Slacker and Steve - Being Fat and Drunk is Good 2/20

Tuesday, February 20th


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Steve I. Oh it turns out I am going to live. Thought that follow Iowa what do you do relies on Hussein's where you know how you need to live through we call it it sounds were bacon is good and they use bad. And then we would dream Bloomberg the moms Ricky wine is good and it's bad it's we go is a good is bad and in fact we ran a little song about it. Signed up. Oh that's fun it is fun eyes so it is. Two years today what you blue glasses of wine whatever it is not and a few excess pounds whom. Are the secret to living longer gets Powell and this. Is according to scientists watched everything he's got a saying that if you're over wade you breeds which booze and. We honestly the. That was like yesterday but today now they're saying the glasses of beer wine cut the risk of dying by a sense of Chris on chairing a few excess pounds later in life. Mixed in early deaths each 3% less like Obama 3% remember America earlier. You're like 30% less than 3% let me say this and it and I feel this way about my mom. She's she. Like dot her hoop and a group. Carter cholesterol dots it's like dropped all this weight and I think it's bad because when you get old and you get cancer or something. You need some meet most recent past to fight it's 'cause I mean. You know chemotherapy radiation they essentially kill you and kill the cancer and they hope they can keep you well. I just long enough to relates so we've been doing the right to so we can and yes having that you give me it it's a 3% I feel like more not. I think there's a point where you're bleach to overweight but I think happens. Someplace he'd say first you take not. Cutting your risk of dying down by assistants like 20% ratio. And 3% residue on them so do you multiply those amino links you're I mean it's getting better and better. Two cups of coffee daily at fifteen as the minutes of exercise also. Help by ten and 11%. So that's even better than just being overweight and drinking beer all day but still if you do all the things you regular two cups a top team. Patterson era night. Haven't I saw a gun on you will live forever and see exercise tired I hear that there's only eleven presumably good up on the back side. A front welcome directly. Papers all match. Hey all and it rolls if I. He's out from the ID dual format exercise that's kind of makes sense to hour's other hobbies. And this'll make you happy happy non sporting hobbies oh sedentary job easier is yeah. Reduce the risk of death by 21%. You know my whole life so I was reducing glare hobbies. All you got your models in your eBay crap okay well there were lives really don't have any he's they've been researching adults like 141000 adults between the ages of 5500. On an even track and for years for decades almost four years Slough and some are still being monitored and they're saying you got hobbies got the beer you got a little bit of sat on the so you may be worked out a little bit but not a ton yachts you're gonna live. Forever money from ECB underweight people few of mr. 2% chance of like not doing yes he didn't under way no hobbies you got no reason to live. No alcohol which I don't really feel there's no reason she cope if so start collect. Charles I. You're gonna lives forever very.