Slacker and Steve - Bad Parents 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th


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Steve on the day. Couple stories in the news and are inspiring us. To talk about. Parenting jails of some of these parents made slight slip ups just called slip ups no didn't Burton tenth UST no this is a this is a slight slip up I will admit it isn't the first story is yet heard about it a dude it was October fest. On in general Nina what both tourism and German related aren't and they are would you could you can. Americans to be a terrible parent on the he took the baby to October fest now that's not terrible times taken up. I know that probably shocks you we talk about bar babies all the time in Utah you actually took you may want your kids a Barbie beaten them in their little seek carrier you just plop them on the Barley were dark and leave it's she knows she's not panicked. I'm not a door fully do you always come across is that I. How well I don't. Aren't sure why he should Zuma might buy it isn't a cut of my gym it's so do you weren't guarding we don't have to apply to. Always are examining I pictured you as a bowling league guys I'm I'm not a political. I zeal by rotary bowl you guys know you went nickel hole though you're not seem to be done amazing stuff. Boy we did not no action what you anybody. You know. Mark a sharp objects and women alike who could salads you can you can and hope the cold Turkey hunt. Make it that sounds so it's still you look in my hand warmer on. And actually Wear shirt imagine my friends. Nope okay Dario leads the Pope said I know and don't. Let's get some chicken. Perks that we gonna talk about bad parents instead if you have a dart league you want me. A minute and if you wanna get knocked duck and I wanna. Have your babies like him bring the baby did our nerves our brave regions are good in Texas if the anyway actually what I would say I. Got a kid like we under restaurant slash bar slash Simon up there on the tanner as. We are just completely on the ten completely station is that or your own you usually take like to toddler chaired a little high chair Coca when you flip it upside down. I know this sounds insane. You've slipped led the toddler chair second dead and those four legs didn't write baby carrier sits all. Right you're right all of earlier raised the bar yes yes I imagine how many bars and then she would not surprise catch at happy hour. Yeah it's perfect club crawls of he does so busy so anyway I just. And as another side note. We just senate today and Applebee's and wanna be known as a restaurant they don't they wanted to know is a bar they are neighborhood grill and bar it's a story tonight we just wanna say Applebee's if you really want that. Slip all your high chairs. They didn't say he's our machine to suspect that you starred darkly. The Al command and then have two for one Beers a bowling league night and day out anyway that's just a bad parent that we starters are back. Our key he took 82 at October fest. Strapped rebels like baby Bjorn things on the front your body Papp who stood no Lindsay it's sort of it's an Israeli use against your baby who's usually here facing outwards sometimes Jim seizing insulin like Ken lay on your own policy Boca. On any way he made somebody found him Mike passed out slumped over close to the exit the baby attached to his front. I'm really drawing on his front on the gravy on other babies attached to his front but he's a slump Aurora all restaurants serving Coca. Bottom. He was so drunk he was unable to respond to questions from the man or from the officers are to me and on. Called he he repeatedly Armitage we don't know if you vomiting and on the baby Malia would garnish. So that columns are. Officers took to win your baby to their station in Munich. And down he's in the child welfare this less funny than I wanted to close just a slight slip up. I mean like I said I'd take my baby toolbar but I I know one either booed during all right got to DD. And I don't stay to the point right to it you drink and Obama are each remembered when you bring your bar maybe you just two drunken darling man that's just so glad your faculties and pound on you yeah. Our troops especially some lovely lady wants to say. Can you do darts. I I invented this whole other life for myself or your your relic you love this from the our guys where Little League only you know what they're so when I was there used to be ya know we what the crude from Iran saying like to sing and Berkshire I did little risk literally enslaved only hurt your subject so if you have any idea or talking about we look at your sort of not guilty going. There's another bad parent I don't mom lets her four kids home alone. To go vacation in Germany OK before you won you have a daughter what's what did you letter babysit. By twelve that's like the general age now doubled to sort. Baby sit down like please here's my son a B twelve a few years before my daughter well but I Marty said I will leave them alone. Hell. She's old enough just putting him in Charlotte is putting the fox in charge of the Hannity and I know that there I would probably leave so that would be when my son Sam never going to be able these kids myself B sixty my daughter be twelve. I won't work for me to as yet. And he'll be in the on the bide my friends over Jason is probably not happen but. Twelve would be the age is that they ageism the kids that was the age of the oldest set that there were twins and they were that in charge of the other two kids so I don't worse she did and should twelve year old twins in charge of a six and seven year old yeah that's like you should hire a baby sitter Ruben twelve as well you know now know a baby sitter is when. I'm running over to my door leads. I'll be back in six hour all notification to Germany you don't get on six flights through New York Intel Hamburg. Say and leave a twelve year old charge you just don't shoot up to twelve year olds I. That's 24 year old you're right Steve they're twit that's actually a good parent. So that's not good no she abandoned her children to go on vacation that is considered event it is completely she's an eighty. She's in pull Terry jail in new open 9000 dollar bond you know contact indirect or direct for the children she left them loaded gun on on your shelf little shelf or when the Pope who showed up to like Rhodes immediately took. He's the until this is your case you still have another taste of our. Our mother appears more here's this sure looks like she's on she's in October says with a guy with a beat beyond me hasn't Clarkson to death with the you have to be abandonment or arcing on your kids Toledo brass. How your bad parents or if you're glad you're here you know we wanna hear how bad the parent you've Ben as well any. Guy you disguise this must be bad what what happens. Well my dad were my dealer. Also we stop please tell me you mean automobiles. Could could could mean it marijuana. That's what's your drug dealer. Com news did you we're just tell the east TU one really did give you some freebies. And now I'm actually a dime. You can only always smoked for free with our. Own Ted. I myself over the only allowed to buy announced the week because our troops. And house a week and see if he's and a lot Kahan this matter. Nothing about it that's a lot a quarter ounce with a lasted Regis and then there's enough. You were selling the extraordinary. Arm I would like to say I would vote possibly not. You weren't quoting now my suede shoes. Well between you know my at my brother smoked with a feeling he would older so he could buy more. And we had friends and so my dad over the also they're dealer. So you never got us where was this statute your house juror no worries his stash. Well we have an old house that hasn't kinda like a pantry. And he words put it in there yet afraid. Bosnians say around you known as safe surfing all yeah you got you guys from their families so too though that he got each one of the family members like hooked on exercise of and these guys did your friends I'm Chinese like to thank Amway is like your dog business could you do friends they did to brand the senate and the tarot. Hockey guy and parents. Okay showed that the filly in eighty I was eighteen old Eric Lipton a relatively affluent area. I went touring to a video from our local video door. And my girlfriend was actually at a cashier. She told me I couldn't rent a video because there was a late CE. And I asked her fur wise and she said what are your parents returned to their scoring here. I need her. South. I would show more excited than I went home and who looked at my mother and said. You think next time you could maybe rent your pouring from a store not show close to our. We've Sara admitted back in the video store you asked what title that they rent you guys. What genre yes he actually looking cute with it. And that's I don't throwing up and now a little bit right so yeah yes we need Egypt to lead I would wanna know my parents John. I I don't know what you and I would also want to know if they didn't rewind what was the last RYU guys. They didn't like three wind and legs 45 seconds that's where the the money's not and they got tired of watching this could happen mainly very. If they are rented locally they also did or why they were really yeah. Oh yeah. Where oh my god had to say yeah that's disturbing wow all good but great parenting they were keeping the species alive to thank you terra. We I know who upload and CEO Paul. Gary yeah I parenting down the wrong way apparently what do you got. So my father's best friend and his parents actually moved houses while he was at school one day and did not tell. Holdings well. She keeps don't know boxer James and other families there with their dog. Is our great doorway. Locked she couldn't get and he came over to my dad how to like hanging heavy in my parents spent eight days ago. And move. We told us not to tell you we're not just so we're not allowed to tell you when they moved to a different are you serious it would get. Did you didn't they just like it was an oversight. I honestly don't know they he moved across town and everything else than just what Albert. Forgot to tell them but I. It's good if not is another level I don't I AM sort of fueled up I'm as. As it did an extra piece. He used about six straight story about twelve years older stuff. All that it's harder now. Could that is brutal thank you for the golf ball.