Slacker and Steve - Bad Boss 5/20

Friday, May 20th

Slacker & Steve

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Selector and Steve. Seeing blue yeah I lost I don't know what's less well it's the arm. This is one of the worst things I've ever heard what's that the poultry workers. In. Where is this season Tyson Foods. In pilgrim pride Perdue farms and Sanderson Farms whose home. They're not Dayton did 250000. Poultry workers. Not bow wage paying these high injury rates and they were denied. Bathroom breaks that's illegal. They were told to Wear bankers. That's legal and should not drink liquids. Oh my you can. Don't look. Deep pranksters. Holding its so if you're sitting in your job right now go. Do you dozens odds are you know I do or die during a period as there are you luxury Monterey who reporter soda or whatever. We'll so that is so they can't they're too little shift in the diapers in the they had no Leo yeah right yeah you're not allowed to go to the but apparently not. That's that's likes and that bus is right there won't know were trying to you know political would do this because it's this could be any company and we would be. We re talking smack about him for on the issue eskolaste to be bags and Iran out of my god don't they just don't yeah. In college what you're right now Steve has just sent the secret word until we get fired we have to hand them back in I'll stay out of does that's not great. Good person who's got the worst job is when he checked but I did a brilliant you know and didn't know them very. You're. But who installed the miners remember the fifth I. So we want you to call and rat out the worst boss ever. Who did that most horrifying it's. It was my favorite one and I've been reading them as soon will be penalties and once it was us armed. He's the publisher is name's Richard mad dog Beckham. He decided he wanted to see a couple of his employees make out. Folks women to women. NATO so we'll get this. So. Clean. So I was Cheryl Matthews. West Coast at director minimally did this vogue international's fashion director. Any smashed their faces together and watch slices sleep yes so hard and broke one of their teach. So badly that she needed extensive. Reconstructive surgeon wanted to. Yes Didier it is in that bus would you rather. Bees forced. To kiss me moon. Or Wear a diaper. I feel diaper coming on and Charlie is a Huskies are going to hurt I don't want to appeal first. Yeah so you automatically are already well I realized that. It almost all of you are always in light for you. Ends and diverse. Well what are you don't your divers who dive it's just a it took whatever yeah. I don't know if you know. Lenny Dykstra is yeah I used to play those nicknamed nails he's played a Major League Baseball in the eighty's and ninety's this guy started a magazine. Called the players club about professional athletes in their late too expensive like sounds. And he forced his employees. To give him their credit card numbers instead he came back for whatever ready. For whatever reason you never get credit card or whatever. I'm then he would take lavish expensive trips like on a private jet. He chart with one employee is looking at his American Express card and he was charged 32000. Dollars. For he leased jets from. Atlanta to. Helena Montana merchandise or is one of those guys that blew all his money he was pay her good sued had nothing actor explains credit card will. Employees this is a bad shots forces employees to give them the credit card and then he would charge. Can you imagine that I don't Catholic but it exactly. Clearly she isn't having it. No I screwed your script. Absolutely but the best he's a bad bad bad bad bad bad boss. On here's one man who favors a worker told Abbas that. Her grandmother was dying. And may need some time marks the boss replied. Well she's not dead yet so I don't have to grant you leave technically the Basra but do why she's OK it's OK Chris. Yeah terrible lie. Yeah male employees I would do. Are you gonna let Lego people who would not do know that. That person quit. Yeah I know a person worked slipped on wet floor ankle swelled Abbas said you can go to you finish your work. Finish processing your daily invoices Wohl told her to stop morning stop moaning. And put your put up. In a buck up camper sign hours later she went to the ER turned out her ankles broken some of whom no. And then there's this one daddy Stevens a Long Island mother. She's kind generous she gave her boss. Her kidney. She's fired ran after. The bias who gave you things hit me yeah. He knew no no and try to get my brain around somebody being that they would be back I just gave you a kidney. Oil well here's your severance with the arm was a lesson I wanted to. Oh this huge area New Zealand did more Murray guard me error six years old admitted to hospital he had major testing and muscles like. Essentially this guy's in the hospital they're talented he's dying he's having our tiger whenever I ask contest and says thumb. Good news bad news he retired we asked her place you like to have you out if you don't have the medical leave time. I was leaving no choice but you're you're going to let you go they let him go while he was in the hospital. Written freezing under the knife resumes he was I dropped my idea of recovery room when now with flowers or balloons with bullets with his briefcase and basically had this huge letter telling him why they were by their sirens seeing slid sorry your pink slipped in the recovery. For suits us. So you should thank all of you feel better about your crappy crappy box GUN had to Wear depends or beaten be forced to make out with someone you don't want to dance is weird but if you had a bad boss. Somebody you cross some lines we few we wanna hear your story. Parent just. ERA high. Cost. Okay I admit that their manager at an act of chicken clay. Is we had at. They should call 800 chicken or go back to agree it was green and you can smell it Daryl Hall in the cooler so he's now I had a no I had to called Erie manager Greg eight turtle let me write it out yet to have their creation and she did not let me and we had to cut and now know. Yeah. Not good with this one what was the name of that enormous confidence. Eight sat yeah that location that Shaq yeah after I quit I told her to get back door wouldn't stay open or an excellent and it didn't. Wow. So you had this awful. I had it LII doctor 18 and then I called her back they told her she may need to the other and that I would call OSHA and I would call. Tell us everything like that guy's ass to send you right ops or. I'm concerned I have to know if it's the moment the binary chemical bond or serves or chicken buckets if this if it. Is named after occurred you know. I thought yeah. He really didn't seem odd that while. That is bad by last night majesty you guys are good employee Purdue here you are you did the right thing thank you for the call Erica. Gulp. If it was all very tangled on IDB UB I rushed to devastated really happy I. I Travis. Yeah yeah not. Bad DOS and worrying yes. I got. I got hired under ranch one time and knee when I look at the job they had or people working there. When I hired on the other or people would quit or got fired a year later the bottle mad because I wouldn't get much done as you report that. Your please. You're really really excited to do his own you know this stuff we're here. Say what you don't know of another guy's had a lot of work done by this time here what you don't and I'm like. 01 guy. Count me in my mostly. Sorry you. Without pit like are you can't do the job target target Toledo again I'd like well I'm not or people I guess or find somebody that. Husbands do Jumbo size now just sad note that it. Oh my god you're better off the thank you for the colleagues that I actually really good about where we work right now Brandon. Yeah our guys bad DOS. So I used to work for a funeral homes were a few years down in southern Colorado. And I get an unexpected call from my box stores 30 in the morning explicitly go and an eight. In regard to can't need you to come in any due to open up to agree with the Shell Oil the guy knows what to do Serbs. Girls today and I need you to do it. So Mikey got I get there early to get to the grave side around 5 AM. How much art opening up degrade get it all taken care I'm video nobody let's go to take my lunch break. You call me at an aquarium like normal alleged break cheeks were so fired meeting that you shouldn't be our lunch you like you're fired not funny part of the story is my grandfather. Yeah no my gray you've got the Mellon night and dug grave and it's got fired for it just eating my glory upon. Wanted to work three and a half hours early. Did everything to a person actually in Ghana are to the funeral family there. You know angry you get mad at me for taken Marlins reached that you should be working instead of eating out you're fired at. Owner who are you. I have like a tool to date did crazy the national Schable. Hunt him great require tobacco summer choir show we'll only get to the shuttle only. You got a sixth so time you you don't see duke with wizards up there. I while I would detain him and you know I since. That's work day and age you are. Not. Anton not a very nice person on the Indy. Andy. I know welcome bad bounces off the. Well our current period of time for a lawyer and I am I paychecks every I don't want to harmed her dream on bounced and I. I. Had found out about Reynard Debra glad you are running is that turned out when he encountered while our legal in the data. Went down on court each account aside. Puts amount. You've bounced my first check. I might give him the benefit of the down you see in Shanghai I'm definitely my but I. I ended up dobbs I didn't work like I went from again and didn't your name out. I would like hundred Amy out I know my job is imminent battle I let them mission like Aaron you were in jail. All this just and it's funny because another guy lived with me and told me how my current data like you can't hear you and I and media. Yeah yeah if I come a lot didn't Romano or not at all but you're right he'd probably get out. Yeah. Sure. Why did you call. Celeste. I kind of DOS and so I can. Not co worker who is coming up behind me in the pardon me aware Lou Boudreau. Steve I don't know. John how do you sometimes assist the sun don't Amazon's reflux is never too boys so that that's a candidate. So you know what has done well I expressed cited like Danny then thought there aren't any and a German senator expand the apparent. Need. And editor of having gotten laid it in a long. He he he he this is your boss that's his. Official HR answer to the problem. While this is the new sued and how much do you have so little they please don't you soon with. You know what I did and. I left adopt a couple months later. Do key to the guys finally gets an action news applaud. You both are in the. He didn't stop massaging you at least. You know it kind of did Scott but I don't think my manager ever mentioned any. Or at all. What an idiot. Yeah wow you could definitely own Mac company was that a massage therapy place good candidates. And it isn't. Let's have a suspect but you know in order to keep pressure on OK moving into the area and Democrats know we needed to do it but there's no massage can be resolved that I know my life must trust that I want to know my tombstone. Josh. Yes yes I bad buses. I slopes second Baylor went in the kitchen America so perhaps send out my possibility cocaine epic its outer. What about the bad we're talking about Bosnia what does it. But I. Looks like your party pat I'm apart sending and we edit those stores then you try to sort titles but at that. Let's play within that each of the peso was a bar and he was doing okay. This new rails right there are no idea how reworking radio and there was a time and radio or is not in the studio and there wasn't drugs there are people that I'm not company incidence. That drove. God and while every episode and they hubris they called Josh on the NASA. Bad boss. So my advice. Is dead CEO lovely type of guy to one time gloomier Russia. Telling the united going to meet the lions angry preacher at the Saint Petersburg right. No knowledge no I don't when I get there I found out that he actually one kidney and brain and all issues. Online order to Russian. Awry in. Our. Yeah the most I want this nation is higher in America. All outlets so you you you can't dare you want to union meet these associates and may they bring forward your Mike did you get to test Mike was more than one or there was one party picked out like particularly. I want ordered by specially ordered this tall gorgeous blonde blue eyed girl I'll look like a. Am not a lot from analog he's hitting there will actually review. Seeing how. He makes her on the plane all the red. Zero. You're zero. O. Hey keep me quiet well coached elks shell the worst Sega and you know what it actually get where I come home he wished. This woman I can't I can't even pronounce her rationing we we really make this. Before you'd say the worst Serb part are you doing anything illegal at this point or you just you're basically. She's she has the right to tell she's traveling on a valid. Password meaning you're just you're basically just. You're her travel companion not smuggling this woman in the country everything that you just. And it out. Currently have a girl might send you a eight red meat and like bitch or did she denies working at a guy or five years. And the other thing you may mean you're a good time here and it try to take the cake. But anyways so. This email back kid. Are at night and apartment did odd that I bring her back after average ain't you tell me apparently. She is nowhere to put church you know why each get married you married and ordering Russian brides all Internet. Late and I look you liken it and remembered that I did that for money. How she saw Linux anyway. Okay early in a mirror okay. We are just really happy New York. The that actually have been really nice. Net by an extra pay to play he gave me an out of 5000 dollars to ask you have urged stay with me trip through east. Otis stash surely it is safe tiger's yes dasher away your play is okay. On my cap a sorry leaks that one out and really deep into the three weeks she did her own apartment or what happened do you even now. I had no idea you get Carol I didn't. Wanna clear it is. Time you know it that it would and very awkward come home after you know a night out on Saturday night you're seeing. Having lunch and he nodding and I know we. Are learning and B was. It's eager do you know how Smart are needed to clean up. After the actual hold my eyes. Inside grant was all you got totals this resistance exercise or beyond. Napster. It would connect your. Share. Amount of money for a chat line going to but I saw on. The he's gotten rely that your boss. This guy got to respect this guy did a media it was July regional CU Google in Russian brides a Rivera did you. Going over there Vanessa did you make his trip for us good you know the sad truth.