Slacker and Steve - Anyone Listening Who 6/23

Friday, June 23rd

Time for another anyone listening who! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have a celebrity grudge, Steve thinks more of you have been seriously lost like the guy who was lost near Wolf Creek in Montana, and Lil D thinks more of you have been hurt by food like the New Jersey ice cream worker who sues after contracting frost bite while working. Who do you have a story for?

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Staying on the let the games begin US's three dollar a minute anyone listening who know you pick your topic if you've never heard this before normally our show one topic we all agree we're like. Let's talk about this and sometimes there's some heated battles behind the scenes are more to talk about. Today it's every man for himself city as we figure out who knows you the best statement and I think we can all agree that's me. No I've not had a pretty good streak little these demeaning you're going down signed yet you are going down sun actually today you know what I intentionally chose the hardest optics so to prove to them I don't matter is you're as cute guys have taken one. Her legs. Steve yours isn't famous celebrity that's. OK let's let's. You started so you can see how stacks the deck to insert new tools and little 10 you start to mine this this week is anyone listening who. Has suffered a food injury and many injured by suit yellow Harley that's going to be good good stories we get them all yeah I imagine they are only Donna did you read in the same renewed talk to my mouth at all. Perfect or like. I call Soriano. He Syria and right now I'm kidding like how back. Like so does the example that I have is I got a New Jersey is suing the factory that it works for because they were to an ice cream factory. And yet to handle that ice cream right after it was frozen and he got it was so bad in so called. He had frostbite that he had to have fingers EPT Jack and reputation says ice cream. Ice cream here now. See that's feels like workman's comp wasn't Trudy was eating and I feel like to get hurt my suit that I don't think that's another another one the doctors those physicians association in the UK. Wants them you start putting us stickers on avocados you know because so many people get hurt cutting into avocados every year concerning its basic Sunday during brunch when most people have all of condos in the UK they see like. Quadruple. Emergency room visits you know Omega because. Estimate each stabbed to cede to pull it out there I said that they said they were either going through the skin and stabbed into their hands like all awaits you got caught up. Kind of but I mean it's food it's an injury to down deep leading contender comparing it so that's to arouse and I don't tell us I know they've already quote injury is only eating consuming food industry eating injury has said food injury. I have we exhausted is subject line after we move on to the next aren't. My incident divides the rare wanted to buy it anyway eliciting who has ever been confused. Perhaps what happen yeah well that's seated just slight confusion just this little disorientation. You're dizzy was answered I what is it it's actually that you when you were a loss. To get yourself lost. Okay let's be at a traffic everywhere like search and rescue and in stop your dessert could ice sample I do. There's this guy there's this couple is married couple were on the force for some. And the kind of split up of the silence me back when the car while she may have backed by the cards didn't so she called search and rescue so we sent shoppers and stuff when they came out. And he had he was a smoker. See this is more smoking saved his life easy and a lighter on him he just look at his minor and mature helicopter saw many Blair didn't say in his life. Who's like literally five minutes from the car so if you would lose weight from mountain community life such as well he got so. Us yeah. Overreach that yeah. Arms so in other words smoking that lighter saved his life if you wasn't a smoker he would have done I think it's illegal to carry a lighter if you're not a smoker well his chances are did you see its new Wii receiver on lives were sort of getting cancer actually saved his life so yeah it is slowly yeah. No atrophy towards OK so that's an epic loss story. And yours was. And. I'm not I'm not gonna give mine and I get more people toughest sketchy so yeah I thought about how money is. I feel dumb idea I think you might be right. I think I might be going down the sweep them but mine is you have a grudge against a celebrity to really just called the names of celebrities beautiful I know that's the thing. No you locate this unreasonable grudge and have some sort of explanation I don't know what kind of starts. With me and my wife my wife has a grudge against Nicolas Cage okay we can't even watch any movie or even raising Arizona. No seriously she hates and bad and today adds I'd like I had to ask you Mike what. What what does that stem from tonight's what might change Stanley number around her Patterson then it should remember why she hates him so bad. Senator it's not gonna say that's my example I have several but to do that a couple that are big for me Jane spader. I almost that was never able to watch a single Iron Man movie. Because I don't like Robert Downey junior I'd swap it all stems from James Spader and Robert Downey junior wrote a movie they were less than zero Yassir remember that was a kid and I was so opposed to drugs. And that was such a drug sodden. Movie and James Spader was a discreet. And he'd strayed on Robert Downey junior and it won't when Robert Downey junior needed to drugs so bad that he did some. She eighty stop flights no matter where I didn't wanna deal and likes. From that moment forward hated both improve my windshield Stater join the process I was like well. Judo he's not brilliant I'll. You sort of see that's that's a kind of stores least does unreasonable. Like everybody's sort Iron Man is the greatest error there are adopting it telex two movies that's Tony Stark ever did. All I can see is him drugs to ask for drugs yes what are. I I I like that movie. I was so anti drug insult whatever makes that movie soured me on those two guys forever I. TJ. Did you loses I don't wanna give real point but I totally get it 'cause I have the same thing with Mariah Carey I. I Keeney means the end but you put your finger on why don't because it's so way back in the days she did an episode of and TV cribs. And while she was going through her crib she went into the bathroom and you have liked as gold blade in league whatever the bathtub scene and she like strip down and was like lucky me and like. Sick and truly got into this back terminals like. You're kind of grow. Like Alaska she did she shouldn't dress tuition I just like her in her. Does this fit all and she's a terrible I just have a feeling that a fight. Ever sarge should be the worst human being hang out what she's seen as you are just like it's just so dominion hero that's a good luck. And yeah so it looks like I guess three points out so you just name a celebrity that was purely doesn't say a celebrity thing I don't like so and so you can employ. How old are you did all our. (%expletive) it's a lot of Portland huh I was kind of I quickly Laura does. Use slider my one daughter Mary as we take you go zero or not. When they don't magnetism again and you are losing the suburb of food injury and only when listening who was slightly lost big time moms are more act and mine is it you listening new album going big has a huge grudge against a celebrity. And why pick one of these terms insulin though. And tell us your stories rose six if I say well you're right you're the guy. Anyone listening he knew who cited your on line 80 OK let's point from you seem confused right now so. My T. All right our entire recruiting your elderly low opinion (%expletive) today and yet they may turn chaired operate it earlier and I checked streaking. And they we're wolf it's so they order an added I would try to keep up and I with it being out of joint district keep up with so. And I got a big time locked in the neighborhood that I know where I went back. And that's really old man legends Al walking around any army crying and so you technique your daughter's house. And every UT want to write. I think you're about to be murderer. Or trampled. I heard he's into delegates makes this all may have found me it took me to his windowless cardinal win no bulldozers. Just think that there's been three birds are zero local homeowners now. We're fine with. So. Back in the six speed and out the totally different time partially. You reach their daughter how I would not pop am I would not popped into his family do they call the police. And the police finally I added I mean you know or my name was that they try to write your round like buying my out. I was actually chem blocks away from home that I had no idea where I. Could tie you say you ask. Did terrible in which are contrary to any this story and insurance succeeds you want to this point you're gonna take this morning Boston bureau is that was a great story we are sure am glad you got out you knew and there was no windows cargo manifest this. Size Snickers really you know the call and human need that point so I don't I. An early taste data's comes I guess I amber. Yeah guy and you listen who has a celebrity grudge what's your celebrity grudge and you Elisabeth whose guns drugs and lost. I followed them but I quiet spot that they didn't fit related note Glenn Moore heard relevant. Yeah I. Hey I beat strawberry and I'm not allergic and all of the like I years ago. And the left side of my tongue swelled up like really big. I went to the hospital all everything nobody could diagnosed say. And Kurt Russell was there essentially immediately no and that's why don't hate him and that's what you want your you've got lost walking through. Did you don't go to right buried her close lol why she's you don't have this. You. It might want to give them like left that's it's doesn't favor. Could you could you talk the way you top true those three days we really need. It didn't really distilling it really guest. I knew I was so yeah. The hospital look at health and there was literally a lawsuit has come Russell was loss of the hospital with the fight so that's poison little lead then flurries sand. Nine tumor may even call Lamberth. This did suck suck well you're gonna you guys cheating though Rachel. A guy he and you are listening she who. My celebrity at Jack Nichols saying I. Can't end Everette as the shiny and I have never watched a movie I would actually is in and. I did every time I PMI is pictured him in that he Yani coming through the door. There you can't get over this. This is exactly what I'm talking about a full body of work since that you've seen none of us he's and he's done some really great stuff tonight she complained because Robert Downey junior and you just offer Children's Hospital. Oh don't listen I'm just he gives. Zero medium medium just served Holcomb written piece Helms. Oh gee I know he's not Hume wait palms while Tim is there anyway we can get you through this. I'm unfortunately no my time being he did tequila Jack and then. All acting got out of its way to make sure it at either I'm gonna make you talked a lot movie or Egypt doesn't even after all archetype repeated. That's you know it's one thing to heat an actor and actress but DM you rearrange your life's to share wanna know what good would Jack we know which is named grisly stage show and leave us. I should bust through and likes. I do colony or beyond she's like what are you doing with my I gives all I'm glad I'm not I didn't see you out it's like I'm leading. Your suitcase is me and I don't like this it's like it's horror movie delusion it's perfectly just say you really tolerate. George. Yeah I video listening here room. Michael Becker. I got to graduate this celebrity. Who is. I like keeping. That's a good job in gladiator today everytime I see him on a film are ga gotta turn out. See that it did so good you can yet he was so easily do it. It was good. She used it was like eight you played them she was essentially. Who's been forcing himself on the red haired girl who says. Yes that's what he did check towed to what these bodies stabbed and a bunch of times we can look at. Ask you that all got see I mean I look I respect his acting in that. But I see how we could turn you off your lights but he Johnny Cash to he was a great journey can never saw them moving him past you because UCL. You can't I am I why are you guys have wow George since he was Johnny Cash flows and walk the line. And a girl who ice left us was an immunity when she played his mom when he was young hero guy sounds weird oh my god this is cool don't. I did you know so Robert Downey movies that no one some. Watching movies to. Tyler. Yeah I know I anyone listening here you won't. I out through injury ruined him. What happens got shoved up their drive in theater. And I want to get some popcorn. Concessions stand and they're doing some of machine I have didn't stay with butter and I like me all butter. All who'll just started spews like a volcano eruption of pop under. Not their I think there like adding butter all corners on the today that you connect. Public jobs on the table one way and I. Us parents what do you do for hot butter in the and I had some soul if you did it. I can could suddenly go look up you'll. And I had a good like oil and an honor for a week. I had that we now know that's not noble announced. On so you dealt with Dryden process and systems I would be. Sure there are 30. Oh it's a tough tough tough to heal CAD then in Syria he refuses. I'm in his own home and I prefer this hey you think you. They come Tyler us. August. PR IU anyone listening Hugh. Oh I have a huge unforgivable grudge against Elmer. Why. The awful man a tragic I was in Italy waiting in line to be the last supper and he happened to be standing right next in line and I pulled out a huge fan I love them. He ended up calling me hey it schmuck out covered or really terrible hurt them. Told me that he couldn't believe bush spoke from North Dakota wood and brought him on a big Asian. I literally started trying Bill Murray made me cry. But that's bad enough but actually about or ten years later my life I was a massage therapist at a resort ended up getting a call to get. Very much stop. I that guy invited her to have got you in regards weather after dough it he made you cry in Italy and then my wife's. I'm doing Bill Murray man. This I've heard he's got two speeds I've heard he's got that Steve okay the lovable and it doesn't like a mean guy speed but he's just a light. This is still jump on an elevator run people right and take his pants off and be like no more ever believe you and it people like. Oh my god you're right you can try to tell a story it cites these are very happy and I I I didn't know we. Didn't like Dakota boys and one sim the crime IE while I knew he was a mean guys you can't watch his movies or anything. You know I don't know I can't I can't even hardly. Can't think about it this is very Carla doesn't just tell us. Current UH you know really you don't leave me I would I would be young adult I was eighteen. Well like an adult and tell my. Hero if it. Conjure a moderate really all shot minimize it. Yeah I felt a lot of really nasty things and you know. I guess now in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have interrupted as celebrity guy in hockey and argued our vacation other kids or whatever. Wow I'm sorry about dynamic thanks to the point you she is. Joey. I know I hate anyone listening you lesbian losses you're listening who has a celebrity grow only losing who has he sued injury which one are you. I am really elaborate Drudge do your smoke. It's. Isn't exclusively with CN. I'd Snoop Dogg blob nobody hates snoop dog when woody duke. On the so my guy. That he set up for concerts. And he is in a few about concert and she. Had a trying to kind of hang out area. And does so at that time there of the TV by my dining and like in that spot and I had a 10. He gave the U cardiac spot the pilot in the show. It and the concert and and few are just jacked Max spot. She just saw a man crude is loaded up since her and so now you can't even listen to his music CME TV shows movies now since. Now now I mean I feel like music but I just don't like the guy. I'm an Xbox gently that removes my mom's and I think. Wow thank you very God's going to oh I think Florida cities. It's physically difficult for anybody here that's trying to Travis is the guy in your listening to. Well I gotta go a little beyond the boot oh yeah and you. Well it actually happened like that he was driving a semi down the road at Wyoming a cruise control that. Eight start they had a little bit be waved her bar and do it. Growth and fastow. The little hole the crap you sure will do every. I just got choked down on each he woke up and you'd stop number did you grow better throughout the process. Holy please do didn't hit anybody. I didn't hear anybody here silent ball. Poland was a huge scoop we saw okay yeah that's that's a jury now would it. Are you pastel slumped over the guy wire that got back to the beat they're not end many hit ballot bowl game itself I'm like that way. Oh my god didn't. It was a transmission line one way or distribution went the other way on the truck but he was pinned against Oregon get out get electrocuted. It to comply are drained our offer there but they get got him out the dark like. That up he ended up what they expected better than their record. Hope to conceal them anymore hello twinkie I you know I don't know Pete or. Dolly Madison makes I guess that's you know that the failure of the golf. I saw here Christina. Why are you now. Anyone listening here who. Why do you think it's. My training at the celebrity he I have a celebrity DOK guys who is this. And it seemed to crash heard oh payroll and do IL AD. You can LSD makes you hate Cindy Crawford oh yeah life. You were on Ellis seems. I'd like at ten as well why can't I tried college standout. And humid output in a friend's dorm room and it would sure Sports Illustrated deal to laying on the T know waved their hemming and he would not not hockey. A poster of Cindy Crawford talked to you always NASA it's again it's an. Pretty woman anymore because of your acid trip. Out now and I'm died like can you cry like if I eat less. We are doing Julia Roberts and I'm using Crawford sorry my bad but no lakes bullion out hurts his remodeling at challenging him magazines into it and it's true that. I just trying to hit a little while for buybacks. You won't show up. Did you go the closer I know luggage run senator garages now. If you still wanna tell you or your stories or any of the anyone listening who will take you more on the soccer and Steve FaceBook and it's.