Slacker and Steve - Bad Babysitter 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Staying on the day. The data center stuff. Or good babysitters if you're Steve duty I know right in soccer I'd just I'd never gonna have kids ever had kids but if I was going to be apparent this suddenly. It's like the biggest most. It's scary thing to say. I'd rather go somewhere else and let's be at work or on vacation. Or just out to dinner and say. You have no vested interest of for twelve dollars an hour and you keep them alive for X amount of time right and I know the majority are wonderful and that he completing these tasks but still majority okay may not spin off fifteen story so the price it's really really bad. I really dark. So what we want from you is if you got a bad babysitters story me at any time we bring this week we're into the more lighthearted at all. Mean if you were the bad babysit her had a baby sitter or your baby sitter and babysitting experience when bad eating the souls under the following two words bad. Baby sitter there you know we wanna hear a baby sitter. In Pennsylvania got busted apparently. The ten year old boy came home with a bag of drugs. Yeah it was like oh this lesbian babysitters she was dropped in the chaos at the person's house as opposed to the baby sitter. I always think to the BBC are coming to my house but that's not how we but he does it. It may be dropping kids off at the babysitters are so that's what it's sad because the boys found the pilot and the hills insanity back neck back. Man backpack. Under the babysitters bad those guys did was it matters. Cox is a tougher oversight and only have a special bedroom for them carry the baby and even though we're hearing yet situations. I said when the mother picked him up the boy showed her the drugs source. So she went straight to the Pope now. That's what you got to do in the boy told the cops came and there's a bunch more drugs Coleman's home should shut up a couple of our lives. She is if you're babysitters. Moonlighting as a drug dealer. Communists and put your drugs up high move because just kids in your house any future. You finding you're up high. And you have to put a memo I don't maybe a pink and that's not the best place to put that catches my ten year old died and it. Today it's pink bat man's backpack they would open it no matter even if it said all this and you'll see a small explodes select the they opened it pink backpack I see when the cops got there they found three more plastic bags full we'd 12100 in cash. And I don't desire and willingness. She sucks a boat jobs drug dealer and yeah doing either on a legislative his bass sub box own strips you know tennis know the painkiller server some really. Always say it's too you treat opiate addiction. I yes she's going to jail for pomp the drug stuff and child endangerment. You know what you said due to appear to have kids over I would take a moment to do hopes to hide but. By Italian girls that was probably would have made her a good baby sitter though as we have nothing to talk about always match. So she's a bad babysit her rights anymore also doing bad drug dealer story yeah us. These hitters let's add drug dealer others and other data series we're sticking to weed thing. The baby sitter got caught smoking a joint. On which it was late Hank. I cut you only tell my parents is that what if I show you money. All comes to hook up at him. She slashed. New exchange doesn't say how the cat got out of the bag I would assume Mike if you come and in my house and senior caregiver you know that there's cameras all of my house I will see. Whatever that's another point if I'm invited him over to babysit and someone else's house so low every week you're under surveillance or should he start to your kids are marks you. As technologies cheap these days to put cameras everywhere IBM people so trying to get away with crap it's yep she's not a joint shorter sprints another baby sitter speedboats. I was looking story kids' movie Yelp on VHS. Look at your babysitting for somebody each. I would looks or DVD's I looked through iTunes I think but if you start run and ended VHS is better march. Black just a look a bit and is there an unmarked or even if they save a Little Mermaid erotica. Don't no doubt though that she put in. This VHS tape it was a blanked saint. Tim had no idea what he's looking at the baby sitter did it was a copy of aid adult movie that the kid's dad had recorded non to detect good. After a few minutes of watching you lose the baby sitter excuse yourself and locked herself in the bathroom once. She let the tape roll yes. Anything she's in her. Well I just ask you which she mortified just on who was you watch a few minutes. Each to adjourn. What this whole strip the poll. Hockey and then much yourself and that's her car. And then dad actually shot babysit we need to regress now okay. Islam. Another dude. This refuse to change your baby's diaper. We want to babysit each may be made that known. These are you saying I do everything but she reached SO your kid happens soiled himself over the next three days on watching them they're gonna have to sit in the guy the guy yeah. Firm taken hours to Muster the courage to change the diaper the courage she. Still looks to us to be bad words remove the bad drug dealers cited him let's just concentrate on the bad babysitters you are bad baby sitter had one. Or you had a bad babysitting experience we won't hear the worst of the worst of your stories sitting. Yeah I got these babies are. So when I was younger. Don't ask ordered light it looked at me the F forward how I couldn T use it if you've been on their parents as they think they would think it's funny. They did a ad I would never act ever again and I went bam. From even coming your house. See that's good that's what you want you knew those parents anyone. It pretty much yeah yeah. Com so that was your how what did you just quit I just don't ruin the children that's for fox. I don't let it didn't look valiant young kid and I'll play you know the beat I'm moving guys here that deliberately to ask. How how cool is we're. Eileen would do as probable will play. 8910. Somewhere and he needs them. Yeah yeah I learned is from anywhere by that time you're all right Brian sort of oh yeah thank you for your bad baby sitter. Unmanned us. Yeah guys that baby sitter. By. I try not had any air watch my daughter alone or. Jim in their rear door and she lunch during my apartment miners. What Obama why to go score drugs are Shia while. No she just can't truly French even done a job and you left. Go to busted teed them. To conclude this it's good that I ever. Ding your shot. What's so she just are you just abandon your kids but time's up. Police wearing dark investigation and everything. Just he's. I should get in trouble for child endangerment stuffed. Yeah good for you while you gotta do what you gotta do moved. That's some. Says she's not you don't use her you don't use that service anymore drugs a daycare I. With the with all the amount of thank you know economy and that's awful Eric. Yeah now batted sitar yeah. 1213 years old yeah I'm one of these two you don't need a little earlier. India. Did your phone is dean JD where we'd be your turn coming in and out your. Well actually she. And I came roaring. And on the couch didn't put it is. You know. Iannetta and did. Him special ticket include Martin. Missouri. So your phone is being really weird but what I've gathered reading between the lines. She got her boyfriend to come over she put a leather coat on his lap OK and then she gave them. 00. God she. Eric's going why are hole and then. How many siblings did you have witnessed seeing this haunts this pornographic event. Oh Harry qui La Cyrix. You know little. Fool a little burlesque show you. Kids and not do that some of the mother tends I was reasons to why even bother with the tendency for Aaron what I mean hole and who broke the kids that the you've already corrupted thirty modes Ashley with the yes. A baby sitter. Are great so I actually had a friend and you am I refer to being famous for money. Awhile ago and actually leave the plane out here I'd love. The father and that's kinda that huge BB exchange he had smoked weed or less split. King. Maybe you didn't hear the topic is still not a bad. She's gonna get to a jury we do and even with the data like those two highlights. Often when I'm looking for in a baby sitter.