Slacker and Steve - Bad Neighbor 10/28

Friday, October 28th

Rocks have been thrown, tires and hoses have been slashed and even lawns have been flooded. Numerous residents in a San Antonio neighborhood are ready to move, all because of one bad neighbor. What happened when you shared the block with a neighbor from hell?

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Staying on every conflict evil I'm sorry what you call drinks and money. The yes. Brother and have them and then the letter is little monies that element and we talk about bad neighbors now when your neighbor's son we have we guess when you just reduce doctors and what are you Sox would win the dynamic between you when your neighbor he's an irreconcilable. What do you do how you through what's. What's the worst thing that's happened between union neighbor and there's a few different stories that we're dealing with. But our favor when the Lexington he shows last is Drake. Pat is. I neighbor we should think we Drake moves in next you since you mean there's a certain level of don't party all my tie is going to he's a musician and our. Also allowing to play music clouds have people all hours of the Borough so he he and she. These neighbors just kept complaining about this seven point seven million dollar estate. In 2012. And they wouldn't stop. Complaining about the noise he threatened I guess on social media and other outlets is I didn't sound is your mother house so they didn't stay. And because he has what Steve disguises SU Miami Heat what are if you had a few money and are created by their housing yeah. I would buy all the houses around me see if I have a compound over. They don't jazz chain link fence setting up to judge Jed Drake is my eldest she hasn't had a mother outs he didn't get the heck out. That's my pain. Yeah I don't. I don't traits about neighbor exactly right I'm not sure in our illusion yes because he's he's a bad neighbor McKenna noise but after the bad neighborhoods costly common pleas he got that neighborhoods and age you gotta redneck neighbor that site. She enough fireworks or whatever but it. And neighbors neighbors to understanding of a casual get together you in a few people are talking on the patio and it's 930 and it's like. They're constantly like. So we were talking excuse me sir keep it down we got some calls about you talk game. I'm sorry we we were conversing in its nine is little Molly Jim Leach Taylor near Sumter and there's always that one may. I can. So easy that is he low end of the bad neighbor spectrum the high end is this. These residents in San Antonio on. This dude whose lives there too terror what is what what is he clearly has. Like a mental problem no but the cops won't do anything. Did that residents are saying they didn't threatened they're not yet and he proved that if he doesn't write it down or whenever truth they had rocks thrown at them. They've had their lawns flooded we've had there their car or tires slashed. We received flooded their lawns. We turned on there sprinkles when he goes to their you are to their house in the Nolan interns on. The spigot on the outside of the house and just lets it sluggish. News. And the police don't try to talk to him. Count on his door just come to the door and they're like we don't have enough evidence to break the door announces no it do anything there's nothing they can do. Her for her for her one neighbor put in a security camera and he's got grainy like bigfoot like footage of him. Coming to be like near his hole is at like 3 in the morning but nothing they still don't have a knots on the sky is brilliant guys. Terror couple that with the terrible neighbors turned their water really quick I had I think. Don't wake me up when you wish you well I would note too I know that sound bite my house has enough of violent. The Eagles. We don't. Why are usually appeared in the wall you know well who can who can put so me instead of the cheap well did in the middle of the night. We got he got it well there are I think we well little there to worship you just did so there is right all right things because. Well they're out as I could hole. Started the shower supplies to assist with the you're right that's a bad he had bad guys that's less than ideal neighbor there was somebody cool where's the Warren. Oh somebody attacked her neighbor with a mediator. But if I these days they never really met before you need to make some sort of heated words in an arm that guy came after him with a weed eater. He's got 74 cuts on his leg hole wolf the rule on the next three bombs and it's had its. America I nick myself before me going too fast and he. Yeah you know I know little bit Powell I it is moving along pretty sad you know. You know okay so we're just gonna do we hear whacking it. Why don't we have never been harmed myself when you edging even though. Whole trend gene and opens you've trench and it some W Boris want to blowing used to be a star number you know we didn't even her diary to moving along quickly to try to get done yeah I'm also a taste and it's a two week useful well we don't do us. How is the court too long enough. We aren't seated slick something that you know I know I don't know what I've heard horror but no I mean even though that we hear parked the corn comes I. I I so I put it out in front of me and walk and sometimes I get going a little bit too quickly and myself well. Done right there's debris flying around when I'm actually on yeah so listen I guess seven we airlines and we need your stories that. Don't mess neighbors once I might put I didn't put the line out way too fast or way too far and then I do you like hit the gas and it went around and broke the string now does that embedded in my shin pop pop pop pop up. Yes it's serious stuff is serious did. 74 cuts should act that's awful I'm trying to bring him back to what we're actually talking about what Larry. Which. Birdie or six. Do you assuring me being black to Black & Decker cordless is when you know once you do that to you that's on the stuff you didn't know and noble when you first start fire power washer that hasn't cornered him. Technical backup traffic. Our she's sure which. I have the I am I am the the you know more than. IV aids cordless it's the battery pack two system my CEO and it's still going to. If that's the New Jersey green and it's a dream yes you can still move wacky weed bogeys don't hurt yourself OK stuff that's because if that's the aren't so what are we don't know I don't know if I sort of got we're gonna get weed wacker calls and don't let them are extra course a poster re talking about that neighbors and so. Sometimes. We'd lakers' need didn't we needs and we lakers' stories and extent to me if you're neighbors and suck at life is not a bad neighbor tells us. Your worst neighbors' trees we record takes in this event mostly we're talking about bad neighbors are cirrus. Hi guys that you are. Already there are not directly into the league record as an athlete. And maybe next and my encounter money at bad neighbor I would usually we lack. That's awesome sauce well how is it. So we Atlanta Carson street drew is essentially turned into a frat house or local college it's. Earned either totally nice no problem let them her. It's one of the girlfriends are pretty bearish. Park and not learn how to in our driveway. No no no she's she's done stupid nobody's that stupid right. No Shiites and I parked there one day like you. You know keep her out of archival rights and she'll actually it means that you normally parked there that OK if you move your car to break. Well girl pilot here. In this sock. Right which she sang a couple did not think she is like soundtrack in the house and nothing will air standard works its. Are you driveway in your in your garage he did out. Now they'll try to go after them that and then that I think tiger will drain is bike around and trying to warehouse they like her boyfriend or their friend her that clink your aren't there. Garage not a big deal. I don't wish he would come out and like search talking and about how it's not sleeper hit it right it's like you're closer very well and not by document count I quit and and that's that's only like a mama bear came out cooling rig go home. And we'd like it's. I'd shoot it hasn't ever been in the backyard mission. And my husband come out kicking he'd be talking jury knows what's going on and he could brilliant idea. Like cool it will meet clay you're wrong when you guys and we beat you you are no longer electric car my child or spark my driveway. Does he have to nested else. I am and the fairly young mom I'm 26 and execute it looks like college kid they're not that far. So you took him down menu. So guess he doesn't impart my driveway any. I. Learned a dinner plans seeks that is awesome yeah. Looks and she and their everyday and it looks at me and another thing awareness. Oh my god you're the best neighbors ever files so if I had Drake money I would buy their house and move makes you think you really go Sarah does act. You know hey that neighbors. Much we barker took off my tone nano and neighbors you love. We don't even actually it's about Tony. It actually took up the right part of the tone so quick to ride out ended up being an 800 pulled it off. Right out of god. Apocalypse insanity. He mr. neighbor came out and AB CPR and you'll find now the. I went that far and suddenly I don't little fast forward until 1 AM and Nike ad neighbors on some sort of drug or alcohol. Arguing for hours. And neighbors yelling shut up throughout the windows you can hear it threatened neighborhood. All of this and easy to boyfriend Tom now the women what that girl comes out Kitchener car demand yelling out there yelling at church the Romans are backing up the board princess and the vehicle the woman. And so I turned over and miss you want this. We're we're inside the whole time because these neighbors are very unstable base they have their whole house switch. Blocked off with newspaper and all the windows it I think they have a net plug in the garage because. Sumi in order to err yeah. And I I don't know any other neighbors that are out from the easy night till one and yelling constantly in the garage at each other and not just I can't. So they're just mad it's a recipe he's not going the way they wanted to do or something her. Good or are. Either spoken too much of her own supply and assume yes. Oh boy yeah so do you guy got it slash run over to warming takes off she jumps up strings back I mean you try to get hit like that from a Ford car I would be down on the ground to write downs right like not been you know is she gets in he's in the game with the front of the vehicle is stopped crying. Still Powell in just goes why go. And then come back queuing out in reverse comes back of the driveway into the garage storage continues. London right comes back with a purse and then killed out in reverse counted rival wake shield out and drive which is being clipped a curb these are the worst neighbors I've ever had and I listen to people play techno until midnight almost. I mean you know we are. Try determine the police to see if there really is a meth lab and there are now. We called the police enough homeowners and HUA committee. And they actually have a ongoing record for these guys. Dating partner grafted they're they're cars in the grass the grass is completely dead and usually forward Nick Cole and yet now this is a townhouse with a single car garage and drive. It's horrible and who I call the cops right three or four times. Is legal advice and that's from mom there you go and then as he asks you can't beat home June 5 day usually I'll actually come or do you figure out they're really doing meth house and Nina thinks he's out of Cheryl. Why is nine bad neighbors. Outlaw mojito virtualized electrically record. And Max. Get in the way and yes it does because Sharma. I guess it does I. These prompting people to save the electric ones are okay whatever else we let her gun on the bad neighbors what you guys. Trial I live and the China card and it's not a rundown I think brands you don't hotel like tiger to count. I have this lady who is may be epitome of true attraction fast. So it can kidnapping to murder Americans got three of a man who literally run amok at all hours of the day and night. I think she'll teens. And they get Christina this friend that lives started houses up on our street it's literally like twenty feet away and shook and her car and social and I have. I don't play. When she leans lighting tower related shall leave entrenched turning around and flying back home she lied to. Backwards down the street yeah Marcos C. You can and they usually you would approach her her her kids and I mean you get a little. Like he worst nightmare just crushing Al from hack and it was. How all these children there too in the mornings and so one bad okay they each came crawling out there when no one like seven or eight. Single one is nine or ten in the old administration and I'm not. This guy and you got to call a Child Protective Services muscles they are. I have I am I heard it taking care of that but I'm just like. Something you're passionate guy didn't score a hit like at one point they have the garage laying in their driveway the name of the garage and emerge as a pile of crap is. I like people to. Ironic classic trailer park okay. If they feel that every any other kind of true to its mobile home bill these things continue to go Sheryl. Ryan's. I bad neighbors. In the so first below cordless Black & Decker we lacquer yeah. I'm charger right now. It's never been biased anyway I'm you know hello and yes so so what's your that's been here. Get a neighbor be refuted the south taken Ambien and Google docs is right across the street. Burton in the middle of the night you'll get up in it under his. Gotta check the mailman bring my serve well and try to give me his mail. Just keep these Hokies are landing he's asleep. He is sleeping guy and he never remembers failures. Take the mail from him. In the end and instead give it to the next thing you know pay close match Charlie since it's made another LA house call him since. Exactly are you seriously so annoying. Did he added I mean required in order dirt or stringing leg knocking on the door. Give me a male player and I look. This is still trying to find their own audio message the movies they keep a close call there Brian how Riley's. Yeah I ate bad neighborhood although I see your we'd record things coming on since you. Yes we like your first comment. No I have the cold we'll Blackberry that my dad is fuel and that recently it started smoking. And all the other pirate garage. What sort of smoking cigarettes are potter who is that's no joy you need to admit that you gotta stop that that's on the cause cancer if the all the all right so what's your pet name. Shell I live. Q doors down from a great deal Brady and meet computing urge you years because she thinks I stole her trash cans. You do you run we ship pictures of victims rights with a trash cans Disney World she's like I did tell my dress general Eric with the the. I had never took her trash can you might actually return which I actually returned her trash can diet. I watched it weighed down behind my car you menu on the deck or and I even caught her in my backyard looking for the trash him. This almost is like winning the serial number on a big big big trash tell you something else you got your hand. No I can't hurt some of her room at backyard. And that looking in my garage working toward it and it's just gone on for so long that she is got despite all and it started calling the cops on my dog bark. Not a done it's time day yak it's time to booby trap the trash cans could destroy America out of her misery. Thank you for the Colorado dogs barking though he makes mirror I know yeah I I wasn't I was trying to move past ideas that I thought OK yes what's your bad knees and help us if you cut. Truly. Viewers out boldly beyond silly crazy old trash can't leave. He's right on the money could have put up today and. Yeah I yeah I did that neighbors. I'll start I don't Natalie black or you don't want to serve their own business. She's nine sooner or read I Wii U we know we do get calls from that side of the tracks. Yeah. Leo we heard a trailer park cell phone service girl we'll go ahead and get tells how terrible news or even act. With the iron so we can. Oh and animals. Do you answer that yeah we're certainly pulling on the news listening to the net. The neighbor came over one day and told me that they are the dead chicken in his yard and no I live like oh my gosh does Ariel come clean it up. Went to Cuba and I would not missing chickens and so I went there and I like I am really sorry but that's not. Some kick and I'm gonna clean it up I don't know where it came from the next morning I came out of my mouth and I had broad broad street surge again scattered around me are. I was so he's he's he's now simulating real hook. I whenever how they they've got a I don't know and I got Aaron Ari that's not my chicken. It's really. Oh. Yeah. Seeking an however my art surgery weeks. You are they just sit just to clarify you're in the house with the chick in world are raises. And I. And that's on the block thousands junior in the yard is using that neighbor. Hey we love you when your gym rocker than they do for the golf. I he'd still like to continue telling your magic is stories are your Wii well what we're doing right now you just find decider and Steve FaceBook page.