Slacker and Steve - Being Unattractive Can Make You Rich 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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Steve on the day. In this story confuses me I don't even I'm with ya I didn't just now. Cover own a home here in fact it's so batting fourth and I think we insert this thing here. Sorry. Now hey if you're ugly truth to kick he knows it's good I didn't it is especially when it comes to getting pay eat I could see where we just kind of just did that was like. A good looking people give preferential treatment and on insist they they make likes 1012%. More on average in need workspace. But now this story comes out saying the opposition researchers studied 20000 young Americans who were interviewed in measured on their physical attractiveness at age sixteen. Three more times they were interviewed and tell they were aged 29 and cut the ones who were labeled as very unattractive. Always. Always. Earned more. Those who were just deemed unattractive most of the dead a butt ugly people so. OK I guess it's it is may get a little more wealth so the good looking people still might make it. A low okay see more guys. It's still around is Tanzania says this was the case with a very attractive people were compared to those who were average looking and attractive so. You're making so if you're all the way attractive you might be doing great it's a guy but then it just goes down from there it's like. Average okay a real their money. And then penny mailer money but then as you get the slower they're down into the ugly still you get your salary starts going back it's like Gerri can you explain that to me I can okay you know his psychological. A wire that ugly could because the ugly people have nothing really to live forward so they just allow us I'm just kidding last day I just I'm not I don't know the wrong idea noted this. I think they probably work harder because C. Beautiful people. As I know. From experience we just get people just Candace thanks follow him on Slaton and so you're like me you're used everyone just kind of DMZ just gives you. I'm just I'm walking through on an average department store and don't women are just handing me their underwear no I didn't really wow it's just not ever I know everybody why anybody manner like here take my car Mike I know them attractive. And you wanna shower me with just served and minute man. Mom Brunell I can't have it. But so unattractive people like nobody's ever gonna just hand neither underwear so I have to bust my butt together yeah. It's a movie they work harder they eat the whole goal oriented because they don't have. The waste time with relations or relationships is thinking enemy to words. Bill Gates not sent what. A couple who knows full well that's where is she on the hot this scales well low volleys these read some resentment about did you get physical generates Bill Gates is walking down the streets and you don't know who Bill Gates says you pain and in your car keys or your underwear. But no serious or not just that but the but so far. CIA did you shoot for one of two things everybody every Diaz beautiful as we always view that's about hard to aspired to body but not shy or is ugly is still this didn't pay and get to.