Slacker and Steve - Bad Babysitters 10/13

Friday, October 13th


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Steve are there. Steve walk so manager it's it's easier toys is at that age isn't everything to a child the Toyota TV remote control or an empty water while everything about empty box can I tell you difference between TV remote control. A water bottle and a mob. Hi I kind of know beginning of a really studio could. Nothing in my house. Sorry you did not know what you're saying it's still at that age. They don't know it's a Bobby don't know what's they're not supposed to mentally I don't know I'm apparently can't or don't we were bad babysitters tourist areas are there are. No longer daycare workers so rescued were in Arizona they were fired for playing with Bob's. In front of the kids and even hand being lower kids. I love jobs. Template less but the kids are so young that did nemesis plastic toward Chinese colored plastic that's it you get the difference right on and get its for an eye and saying McDonald's or register see shiny okay he's okay with a Dell. The needles so we couldn't himself. Don't let my kid play would act you'll look like to play with the thing they do it's used. I don't know who used it less and I or how much Al will they clean their stuff. Give you that so it was a clean ones better but the other kids. Clean other other kids toys are made noise it really shaken up just like that does they don't know no. Am not like that. It's different how they get busted. One year old are on the boyfriend of one of the former employees senate video to news station casinos are concerned. So. They got they cut you that adds her babysitters OK so when we say that babysitters here's what we wanna do. We want to hear some stories. About the baby sitter who you had it sucks but we will also take stories yeah. If you are babysitters. And you had a child that sucked we can take to babysitting. Bad this angle from either side Jewish talk about somebody who had what ripped out of their body. What was his what was this you're just talking about a rough here a second ago that it was a baby sitter story that day so they've ripped that little rings oh is that the law and I was try to forget that one. She she just got her navel pierced me and she was under on the job babysitting this kid to enter its here and trump. Of course there that belly high C is reached out and Rick did right out of her I did pick up. Yeah that's but still that's a bad Davis the bad kids. Yes that's a that's a babysitting gone bad story don't in the bag baby sitter how about just when you'll you'll you'll dig this one EF 46 year old baby sitter. Was found passed out at a gas pumped. From heroin overdose if you wish the child she was baby sitting in the car and the gamut here. It was bad in the story with the fairway and yeah. Many. OPEC and where the grief he put whom I wish I had this and that the never us alone when your brain tells it isn't some in the know with the the baby booted me up is going to be one of those things are so it's a substance I don't know what it's on my I used to work here report we're excited. Tenure the demons about who isn't. But you. I remember seeing it. Let's go back to this one another baby this is from the baby sitter gone then babysitting combat. The kids started to to cut yet in his Validus or it was bad them and babysitters China didn't stop and try to get among party but it's leaking so it's it's a significant amount. Mom. He ran around the hard though we're totally gauged with the leakage. And then threw his sons could be underpants at her flaws go. Face yet all I can and that's right as walk don't quit I that is my last days as a route. As babysitters are. It's tough did you just or whoever made high average track girl I'm it starts to explain a 46 year old doing heroin (%expletive) like the pitcher to a man I. What I that's the good news only way you would get this is it took I was trying to get the vision of this. Prove slam my face. On here's another Limbaugh's Bob's mom dad their playing hide and seek oh. The kids were hiding. Baby sitter was the seeker them walked into the fountain in the parents' closet good. When she's down was because she could hear the buzzing noise and shots to see what they in it was a huge blue one okay. This can do it any stories what they need it. And I just need to know if it's one that shaped like a links like it's like a bullet or the one that shaped like off. We raised. Do you know which way you know either it's sues for use massively dim blue color is his age doing very well yeah I didn't know I need to know app because if it's. Hit it's more traumatize and I think you did it looks like like OK yes but it just looks like he could be a toy looks like a rocket like yeah. Yeah I don't know the difference. There's so much. But at some point wind hate. When they do know the difference well they're childhood will all seem like dishing out. I never thought of it though it's what I remember finding out different things as as I grew older about things went out of business trusting your turn everything he's just like now there's no shaky gonna do it it's all shaky ground the foundation your whole life was your like this is it wasn't true then could've been true and. Oh. You even my. So if you've had a baby sitter you know where you happen to be a bad baby sitter. Or you bin babysitting and went bad we want some of those stories Courtney. Yeah yeah I am right we're good to bring you the bad babysitters don't Tinder where you in the scenario. I am the best stretch of the mother that I had the bad baby can remove you. My best friend has three children one of them won like seven at the time together on the lake side and the other on the leg I don't know just Bobby EDT it. And she like never got a baby sitter ever and I and her husband I am convinced parish and you know lottery searched. And so I turned out she hired this seventeen year old girl had lake Nona recently. References and everything. Are unaccounted decide okay well I mean I am and get drunk while watching these kids at school. And him on my parents who is he early gum that's liquor I out of her liquor cabinet yet that would. Watch so she broke open wheel locks the guy he's on Kuwait territory can actually undecided issue is going to drive them to the parts. C they got into a huge accident early this she's in the. Drum leaking out of the kid to where her I think I think Kirby had lake a scratch honestly say something to. This is C literally looks. Ever let us know what to do on camera on you watch her kid again I'll. PX I can't say. Seemed worse helicopter mom I'm not a moment but honestly it kinda like instant karma because she was paralyzed from the waist down and throw light after that. All I don't know that's awful. Yeah how ladies and let. Terrible to say intimate when you're seventeen trucks. Yeah she could've killed everybody she could've killed a lot of people there enough that's. Luckily nobody died she had she had the most severe injury. Wow. That is them yeah I'd. Seeing that somebody how basically oh. Sorry I was like another car with the ex today chain link. I guess you Blake an appalling that their graduated turnarounds. From what I took from that and she just didn't stop. This is this just keeps getting word out you thank. You're not horrified that's horrible story I ever ever known that we I agree with you wholeheartedly thank you for the concorde you know that was bad. Yeah how she have good references. And not just. Eric Young lady that babysit and when I'm here and so when it. Six months old I would have done being changed by a baby sitter on a bathroom counter. Tanks and I've got my hands up behind the Mir to get beyond she'd pushed me kind of port or not. Whole Mir came off a law does sound and it sliced my finger from fingertips and Obama my yes. They had their race near a hospital put stages and and then that night when my parents got home to big Downey in my crib undoing all the dog off my anger. More so it's just don't murder scene you room is just a horrifying and his blood found god he's nowhere to be trying to. As six months old I had to have 36 stitches put my. How is your handle myself now. Yeah I still can't wearing amassing here it swelled up a may have like not during not quite right. Shields a daycare no no. I didn't have that is. Okay that's not gonna you gonna call I don't wanna see her all I gotta stop soon. I shut down the entire days. A serious and there aren't people who won't wonderful their different yes and they nurture your children when you're way off awful. Syria case. Yeah I think that baby sitter. So when I was a kid and I'd probably like I'd you're old am I going upper party and the visitors watching that. And he batted in malaria it's not like sap and let all the kids like jump off that I'm bad. And hurt this Eric you had great regret its parent jump stop her he'd weigh in my forehead. Cracked eight gone. By Avant is. And he came up with the break is in my head at all. Sergey you embrace teeth all dean dean stocking your skull all the Obama sitting here. And then we could make them make an appearance came home to begin not appeared yet kid they had me they're out on a port sly way to permit area. All I exist only gonna awesome love that don't hole that's a good Halloween costing you your you PDA you for the golf brutal are. Yeah out bad days. You know I think he. Went up real well. My instructor used to babysit me when are younger. And they they used to duct tape lead to a chair shifts and threatened to beat Lee yes but I told my mom why can't wish came home. Arms but what do you paramilitary now or somewhere in the region didn't make you into an international spicy and good training her son's answer either yes. You're living god. Well Marleau was easier than the other shoot better way to army chilling that she would get kind of the start of this year that cutting my hair as well. She was practicing being a beautician that she didn't yet yet to touch your hair all the way up underneath soccer's growth reducing do you have to Diaz and stuff. Today they all your job the other now yeah that. Well Jane that's that's bad that's insanely bad news release stories. I think and it's only thirty years or source told my mother about it. It is us the snitches get extensions you'll learn that he's.