Slacker and Steve - Animal Encounters 12/13

Tuesday, December 13th

Flocks of turkeys in Medford, Oregon are to blame for four power outages in the city. The birds are flying into the power lines and city officials are struggling to find a solution. What is your best story animal encounter story?

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Staying on there. Talk about animal towners not only all too calm. We'll share and prepared to be wowed. By Steve's by overwhelming knowledge of Turkey's. Yeah I don't know me with the the story is similar thing I know that we are talking about isn't is he's a Turkey animal donor and makes. We got talking and MIT you started spewing forth sacks dirt isn't my sorry don't Wear the helmet. And I forgot the use among thirteen to eight hours Ashton and I was. Assured Turkey is a gruesome ones we eat you know holiday so Shaq. Huge wild turkeys are really lean they can fly up to fifty to sixty feet pets can be true. No Turkey's never could fly and well they don't go very high into it's like you don't see Lou the gravity can get airborne and they also nested like little like treason stumble breaches this all happened Hariri and I. Found it fascinating enough that I similar we need. Dude you're. All age of worthless stock is worthless because it makes this story. More plausible for me too much for Sodom like there's going to be from the onion or some parity news site it says Turkey's. There's an entire city. And I. Might actually be possible because again flies into movie you have to be shooting up a power pole to get to the transformers. And it's just a blue seats for us. Creating. Here and it cooked turkeys and this scorpions at the end of a do another show but now I don't really obscure are the scorpion was yeah. Anyway if you ask so. Anyway why don't turkeys to actually fly you out if they are flying into power lines it's seemingly all. On purpose blocks well I mean why would keep your and turning it bigger responsible for her for four outages in the last month cutting off power to Medford Oregon. Now it's a meth capital similar to see a lot of it. Why do. Nobody sure. Your knowledge guy okay you know everything turkeys know do you need electricity to make masks. I don't know. And Blaine Washington breaking bad. Means you ask him grow troop draw over gas or something you know you would probably know more because you watch this show that I did outside of just having the lights odds are you'd see I'm not really sure. So maybe I mean maybe just general back to generator and they can still rates. But in Medford doubt that's annoying with the Turkey I wonder if this animal encounter involving Turkey's has slowed down and I would demand for Brett told us act. There's people like Tim perhaps you don't. So why they're so expensive. Backup and subsequent welcomes you go look at bombs if it's the fifth. You stay or go I don't think the code. That there's times it's like to. A day and disappoint just didn't give your mental picture of how the studio works. I am facing Steve and little V is behind steam in a Booth behind us so there's a big Steve can't see it there's timer will be just. He's asking aren't really. This is gonna say psych one how do that wouldn't I could have done any other things when the children nursing school. And I is used or I if there are definitely time will pay for. Us. Next an Arizona woman was trying to get to work but she couldn't because the road shields on his blocked by deer. And we're not talking like a little three or four dear your that we don't lose sixty to sixty yeah I used. Happened to me. Here's what made it wasn't fifty or sixty I remember this story only on her it was a hi I was driving home. Racing yours someday it just all decided they were like I had I had a cool Audi to time. And they were all like who is cool headlight and they all those who walked out in the middle row answer I. Well he's got I just left you know it's all around oh I stopped looked like you if you're driving along and you easy or did you ever seen. Animal horizon in link when it's dark and aspirin actually he actually does is weird much. What's a green Dana also and they all turn their head at the same time it was like. All these little dear husband me I'm like. Do that's a lot of deer it's it's scary but I lived in the middle of nowhere marina and foreclosed real so yeah I do little more than dear Lou. This way it's usually short six Ohio July next to me with the it. A sure. And we are camping trip and had a close call with Stanley grisly video dubs this one. Or is it so Lilly videotaping it would keep my thing is if I see a grizzly bear M. My first instinct isn't. Let's so. My first instinct is how choice no less like meters chain. I don't I believe you can stay YouTube was my exit strategy. Back slowly go it was a big lyrics like I am trying to are called the things that Steve has taught me over the years over Beers to. Dear bear stuffed down they filmed it and they got way too close to the bears it was a hole so really right in the film were circling around them in the love her walkman. There was like you're right. Big I on the verge of being in the in the kills humans get out of the bears just decide or off I. Finally just decided to let him go. They're probably Fuld is a zero hungrier to learn well and stayed got too close to the babies you would have Hillary killed in bad bad did you did you get in between mama and her underdog you have your soul your silly lawsuit so they didn't it yeah. That's episode airs upgrade program. Like our guys tonight those six. Nevermind that the senate doesn't change if you idiots that don't do steps there. We. All these are stories but I mean more headline a few of these people we need to know what happened between new. We call an animal encounters. Some people get sheepshead out of Luke and the traffic on the system nursing for everyone involved so I think she's listening I took the humans really. Kyra back to my sheets friends. Male Sami want to run the business he. Certainly mourn the big ones only Datsyuk clothing worn she'd be obvious to be a parent needs to get a glass door she. And it's. Loose guy adventures in Glenwood springs Colorado just load her taking the adventures. Adrenaline out of Jodi you're shoes if there's a Vermont due to whom I has been fine you don't know plates of food. Staff prepare good for did you lose track mayors you call that. Natural selection doing you don't find him just like you just lost him outside but went no more so it. It is silly problem or simple oh absolutely. Yeah. The little. But exactly. I finally broken lions basically. You buffalo. In the middle of the road. Cells Africa's oh. I would expect at least ten times and they realize you're it's gonna help. How about to complain about. Do a lot but I. Here themselves up yeah it's pretty much mirror you're like yes I don't rent. I. I mean that's yeah recessed until it's if we did animal examiners in South Africa you do know that line calling on the still a little sum to try to drive by the Obama. Do you think they'll be you know. These now does it all well you're sure you call adrenaline generous stories we're not sure who's your news of the mountain. But if you had something weird happened when an animal we'd love to Don TI Serra. Yeah you can animal encounters when Antonio. I'm not an African habit does not think you and I and so I don't do that created the Aaron Nixon David Lee can't hurt you don't like dodge because you're giving back child. So and so she wouldn't feel lonely incision is going over and visiting your insight and Shakira have some dogs. All out of lead and then at them and I can't stat but we had to leave out on the door hey he would ask herself and they would like nominated anyway and you airhead. Sorry Aaron someone knocks the dole and she I think that and I would that be. Patent. And I swear I can't pat K and you dog attacked him and ripped into pot Becky just. Yeah Bonaparte. Yeah how because my lungs are the baboon comes or use our. Very sorry I don't have everything and handler opposable something going on senator like 90% human anyways so while. Is that during meetings and miles we did tonight he's hearing me okay and you always forget there's still close to Jenna would stick. I stacking throughout. Home if so how do you guys not shared your dogs are there could pull she is in deep deep trouble. Yes can we ask you we wreck and next to and other that he. And certainly not Mavis. Anyway yeah it's. Pena that is some scary still what do you think the he wanted to do it while Souter did you want some good and you. Create I think that's not the freedom house an act she wanted to get and I'm not eat country. Lindsay here's my receiver part baboons in itself never gonna learn to knock on the door though I think they're polite I. And I aren't aren't bad Nader and Matt. Is that is awesome fun and love the accident so he's not you all day you're still gonna zoo we tell us more storage solutions usery the weather. They use it does sit for those dogs OK we discrete down a little blue moon he's calling another musician when. This and calling Derrick they're not used to try to call slider and Steve you. And an animal encounter enables got real Farrell I mean that the started attacking each other. God. How do we have of jobs that are traditional. Yeah I animal encounters with. While I lived second access and my right outdoors a lot he won Dave Friday in a little babies pop patent. Oh didn't drop their rhetoric has politically there's the scared I have to adapt all right senator a couple of bad then everything that they would put it down the blue computer birdman so might cap Robin and you had a problem. Consider letting him put it down you adopted upon some definite probably kept it three years alone then what did you do did you let him go are you guys. Eat App Store. Laid eggs but you cannot obviously your alarm and then after that these other big weapon of fame and everything I own it they weren't about our. Tokyo. Applause and limiting my tail. Upside down like he just hangs like yeah actually tree ornament we teach you couple chances I got an ornament. If you is that they're going defense mechanisms play. Most food and a Christmas tree full of current events. The cut and chips. Dahlia weird I was Anastasia please stop with the challenged and. Yeah only towners and I knew. So we drive up their driveway you know into the house and we're turn around me around you go around gates. Opened up to open the door when he noticed that the screen doors are salute my. Room so we try to back up we go and advance into the front yard a little bit you know kind of looking around we're thinking it's a burglar obviously. My grandfather note to open indoor. And won't she championship game. In the kitchen is. Teacher teaching full well what would be there rate. So it's the only true start they've bought. To school barrels huge quantities of apple and cheers yeah grizzly bear broke through your kitchen the last thing. Give these grizzlies and it's just eating the bears in pain or beating the paerson. Apparently any apple perfectly content in the kitchens. Shares became they train collided deep drag it out how. Now he knows where the pairs are here. That is some scary. Bryant's. Guy you guys animal encounters what you got. I'll let him back in the day though the little kid going into a now house and and then go a number line much money starts to go ballistic in there with me and I'm trapped in a small little outpost albeit chipmunk in all of this. Younger I would midstream and listed CI know how good against like the wall it covered in TI suppose all. This meant. Was it's is on you or was just spirited stereo all around the room I'm sitting there late in the June. Dim lit out. Pretty much here and I know running now and religion or just start doubling to authentic. Only my heart went out to see a lot. How did what they did their boss 42 or zero hole and it. But I want locking the united any letter to do much better you know like midstream also means. Won't let her. Now it's most like to smaller version of this world idol just out there like Zachary yeah. Derek stats are good good good job wow that's you know he's probably got a pretty cool story it tells him so. Those who is. Yeah it's an awesome thing I don't know that you really can't Bryan Mattison. Yeah eyes and if so might a bit hurts no Hawaii then some of these other sad and scary story you can. The other. There are some blood in my area a couple of years no ten and I want to down at. At this job and I'm one of those greedy people that goes I don't wanna bird played. Church let me see and that bird talk back it blew it with the blue Jay it's a clue on QPR. You want to root and all been around for two hours but I think yeah. Even need the Walgreens can I didn't have any anything defeat for us that the pop art either. We'll agree and was there when I came out. And eaten cracked open umpires is on my knee on my hand and I would meet for two hour until editor or. Oh yeah Jamie came your friend. You yeah I kind of like he was across the parking quiet and you he'd made in quite right and I wanted to say that he flew over to the daughter. On the Gunner. And then followed me around for two hours. Weirdest part is that you make it a habit of saying height of birds but the fact it had chaos onetime yeah. Blows my mind. The dog number for twelve years I've always been intercity and all that I know that there wait smarter than we give them credit if only I had them. That is not good no we've just scary godmother appearing like blue jays held its highest sat. You were funny. Inglewood that when he was waiting outside forget the Walgreens the construction workers were feeding and chanting and stopped. Can he was so social and I think the reason why would because. When the flood happened he must've made friends with somebody or any area. When the flood cap and I'm sure the and we had to lean years. And he would just hungry. Those problems somebody's hat and I. Well I mean not a pet but you know burgers smarter and be with their need to protecting Al city PLO folly is so it was this. I was just waiting for any human to say hello to him that's Kris. That is. You can't eat that I'm mania and I put the SunPower feed on my need he crack the front part he's open I'm minding his children. That's fun that is really cool now I know I that is I would I'm gonna start talking birds I guess is that the column Madison busy. Yeah I animal and downers. So let's have a friend of mine went brain you know Turkey honeymoon he mentioned it just an inch if so are you really have to do. Is this so quick you grab a big stick you stick their neck at breakneck and it's it's great in the PG. I think so Ivan hang on my life but looking out try. And so he went out he either Turkey hasn't stick Freddie each key demos and yet the Turkey and needless to say it didn't happen critics like it was supposed still in about half an hour later hostage. He lacks out of believe wooded area. Sit stand in jail he's holding the chicken one and the tricky the other hand. He's tax cut followed for and he sweaty much. He's getting haven't done any more expensive would cap can you you've looked cool. Nobody asked you on myself by a flock. Yet know why why Turkey should she. It's so he saw even though. Don't PMI 200 no between candidates are you all and girl bunch but he lost his daughter is well. Well they went back and found out they laid it down to get it up that's that's what he really quick can I. An hour later he's doesn't play out. Hello this friend do you think he's friends was just. It's messing with cats. I don't know its top hello he now aren't the church he and at that stage and it was mounted for him but I guess it's family. But there's some kind of epic about growing up you went out in the wilderness city area and it took honest are you serious the oh. I barely wide variety it's 20 my god thank you for the call. I if you still wanna tell more of your animal encounters stories. We'd love to see him on the soccer and Steve FaceBook made.