Slacker and Steve - Awkward 9/29

Friday, September 29th


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Steve are there. So we awkward story and then. And then when you talk about Steve's no outward yeah you're talking was no it's time to talk about your she can carry those are really no I accord saying OK you're gonna get so it was done on purpose will or will not act I don't. I'm gonna make it sound like it happened exactly the way it happened now because idea I ate. Oh yeah disclaimer before we one win and ask. The first opera story is on a Florida mom is behind bars because she tried to run over her daughter's ex boyfriend. Because there were woken up yet she was gonna spill the beans about the fact that he was sleeping with the mob at school so. Org this is. Like from this point for once she gets out of jails for vehicular attempted easy killer manslaughter try to drive mover GAAP. Thumb is your next game Columbia how many my boyfriend's have you males attacked. It. Yeah how do you get an SEC really turned on her bond new moon I'm just trying to picture on. That's forty when my son is like 25 years old and he's got some girlfriend judge you don't Tiffany. It's a cool guy dig around at a lunch took a like a mom that's simply what will tell you exactly. But when he. When the boyfriend guy who spilled the beans that mom tried to kill or she's human demanding and I you asked the trailing pretty good as I. But there's the popcorn as goes all the un and on and on and in circles so we're talking about popcorn stories we are we want you to tell us what it's just starting to get your awkwardness out. I wanna start with Steve's awkwardness. The disclaimers this I know that you are not races let's say you I know OK good thanks. Wait do you. You have this awkward thing and you've done it on the same two times in my eight in my recollection one very recently. There's there is a dumb. There was a tour coming to the radio station oh yeah. It was super effect these guys these individuals whose organization is so cool so awesome they teach. Young kids. Young men how to you. How makes those ice stills. Slick cool place deals like radio and television stuff and they did an inspired to jump in this industry in the take. Take these groups of kids he's awesome kids and two words under for media sources and stuff and so the bulk of this tour. Our. They're mixed races but there's the most of them are African American yeah. And Steve as he's coming here and not call rules station looks so cool whenever. And Steve boards out now now now mad busy and no sign of the build new kitchen stuff hope like that corporate it. They were marveling the view rank in the things that I know and I do we know I don't know what I'd. Yes and a secular says they are you recoil in port now it's it's awkward to say it's not. It's not an awkward to say this genocide don't I don't think it's. But door recoil in horror and then not being able to speak anymore take that you are and what. Yeah you probably more. Is has stolen his operatives because I look at really what incentive bonuses so naturally because that's how it anyway so I looked at the individuals lose that were probably good. I don't think cameras have sent is you want crazy yeah they were nowhere nears of senators they could've man who would stay goodness. Learn with that I backed it up with so I say oh my god didn't mean I'm Mario I. Couple that yeah yeah Nelson and then it's yes it's it's not a right so now I just zero point out that was bad and I don't know if you remember those you know I was that's not the first time you've done thank why do you remember that others on the other time wise that. It was me who want to see you a barbecue restaurant. And re never reservation that the guy was like let me when we see dread over here. And as soon as we sat down is that here's a menu is dead legs Hermes or whatever you like. Oh tennis. Why I don't. Foods neurosurgery does that makes a bad no because I didn't do you say Drogba. All the time you like I jokes here you seem to me like I'm brother's brother. I see it whites I don't say I'm. You just do this W you know it was more ethnic usage I didn't know that. And she was also African American dollar lights he kind of clue he kind of know slows you wrote it awkward dual froze up you're like yeah. It's like. Rude and made it awkward keep it he should drugged her did you do example we've been selling drugs. All broke. Wrong I do you draw you know that you say Bubba. I made it I do the or on the enunciated so Caucasian you cannot get acute not off no I don't and that I tried to back and that's it then backtracking is announced it means if you just said thanks Trevor. And that and let it be what it is what she did you do easy didn't he throws a tour so you can legislate she froze up because you look like a deer about to be run over Bono act just because. Yes since it broke blurb you it's so vital records I overemphasize funerals are no excuse and I showed it was bad you're right. So my dad awkward it doesn't have to be act. Accidentally racial I possibly do a little accident in fact let's let's put Vito one do it's I know we've got some calls here somebody drunken wedding and whatnot awkwardness. If you had. Add. HI enormously awkward situation. We'd love to hear your story to make Steve feel. I don't. Word they use a different name. So I without letting. I know every too much because I'm married into it I think something that I know that a lot of people don't own and add that that isn't. I know I've done it like Gallo and I have been pretty good start telling me I don't like two or three people how horrible that I am. Moon. They're saying so yeah. I remember today I don't remember and it actually not funny is so funny but it's not funny. I guess triggered somebody feeling how like very adamant I lied about how horrible it apparently is not. Aren't there and my daughter is that he erred others well they feel it is daylight I don't spoke to pull back. Moon and some still everytime you see and they know they know your real deal or else they know. A lot of I'll. Or is this smarmy lords and oh no no no I was drunk it was big things. I thought I about it. Are there really. No longer that is not a consumer do a full view Mary. You guys your disguised. I. I. Though not too long to go our way out in a runner governor BO. I may be why don't little Amara the made I. I have a lot more experience and I actually do. No change a little does he do that they're a little bit here and there I'm not actually brain surgeon has might resonate may well not indicate. OK so how did he get awkward. You know I'll army under current there are important Boykin and now AB CEO. And right now I am currently working there were little war. So I won't do. Robin are you. Aren't we all thought I didn't wrongdoing you know on balance a little bit. Or what remote swamp walls and on why won't we won't always be interviewed please. Berlin marathons. Normal functioning. Of our heart is what. Cuomo did Yahoo! and you had told him they here's some sort of rocket scientist I. We're doing this over and vast site in the day when I have to work for your company and and T is so how would you lie your way. Yeah but we immediately went wrong as good as it's what they've bid higher they all. Were you his actual server then. All right I won't forward without Marleau that's not a knock him all. Yeah. Uh huh yeah I didn't know it all to hear it. Yeah. So it didn't it. That is Kirk's very horrifying takes you for your awkwardness. Ho hum high eighty. How I operate you know I. I cam with. I was there about fifteen years ago the waitress and Hawaii have working and admire and downed guy comes in order to drink and he slurred his words you know. Arianna asks me for a beer and it's so blurred out but I'm like OK I cannot serve you you're drunk there's no possible way. This looks back over and goes you cannot drive Kiev speech impediments. Old and new soul is its own media. You know. So this. Car medical I Zelaya had solid. On YouTube you know you're spoke or. Yeah there's no. There's no coming back for next Yahoo! notoriety. Knowledge loose. Are reduced it ultimately you were dispersed that that's happened number it's a lot of people caught a mosque not knowing. Snow around. Rule only seeing no thank you for your awkwardness ID Trevor. Yeah yeah I ate hot corner of. They did so to undermine. Adam won't deliver I don't know what what exactly. Took a nosedive. You know when he laid down and is one of the guys here. So how to work one day I I go to the hospital. You know go to my respect to Wallach associate him. Want to launch pipeline londoners that we really have here is she dating back over into the door all the couldn't act. I walked into the room. And he's everywhere. And that they're going to two out of as long as they're literally pulling him off life support. All we know the room you come margin by it's no you know I never felt so awkward and uncomfortable in my life new song yeah yeah I'm like. Stand here I am truly I don't know what to do is ruin their final moments. Your lights I totally don't look around like please see somebody I recognize anybody I don't care. I don't see anybody I'm like all. Off on stuff I did so my back on the room. I just. Throw to a 32 and then just back out stepped out of room and I'm just you know. Yeah I don't see the color done that's the worst. I heard did you could call. Oh world. That is awful.