Slacker and Steve - Bad Babysitter 5/18

Wednesday, May 18th

Slacker & Steve

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I. Good or bad babysitters. Babysit now I'm just personally looking for all I wanna hire a bad remote okay. My kids my kids and the way we've had nothing but well. No nonsense that oh you're a single so what's what was your his name her name do you remember what happened to me. Home that was being hired only a baby sitter through a baby sitter service. And she was actually great with the kids so my story would not do well and then fed babies at all but like the next game I was a costume. And a oh that's right finally get a pack a lunch yeah this place claim. We didn't do talk don't really important why is gold in your life. I was like other Iowa that's cool reassuring if it's this and now I just was like how long unnamed in the background checks and let me just go. Twitter there was night. Ol' make dumb but cheered everything is right. Put money don't mind can't wait to hit it concert Kissinger it's. Yeah every single and look I'm not rude people them but just you know when it comes to. What are your most scientists are rainbow today. Looks good but this. Harder on our heart and obviously you couldn't. Welcome to the next day needless to say as you recall the nanny service and not a good babysitting service and we are like. Hum. You background check. In check. It with passion but really my could open the book thing. Right. These jets player you know. Is that easier and quicker route to finance this woman loves her hard drug colonizers. YouTube I'm so all right. I don't woman is accused of taking Kabul's children Jews babysitting to a bank robbery K okay but still she did Lehman the car to be getaway driver she brought up didn't she she kept decisions super I recommend it oh she let them drive. No. Nation do you robbery to drug through it's easy to believe the key issue. That's a good she wasn't good I can go under including this in the bag yeah salts you know I want. She's good she never took rise up against she went through. Some sort of bank instead. She's in a note to the little well yeah that's him Judith said dad there's an and in the car who wanted money and was threatened or hurt her and her children smarter not her children yeah contingency work. The teller at he had Colorado east bank and trust in severance. And present their home and gave her 500 bucks all. Over the renewed Nvidia do make those who good. But that's just enemy you know investment in pennant they were portrait it's playoffs but she you know what she's a good babysitters. She did watch the kids old time's up top of the trade museum. Got to suckers in the bay probably yup. But I don't goes into effect on. With the only that not those crappy blew right now. Yeah right. You know what my kids like the blue raspberry runs what's my keys don't want to yum. They'll get the pineapple we'll get to flavors I liked him as a kid not in it you guys are both can you know you may not give me grief through fear. Root parent can do repealed yet see exactly Dave Rupp and butterscotch oh that's been close illegitimate and yeah here is it not really is about. You both cool crew chiefs yeah that just wants your two little group your barrels though right. The little. And yet they knew those. Third none out exactly. From your child. I miss a relentless baby sitter send off fended off it just sends out but I think passed since his ten didn't spend a good. Fended off an man trying to kidnap the that's actually wow. That's a good ABC rises in your be required to do that is a part of the job description I was there as I'm sitting there Davey. I'm babysitting. What Blake I see your biggest thing is never did make match she's changed diaper amen once somebody's like break in hand and trying to do staff as we just did shower and how much did it big you know I'm not a baby protect her. And the baby sitter. So is dude like when after right. We try to wrestle a stroller away from the woman even push her ground she would not let gal she was relentless in her efforts to save the infant. You don't know my resume their bad babysitters of the so we can use it as example of what we don't want it fits with the well I wait so acquaintance of the grabbed the baby and grandma she held on the stroke. Stroller a high speed fuel and I wasn't aware that you don't they act like I mean they make more babies this could. This sort of door not in the Chloe out the man ran away. Well eyewitness is in the struggle followed and so I'm Cheney closed minded business Celebrex closed on brand this three tendon he's not yet. It's been citizens arrested. This finally before we get milk medium and a few which he did well my brother and I used to terrorize an honest tries used did you ever had any right Steve a. I did my sister and I couple times in the mountains where you close enough and age you can watch each other vulnerable she Shimon we are older but remember we had babysitters are twins and I think they got high a lot. When matter and are those jets have is that who die he started probably when I was eight months. Out of your data I don't know I was both for two more in there do you think that's why use is ever looking back at pictures we had a birthday party and char and she lowered the twins the girls I baby status you can just tell they were party girls. Hello and all of that I rivers went for somebody smelled of marijuana when I was older let all of this is coming back to. Yeah. I don't. 03. Probably that I didn't interrupt you know I don't know what did you do and we used to locker baby sitter out of the house and then we go out like the upper windows and we take like Taco Bell hot shots early ketchup packets and public that twisted up. And pager with sounds like a narrower Blake. In Iceland Ireland. You know your father. How do you feel about diabetes and that was not nice at all. Let's see how old were you think you're that much knowledge to. And you really need to babysit him well we are you mature enough to throw catch up now you're sweets like if she would have been there imagine what we would've into. Maybe people if that's the stuff I don't think he has a great players who finally maybe cirrus donated and dropped his young client child played nearby utterly winning anymore this right now off headlines probably planning business. This baby Darren house isn't on the main guy asked well. I can't remember a bit EB. Well I sent all areas like young child toddler toddler yes it's tough stuff running a couple of stories where the toddler like. Baby sitter it's a mess out of their brain and and I just wonder and highway classroom trying to just just out doing. You do through. What's tractors and eventually get acts like a mom and dad he's not good baby sitter was out there don't think so. No we're gonna open is comfortable sides we will voice just guys you if you. We were extra points if you were the bad baby sitter you did something terrible as a babysitter we'll take that or if you just. Had a bad baby sitter will take that as well. Elliot if. I. These. Well Irish are very well. The only candidate yet has their own media LAN. Dad decided to have some alone time in the media room and let kids. I didn't let him. Hey you'd like Nvidia and you lack Erica try to impress on an ID act could end and I kind of and then on the edit it yet and. You call Child Protective Services on the stack. Holy See most certainly even as Cornell Omaha you. He do you know what happened to dig in trouble. You know Aaron you dairy. Might do it but I know I it ended up meaning that it had nothing better than you if you're trying to hide extracurricular credit life. You and you really are bad things yeah yeah yeah. Door please buddy he's an idiot from the minute in that you the common area the kids to never see it today. I had you know not that I need to act on it because I would cleaning and everybody know not that I know I went back. Are easier to clean smooth it's you know it's also call the cops yeah. I usually keep. You know alerts now onto their own room in my house. At that I don't know why don't you halo. Makes sense now did you Delhi. Yeah race. Guy that baby sitter. And settle I had eighty that there when at a younger and my mom and completely trusted that early and now she came over at my house gym editor boyfriend. Or got drunk as. That's very sticking out on an L has started playing addressed that in my mom that. Out of my mom's close. I came home and found Harry. Neighbors and the bank issued that I actually can drive home at I guess it kicking at the time and Aaron. You know stealing my mom tune in the morning and this man I'd carry the. Earnings you should you just watch yourself all right or did you sit and watch the floor showed his drunk girl trying to do fashion. I like watched and she didn't I may get army at the coolest thing ever and yes I could. While and about the boyfriend was he just came. Still half an hour. The Dana let's cleared. Yeah I'm immune hanging out and them without getting out and I think there really cared I I'm not really does. I was six. Yeah that's an. Excellent that's in a little too close bogey I know less from the navy and country. We'll earlier losing game we want it now. Oh. Yeah. If you're until I was. I'm Melissa. I'm sorry candy. I know this is next candy dad babysitters and your disguise by the way. I'm Lamar lived he dream I was really hitting their chairman Howard Archer at hand. Dogwood stable where we powered hands. I put the kids sleep I am god came home earlier than mom and here they really hot and we ended up. General birdie. Asks. You. All right so maybe you misunderstood the job we're dog and that means business. And I really. Com did I know we ask you. Yeah. Beyond Europe more than one all. Could do it I'm. Using a bust or whatever other than 02 became 2820. Million each son. Did those students please welcome did anyone Mort I'm Beth if you never got got. You know we do a couple times ma'am I ended up getting up fulltime job I thought. And lull you and turn of merit and she could learn. Well you know looks funniest part of all this is that I feel like. This is the kind of thing that might actually do you have kids. In the Indy and I'll drop rule. The kids out of diapers all I grabbed a little Khamenei is you know the redeployed but listen I'm. Excited you are out of disguises well that BBC. You can control our I would sport you are so we know a little girl squall. I have my church tied to you to reboot their way and are you with Eric being you know bad boy your migrate and really want people like me. No you can hold your that we should do shock like over the oval experience. And I'm so likable or what ever like our. You're eighth then and next thing I know I'm wake you up in pool my own are rare that I. You're not on the square with the mom telling me I'm sorry you are when you're paying respect and. I agree. You Joseph you didn't I didn't use this kind of just go to our I don't even know what I can and I don't know well so what are Houston he has been the current. We've been very martyrdom we won't go back Perez brought. But they built or are there are what led. Does odds sure got our ING guy debt. That's actually really cool to that is no good going to thank you Melissa nice Alex. Yeah I think that is a. And eating eating to kids. And a younger one had an accident in number two ended up getting it are the bottom half of the body bags of ice that cannot act in her blocked. It's wrong. No you don't you don't par no you don't teach them. You don't you don't pulp fiction to you now know that you aren't. You my doubles sort of shirts and he shot Marleau. Someone else supposed super. Oh yeah. I'm so sometimes you should not about you guys it's about me and Steve reminiscing crumple did you why didn't they found out you did you like hosed him down. Yeah I mean he told the parent yeah I didn't know what to do with. Biden happened equality dialect in a umpire back 400. Lou you period. So then your baby sitter for the limited number of steals you're like Colin got to do is keep them alive that's how I would have done that too though you don't wanna clean up and how was I would have taken him to the local water park. Sort of call our car washed not a I don't pick up just drop though. I knicks send your body like Alex you call us we'll get to out of that and yet. Should the tips for me the guys. Love bad words. I was eighteen babies thing my name and bring your all the neat that he might not incredibly wanted to go to party would an older guys ask my needs ballot sleep at the the party and we let. I got home to relent but I left there at a party. It's. Awful English exams. Borders and. Nobody wanted to get back to get it but luckily we hit back and daughter. He was no additional crashed out there in no. Actually you know wish him out 187 I get older about three or put out the so you never got caught. No I never thought I might add that we're always. The Arctic. And I Jenks has dragged the Japanese there's really nothing good about that all's well that is well. He had not. How I know what I want eight and I mr. Bernanke had a baby sitter retired how to smoke. She might just kills the uniting them you could. So I was really menthol one what was yeah we knew underwriter for the. She thought I would call the student in US marveled that he added it I was I begin though she. They lit cigarette hurricanes you came over and then she sees allowance which you can go to her friend how. Eudora down to hang out with Paris and we would be home alone you can't lit cigarette. Do you remember the package was red or more of the soldier scholar room and read it. Oh no I thought she'd get people real cigarettes I smoke towel. Approximate your parents who don't really stringent deal news it's. So graying and do a couple. Weeks. I don't come dossier is. Committed to staying confident of what it's a Buchanan that's not her do you still smoke and earth are you a smoker yeah. Now I am not I think it's disgusting Allah and older say no perfect answer. Any Taurus seat. Talking. Kristen. Yeah hey you guys had visitors. So when I was about six we had a really overbearing baby sitter and she just scared the crap enemy and she made a Bologna sandwiches for lunch one day I was too afraid to tell her that cannot stand baloney so I carried it. In the dirt in a planter box outside our apartment now you know she found it and she made me dig it up watch it up and eating. Okay. Hard. Oh I John shirt for the baloney oh. And what did you tell you which I just don't like baloney he. It. Don't do. Oscar Meyer beef Bologna campus and you can't hurt you don't you're not sunny the baloney that is bull mix can certainly get a load yes you. Q can you should still crap the falls on the floor is still tastes like at Y need and you know it. I guess put these up for the 9000 time you'll get to me dateline arguments with no clue what it seems to work for a I didn't for meet the Jesse. And I think about visitors. Well I have my sister works or are we are living any that would drag her around to different links that could drop offs. I aspire brand down on brilliant camp when I was eight well lectures club finishing. She would open a door creating a virgin and try to get a little kid would sneak in behind her to drop off in related can't let anyone be in the police. They bank called the police and doubted her description and then pulled us over her and Barack at her good. What's nice and any day when you ran into the strip club you. I. There really remember running in and out and doing next I. Remember during the time that they pulled out so browser really scared about crying and I didn't know what the police work. Did she all she and the police one of the tire murmur correctly but you know. I just another regret the that there's a major rebound lord there so much hook up Ngo. Us Ara. You guys you are disguised. Bad babysitters. OK so I would think an imperfect and we don't crops that would limit the report. And IAM. Not sleeping well at the barber remained at the amendment. You're gonna. I don't you know one time only gone through these so it's just so many LC as a result of all. I don't. Maybe it would better or you're being you know are the words were to be taking care care group a little it and how fine. I I actually tried at the time. Will you. He Republican Christie are really you've really good look at old 'cause. He's. Cook there are a couple of weeks later I'm reminded us doing them on to be heard as far as being aware of the IndyCar. Sherry. Are good. He's smokes. This is taken a lot of turns we have a lot of questions for you wouldn't Charlotte per hour.