Slacker and Steve - Bad Day 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th


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Steve saw an end to a couple stories bombs and that we need to talk about and the only way we can really tie these together is with this song. On that won't play forming right now. Because yeah yeah. Tons. These people have had a really bad day bad day. And really you if you got a really really bad day not today but as you've. Which is that dame where. Your your your day could just be a country songs there go the amount of crap that happened a 27 year old Louise in Louisiana man. Rom had to dump truck back over or cam. While he was in a port a tidy. All me. So it's not just it's not just did did it to dump truck right it's the build inside those yeah it's. Arm he has multiple fractures to his pelvis the collapse write my own show possible internal bleeding. Not to mention just leave all the stuff brain scarring from having never limited the contents students have done an entire foreign your open wounds no lows. Arms. Not trying to be mean or any thing but port bodies are horrifying. Sort of parties on a construction site. And those Brito tried our desire and great news. Oh do instead of the that was great necessarily. I just say else to pick the good. The Porta potty outside the women's clinics and he has a little bit of difference Antonio coach. And the Porta potty at two construction. In my humble. Sorry hill sorry. The other one we got a few more but the woman rear seat and I'm just laughing about rough here I I think we did this story. Some other time this dude. He was working on his motorcycle. And so Ronald got stuck some some patio of his own house soon lose revenue and up and it slipped in the year. Any wit crashing through his sliding glass door and was kitchen. You know he's in a heap of glass Sid and motorcycle do you leading. And yell inside to his house is all screwed up. Weis sees it panics. Calls it the ambulance they take him away and she's like I'll clean this up and analysts in a hospital yes she takes trash cleans up the blood in the gasoline and everything. And throws it away legs. I don't know why you take. Gas soaked rags back into and and thrown in the toilets you don't but that's what she did she goes I still they get him put back together. They come back to the house he sees the damage to thousands I understood that. Since that time in the bath yeah. Any smokes a cigarette does. It and then he tosses it that is only at which point you down it explodes so. And launches him into the stratosphere. Seats just healing some wounds. If he's got cut so she asked to call the ambulance again did it shows up. It's same guys just annoyed really. So it put him on the stretcher and they're just like they're trying to take him out of the house and I do you have your have meant a bad day. Will then when they found out why you what happened dislike button latest army to muzzle so one of the guys carry a lawyer who was laughing so hard he dropped his end enough. Stretcher and then. The author a stretcher and broke his arm yes. So now she's been torn out. Bomb exploded and broken limb yeah I see he's having you know me. Oh what place because you have. Other sort what do you do we want we will hear stories of the worst day ever you where you broke your leg didn't and see your husband divorced you and like everything. Captain on one day help. The other one is one that makes. I don't know what I would do. This car load of people. Crashed. Into a canal that's filled with dieters. Feel OK. What do you do high. Dirt dirt cars going underwater so you're gonna draft you gotta get out where the gators direct. Yeah what would your. Plan what I explained before in the showed Apollo did you lose sleep all you do is just stay in the operate so its nose is winning the ICC's and then it becomes paralyzed oh I see you can do that with one ET Chicago and so here you are. Any team trying to get out of your free as it's going to the bottom of this Florida canal and you're like you've got the wherewithal to grab. True of the candidacy yup so you've got two of them standing up and at that point. All their Gator buddies like blue bad guys that asks don't you can take you to ask you guys know how to take him out a lot of control and I was yeah I. I'm big guy here who's Smart old pact with the right. I smell dust bowl when you're content. Particularly down yeah yeah indeed there is any insanity I see that's I think she's awesome and unlike her breath and understand that you did have a loss. Free it's tough can this guy at the food's good guys you had I don't know what I would do and then you're done so vineyard the rescuers are getting dispatch still like there's little certainly. I'm not because. Pete writes this my last days of rest your cause they always happens rescuers braved the waters and not about noon hour. I don't know I throw your belief resulted in Durban that's bonuses than the easy answer for me is easy don't be the first one out in the car. For the last. Know what push everyone is I should you know the gators want to get one like blue. We got a burly he's like school songs themselves are not bad. Beat the wounded terrible rule or be the one list with the don't get out of the car first he's hold your breath til Steve gets out there you go here's. Some. Yes. Look at Augusta got out. Of the Catholic and all right so if you're a person can do is a terrible terrible war if you have fat. Just know they don't trust the crap out of medicines with your worst day per say. Yeah I. That age. I pulled up. I edwards' part can't name one night and the next morning I came into work and it turned out one of the owner's friend turned me and got your kitchen and had biscuits and gravy everywhere so I have fired from my job. It's. Why now in the later that night I am going to my other job on the way home. Turns out I forgot to pay 25 dollars on my traffic fine thought had a warrant out for my hair red you know thrown in jail also our south of the day or hours in jail before you get bonded out and on the way home coming down a slick mountain has started doing donuts down the mountains just. I shook. That is bad days she grew out. Yeah I finally I pulled over I I've managed to get into a pullover and a small cap to pack of cigarettes is that you know what I'm leading to the outfit relate. Our home and stayed there for a month. I'm definitely not go outside and more intelligence should I get a view sending me this time. I'm gonna stay inside didn't you've heard Carl say. To you as a and Colleen this. Yeah I had a bad day here now. Had a bad day at the IA. Now I've actually called my bad days beginning a replacement yet you. May ninth yeah. I am so tired quiet dining out a couple of years back. Just can't get my degree there I structure my parents my do you go about the good that we live now we know. I'm. Told him I couldn't really not to write in meeting where he and I. Have. Something off and that made them. We all know it's huge is how can you teach your earnest money. All hole hole where is Arnold let. It get you did you're you're of the GeMS like. I went to David. Okay only. Money immediately till up I. Went home crying might have left my doubt that the not Amador had been exterminate or that Biron made it called. Walked Cabrera walked right back out a quick yeah yeah that bad but. And the when he wouldn't expect me and my card that's good about body apparently there. Home like oh you're just. Yeah yeah yeah strung together a few bad news. Are you okay now. Like yeah yeah yeah I might get ms. over things like this like I don't know about. The Obama that is an awesome Missouri thank you go in a series. Yeah bush is bad day. Bad day. Speed and stepped up my current march. Shattered my right ankle broke my right where they are on the grass or half hour move. Neighbors hear me screaming. And that the hospital would want surgery. Practical backer that I have complications. Second surgery. Shut down my tip is totally a parent it's my sterilized so did not spread out. I'm Dave and I knew almost direct two times. A months in the hospital and I don't remember much of it. Tell us your vacation she's doing it right annual report on why did all my big taste of life is so hot I. Okay and see. Our whole.