Slacker and Steve - Barter 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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Steve are there. Those moments where I'm afraid we're gonna go down in flames why would apple just feeling I don't know. If anybody still does this all our guests actually when I went through my home remodel. This I have my eyes Carter still do my eyes were opened up to the world to barter I never use what you talking about when you're doing your home remodel. There's so my contract with say it's time to find some you know stone. Yeah he's got he's got his best buddy has been managing this business and remember that job we did back in 95 you got only from bad to know I'll tell you what I'll go ahead and do the insulation for another and if you did did did enough so it was the whole process by contractor. Just barter a lot as we went along I eighty. You a little similar this generous handouts he. If you're assuming who's still barter is I don't even carry cash anywhere and I do everything with a credit card I don't do anything with any other form of whatever. But I mean there was a time in our world. There was no currency was you had to be like beaver pelts and guess you're my hero put on London. Just under yeah well I thought you get when you were younger did you give guitar lessons out in exchange for some I thought maybe maybe or drugs I mean I don't listen I don't things are done. I mean yeah a little I don't stuff for you musical instruments and but train itself. This this this story this barter this is a great isn't this going on right now is that stupid. Says once awesome people waited in line McDonald's we just we have so little radio people. Who made their life to latch key in turn dude like wade in the line for three or four day today he's got a number twenty fives. On the waiting list and that McDonald's only received eighteen packets cool but somebody. Who. Gags. One of the says one tax was able to do a barter deals. She isn't Craigslist officials I don't know. Just now it's there now that there are in such limited supply any peace they got all seen this again because of the rich in more need to show with singing and oh yeah adult cartoon whatever. Somebody offered her she's getting offers tons of money on Obama. Somebody offered her a 2004. Volkswagen GTI das. Is setting the base model because it's nice nice write up bomb. I don't know that nice is the word to put in front of Barry white's signature yes well some. Sausage should get was unhappy just unpack kill you you know. Talk also also does acting like god love me Barbeque sauce dip well being at McDonald osu was solid the ketchup packet we have to Tehran time now there was a building they used open and it's a it. Yeah it's the car runs if the car moves are all they do a nice car that's one packet sent to a guy yeah now. And somebody who wanted to tell Dracula too I guess I. They go crazy over this stuff he that's a good trade Dunbar that's a good trade. Your number along Seminole on the radio station we are both on different shows but this this radio station did they. To barter contest and we got a tail. It started with a teacher station teacher we trade that for some men wanted something on a level operative normally reliable number eleven to by the end of the show. And under incorporated towel and now. Yes it was literally like when that he should 44 seats of highway eight hour he's so you know whatever drives die. But hey you several post office back in the day we ask you kind of illegal little township say yeah. It's all that we're wondering is this is probably gonna still miserably but with your help it won't. You view. Bartered for something if you bartered with relations sure oh have you barter your skill set have you done one of these bartered. I would say we can try one of these borrowers things on the radio but it just you it takes so long as it's an arduous profits like sure yeah well we start west. Just it's obvious things are with concert tickets to that seems unfair because we're starting with something has too much value that's yeah through Israel we tried tree up as we go but this dude. I was just reading this and I don't know if we can re altering for fourteen trades guys sort of one red paper clipped a and traded it for a ten traded tense for a doorknob the doorknob for extolled the stove for our generator toward argues still that's a nice to themselves well I'll government camping stove for a hundred generator generator for an empty keg of beer boon to change for a snowmobile. Okay that's a great job snowmobiles per trip to Yahoo!. British Columbia then. They got tripped foray moving vans all swallow that now that's a good trip moving vans for a one day recording tracked. Contract would metal works in this Sanwa Ontario. The recording contract he traded for a year in rent in Phoenix hold. The Euro friends for one afternoon with Alice Cooper it's. One afternoon was Alice kissed the Cooper traded for a kiss motorized snow globe feels like he's going back to I don't know if true that's a great trade. Sure is worth only Borland Coopers names on it I kiss snow globe story speaking role in this film Donna on demands she he's gotten. Screen Actors Guild and this is the last train. The film role for Donna on demand so he didn't she need these sayings is I. Outs he's so somebody said while I really wanna be I'm really wanna meet Alice Cooper so give me this slow snowball. That's all part of motel on what most wanna be in a movie he traded the roles in water film. Foray to the story farmhouse in Kipling Saskatchewan. What actually read it. Paper clips. Bartered his way that's. Do any harm hi Susie can't lose nothing to you know really get anywhere near if you happened why hull if you don't like each. Barter your way into something like there was a guy in Florida that tried to plagued by Dunkin' Donuts and like it is morning breakfast with drugs. He got arrested for it and Jeremy Shasta I guess in math army. What do wasn't yeah there was a tie able is due to do united prescription pills. A good though it's a oh. So if you view there have bartered at all we would love to hear what he started with and what she got Melissa. Yeah I your disguise this is weird what did you bartered it you know it tonight them. So yeah wolf I have a boyfriend who Wear the burden. And that I how quickly horror are boyfriend who really likes that you really wanted to drive it. And aren't really wanted to pay QB Kurt told I told him that he could drive my car if you only take you speak art and you work. Oh luck out your had such a hawk are. Yes you for British accent it's got good news that Iran cents a day that's. All of want to look and yeah I got to know what I'm eating Jeff given the car rays shouldn't drive it once. You know you don't want it Madrid and then he had to up our anger baby car and he later on in the or here called prepaid program because we are betraying our. Who bombs. Who got the better ranked fifth a are were we prepared well. Yeah it was his first time it was Jimmy Carter you know losing his card in the car and yet have while driving yeah. Don't know but what we're in the car near the carpet I'm pretty sure he will drive the opening our aren't what is your mom mobile where lieutenants are. Our it would have been booed him program Q point five are out. Slow ZR one. Now do you. I relate with you to draster super secret. At the U anywhere in the neighborhood and she think the North Korea currently know they are yeah what that's usually yeah what did you say oh my rules say yes folks you ride receiver Subaru so to speak. Big Dig into the call Melissa Alexis. Yeah yeah how are you martyr. Yeah which barter for. I'm on paper clip and then god finds out car tire. Hope Y couple as a pretty quick trade was about seventeen in between this summit is a man I really wish I get home these neighbors the other countries there are about she lives at. And lost in the worst enemy out there whose side do now who's who's assigned by. Sterling Marlin. Whilst. So Sterling Marlin in the neighborhood going to these kids why. You accurately my. Hey it's the that's never good. All kids are my car so we consider more is just the program just put bullies neighbors together where that sees little neighborhood wasn't one of the color paper clips are just the finals silver varieties that. It would it is a complaint a typical. Well done allowances and a sign autographs then that's where you don't FaceBook so I mean how did you get the word out. No they would actually you might you'd curbs we're everywhere on the day I was only in the Abraham had and so we went you went out. And Eric affiliated with our church but they're like your take that NASCAR's tire. Quickly get this is that I I did escalated really quickly but I like this story thank you premier pitcher and roll you don't. No he has heard Coco which air machine so we certainly smaller hands. And now she's apparently on pit crew did such a or I am with. Yeah I can I order. OK so I was tailgating at a football game and I had I had two odd dogs. I traded hot dogs for some Mardi Gras beads it's. A demonstrated a Mardi Gras beads prepared gloves because it was cold. They're gonna had a pair of gloves I traded for a security best. When I have the security best then I confiscated some beer and I was there. Did call power I get it it's a well that's completely the whole time it's like I was unemployed security. I can go bust our. No I was eternity off are we could run with this thing. Brought do you Dante's that was awesome guys. Dogs than entered into beard I think yes like you probably could've made a more direct route you don't have the money just Barry got got. Well no longer this week while I'm here for a little while there have they usually go home and bug hunt John. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I AL Bart is an app that didn't eat for creating a computer network at a doctor's office and web sites always. You needed in Yunnan insurance you rice you went ahead and you do the report you perform the appendectomy and while acts. Some yes so you got up and you knew we keep you alive otherwise his network was like compromise equipment. Ego he brought to talk to anybody if I was dead child. There it's there is from garden chanted that. You dig our posts on the right guy everybody it's a little. That's a nice earnings drew guns.