Slacker and Steve: Bears 7/30

Monday, July 30th


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I had sort of Marshall bearers. Share yet remember. You know what's I have now while millions zoo yes. You've seen a bear in fifteen while. Hi I have announcer how about you guys seen a bear from a distance I was. There is a bear Bushnell distance or you I. Also funneled to assume that. I'm pretty sure we at the time Leary and some jerky and it could have been or are you ready to show well that's not a commercial airline okay it was something I've really. I mean we saw it didn't coming closer my my parents need to and we can't we will we didn't know. Even before it became the same room we didn't we had coolers we kept things go we hung stuff up and which is stupid as you said there's incline division climbed faster than we can in the can swim faster they can run faster they're smarter than we are they are killing machine so the better ones yeah perfect machine yeah you're. You're done you're done yeah. So we won't know if you had any kind of fun encounter with a dare I feel like here. Is happening a lot more blatant. Lying between. Right nature and suburb is almost gone all these studios of bears playing in backyard pools and just hanging out and pat you lose and how. This one in it person was in Alaska touring the state in their Shelby cobras. No I don't your car got I don't know what that means when I saw him this story they say the car is worth almost seven figures in my mind NAFTA means almost a million dollar. Still it is yet depending on which Shelby GT to get the 500 that's the Mac daddy he also made a 350. This is if you're in the sixties. It's it's a silly mustang but it's still a car right think do you do you it is ridiculously ugly strategy to stripes always is so blue course at the white strategists that was called Shelby stripes are. Now that I act you can. I was a barren river road and on yeah a Shelby GT 50 yeah. What I call this in a resort on the end. There they came outside there was a gaping hole in the roof to muddy and scratches all over the body in the car. All of the. Because one of the guys who was writing in the backseat of the car can learn. Had seed Newton's. Dirt eating at Shelby GT 502 million dollar saying I sacrilegious or there he left an open package I mean a whole string of good that's what cost yes well. Bear can smell of sit Newton through the roof show me the key to prefer it's good about it. There's water around dawn well I hated kids the other day what can I add to the and senator Shelby GT and control my looks and this is an. Also that's our cars were the car is in its in its yet. I mean it's in distress who now works but it would exist at Mosul are stupid fig Newton guy who wasn't just a dude that. What month or so ago who fought a bear because his dog there was a rarity grabbed his dog Yelp but there was it is dawn now. Got between there and the dog and began ticking to bear. I'd round house kicks or I don't know what kind of kicks are extremely 622 machine into battered this year I would driven knees just. I need somebody who does not what's up buyers have chance. That's could could I do. The ship with senate do you have any any teenager can bear and a in the oh in the privates in the barest Sharon's Deborah just. So I got Berry is not as susceptible to pushing into the shop here as your average. The why she didn't really think that. Our current while I was I don't mind those primaries I. I can't judge ignition and that I still they accept. Okay bill go from Asia don't. Sure and I. All of you know she does Wear you give us some knowledge it doesn't matter where are supposedly so big with a bear seeing to a bare you pretend you're dead with a bear pretend you're dead after you're dead so don't get between the don't kick it. Singh knew it no she didn't do it should be honest I didn't see it just dog. We did we talk to a doesn't he bear we're talking huge grizzly your massive brown. Have this oral sodomy but I am sure it was a Mac it was a bit of air is at a zoo behind bars and yes is an assistant polar bear with any job that. It was Claude done. Oh yes just. Remember we just shot. Our media eat up this state it was particularly in April the draft people know all of you really don't original April. Klondike and snow storm in the that's another good dare story how much time reduce yeah. Group of merit. Licenses all stay hooked up watching these stupid they are still so another bear stories and a lot of you're yourself you're under stories are more important to us. Any candidate in town it's if you saw air that's even better not he's sort bear just ripped apart your shield guards or mean a lot of them people. I mean like we send our economy neighborhoods. And so your trash front it's easy to think it came to two trash over. Probably not a big storm force if they did some damage swarmed around. 01 winner of living room he got a good bear tale we wanna hear it on the golf. Yeah it's SARS. Or sub air broken them both play out and spent I was pregnant and had a little piece but chocolate I'm Heidi he beats however that bear would not have been damaged in and if the cops let it come but cops came scared that there and then it broke through the back door. Are all aware. You are changing generic album so she just gingerly eat one piece of gear in Delhi with Arthur TV. Actually I don't think I wouldn't even bat rich jokes or bad is probably just your basic Hershey but yet I blocked it out it. It really snipped about blocking a shot. You know no air act now mud on my comforter in Spain but. But the only port broken what the window and a little kid outside that bear broke in your houses. So much to lose. Know what not all my came out of cops are quite a literature outside and that hair broke in your house. Home in your pregnant soon. Yeah yeah exactly Ali Al I mean passionately they smell everything. It's just that's wicked and meet the final I've heard like to lose my parents were just telling me they had they had some old dog food like underneath their car. In Iraq tune has embraced in any eaten it. Do you and they can smell so it's like if the bears nose like a wrecked cruise knows except bigger imagine how far they can smell OK that's Wiki I know I don't blow your minds I think if our Jessica. Yeah I first. And the girl and you're like oh and but they're startled. The technical Cabrera. And treated like. Me and Billy I don't believe. In the meal got it running on the barely. Blue moon so the dinner was afraid of your dog's first it's. Yeah has there got startled and never treat it like that here in Accra the dark by the not running out. It I. These terrorists shot their dog had a deeper on Miami and I think this is the bears up the tree and probably seen on so what can I do I know there's a dog and a moment. Yeah so I. You bears here right now have a record loser I'm embarrassed. It's good to do there Karl Malone and Gerri is the yeah I barracks. Mean my body or kayaking down we're recurring edge and the little barb wire fence improper ever saw it jump out how to get around it. And we'll carry an attacker around my but he knows he looked at calorie they're. I look up and out of there about fifteen feet away must. Old school immediately just stand up. I don't turnaround take off running go across the river almost drowned trying to get a crush. And not having to wait two hours that the bear to get out of this or did you pick up or kinda. Saw no our Richard yeah yeah guy way. And it's really you know very you know I love my kayak but nothing that's my oh my god that's wicked that is fine thank you Jared giants. Yeah are you Heidi Harris. Well one reckon that there about twenty years ago which is not why will be your. The wrestling bear all of these. It'll look you're they wrote him up this portal political tolerance oh actually wrestle you and trying not to tell you play along. I know he was very well trained. And do you is declining at a model on. Blood we've wanna went into the ring that was. Like enemy hearing was totally chain link what you were in there and didn't come out. What did he am like folding chairs and move on my. Yeah well the guys whatever you do don't touch it knows you're getting your irons. Because you won't decline but you can still take your hat off. Did so use did you. Peter yeah. Sorry all. Just think that that is a US something that no one who's ever called her shoulder before has done.