. You're stuck and I lost yeah well look cute next to meet true up in the middle of their own and he just like more tree. And that should stick in the wall right. Between us. This is the actor you know it's. It's. This is the right current slowdown. Lighting it starts sliding near I didn't have a Walden stopped. NM income Raleigh and it's all over my. Jeanne. It's the inevitability of it all eyes you're watching it and move your low. I can't escape the Boris it's gonna hit me when the four stocks hug. You tell you a minute did you actually want you can barely electorate that. You have let's gravity for you Wednesday. So I had no word did change you know close to change and do anyway. He'll walk around with just dried deal or a sudden you correspondent yeah things I should you know them. This is true that the that the ball Diego's second album bar side was when they really the brand of announced a couple of oh Melanie that's awful things you for the call. There's no apology either how do you words there ever going to be likes the sound that Wu I. Stand with my dad on that are saying yeah I guess I shouldn't had a marine. It's just matched with the guys are so and I mean amusement park. It has so honored you to park your own through time we ought to ticket but after walking around it I only found one. Good drive that was the zipper so it goes around and each one spends. Always a fan or excite the they sold this whole thing goes around and jerk the courage your Ian Moore also flatten. Yeah I know there's a birth that's and that's the ones they always put. It's some attacks feel more mall or whatever the boulder county fairgrounds words Carney and you know did he probably killed people in every town and he does not want you want I don't wanna. These guys all due respect these guys they have a ged beer apparently okay and they are in charge of flights using a bold on the hole down to sing it's gonna spin with centrifugal force is like. Did you Jack Kemp. Tiger I know where we're trying to be OJ the drills and now we ended up in that it was really young probably eighteen year old couldn't speak any English. We just gave them all the tickets and made like a twirling their finger like to keep it go and and oh no we end up writing it for like Antoine and like walked up like thirty minutes here. We're not haven't done any dark red light wave at him like get the tests. Color and who is your dogs are your leg is sore. How I see stopping every language until we figure out which would cut. An all time there is like a couple bolts like Dick around on our feet I think they're good upper right. Get effective but it scared us. Yeah that's awesome I assume that this kind of Smart to write these kids like a hardware store just have to double both examples and good friend Carpio that is awesome yeah you'll never do that against you can thank you Matt. Nina. Yeah I amusement parks orders is us. Oh we went through that little or mob carnival whatever and I loved the kids and we downloaded their eyes at lake really you are very against my bag. And my hair got stuck on one has there IA. NW AB could take my hair out led by cutting it. You're here despite it. While us like we're five into violent side by how to commit a lot. And it. All they give you any word did isn't like our households those might slot because I had my hairy. Your hairstyle went Kerney. Oh my god it's time. This is a it's okay. They did today I'll never set but it Matt Carter or any what I now like now nevermind I zawahiri and the. There is screwed she ziglar it will save you re even sillier the Ollie comes around. No no clue and I amusement parks. I'll find out why do you I went to our amusement park around here there and that shoulder harness that keeps you in the right. He came on clay than I led teens being. On all of those are a coup holding them by the seat belt though. You George just physically hanged because it wasn't harness and. No they're good people they kept the eat together. Since they would Darlington threatened by our. Yeah I don't know why did you although it. So I mean it was true terror the entire time you're on the right. Oh yeah I know it started probably lake. Thirty seconds into the right when that was an upside down movies yell Oakland my opinion my husband I would know how we the common mile might expect. The only young street. Yeah.