Slacker and Steve - Are Tennis Balls Yellow or Green? 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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Steve on the day. I have no idea you know we do stupid stuff on the show Obama this is the the debate is raging on the interwebs. On what color a tennis ball is I guess so right and it is suddenly legs were region about it and here's the deal. I can't understand why would you think it's yellow it's could you wouldn't play tennis it's calling I don't I primaries yes I don't play tennis to watch it on TV but it's yellow curry admits yeah. Well it's got to yellowish hue to where it's got a green issue maybe. It's got a hole clear its actual yellow. I know. I'm telling you. Hello is like a bumblebee. Let's Yahoo! it's a yellow mama there's different kinds of yellows it was different shades of yellow this is like people are saying it's a fluorescent yellow. It's actually not and do you know why it's Yellow Sea I I'm sorry I don't play the game but I know one of the hunt. You know huge you know why it's a color that it is against you make your argument right now saying you know why it's yellow yet to see you what you know why it's called that is because you think it's yellow and I think his green yeah. I think kids. Greenish yellow out. But I think it's more or green most it's the green is the color of the pops for me yeah and I see that too but no it's so why is it the color that it is is because when tennis silent became popular they wanted to put it on TV and in 1972. It didn't show up very well the ball originals of the when you've. Really did hear ya and they went to the bright yellow yes on his better you see on TV AM when they play on grass they also play with the white colored ball no no no no I'm watching little bit and maybe some people do the Wimbledon Wimbledon they do not it's still listening you should know that also jury what's that month to everyone goes pink and stuff. Breast cancer awareness October hack that one that then during that month against the WTA. People will go ahead and sanction pain in tennis balls. Trying to I didn't putt and try to bolster must say yes I do believe that you're what you're did you say makes up 32 for television yeah because my parents received a pork I was probably be playing. With tennis balls when I was young that we're 37 ECU. Definitely. I don't know if you're gonna give me desk by. When I was younger tennis balls were definitely. More agreeing guys they are now that's possible but they're still green now there's still we still have a yellowish you know we have agreed new there's actually flew yellow there's there's a saying yeah. I'm gonna do like I hate. Little League has handed us the number four will sit in Chicago column order OK are you. Let's columns clue. Millions off so the of people tired it's not god you know that have consumed with. Receive as a result in his rewrote his top I don't know. Colin Wilson sporting goods if you know the extension of the person you see he can go any casts. And last name pressed to correct a customer service press three for golf CO some goals and so forth for team customer service. Pressed ninety people many options once the service general or remain online to the TX if the MP tensions that. These kids are calling Wilson racquet sports beat Paul blowing it out of being routed to the next available for service specialist. This is fantastic radio gear com poll well I transfer your car. It may be monitored at a Turkey into English and I know the your call is being monitored by a radio stations the network so it's according to assist came out in Tiffany. Yes it's a slacker and Steve Allison on the front nine in Denver Colorado. It's not I know it's it's weird getting ambushed by a show but there's a debate going on and we we really need to know what color tennis balls are yup please help. It says no it's not gonna sleeves viral as a whole new world order a big argument and discussion of bugs you'll viral and we figured Wilson would no be tell you make tennis balls are they green or are they yellow. Definitively there optic yellow yellow. That's that's what you call it when you look at it do you not see the green and then through. Unlike him. Very few very very bright yellow wanna look at that. You seek. You promise. Yeah I should. Do you do you think other people's balls are a little bit do I well I mean Michael who also makes some prom but missed and yeah you think ten's are a little more green or there is every is articulate every tennis ball in the country. And I would not say every cut. Every kind of common country that Miguel I mean because it also. Different colored balls played and I am novelty cannot stop or else. They might be EP. Whereas this grass court tennis balls which are white you know oh I'm. But the 17 Roger Federer plays west are optic yellow yellow. That's all we needed fluids are you tired of answer the thought of you go to war. You're damn right I. She's on the right to Wear us down the expansion Galarraga as far as I know roads are the your your son your way funds everyday TO they steps. It okay did you sort of turning night well should I really should. Simply put she introduce yourself does test you until thanks to me like you always do the opposite of what you know my bad I. I think maybe im just lashing out because I lost an argument tough. There and optic. Yellow yeah.