Slacker and Steve - The Best Halloween Candy 10/23

Monday, October 23rd


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Staying on at old pretty take on the hard hitting issues here Ali and this is one of the big ones Susan Zahn. This is serious. What is the best Halloween candy you can look at the bar. The reason we ask what's best Halloween candy. Is. Apparently kids don't like to see stuff is we like and I. I just sometimes with W adults and kids sees totally opposite when it comes to good community I'm trying to figure out which when you kiss. Before we want to Amir I was thinking you and I we're going to be an agreement but I don't know we are what's your favorite candy ever. I was never big TNT I was probably some chocolate. She I. That would be what you need together but then again like we knew. But who eating kitty tonight. Like just crude stocks saw all of you OK so one of the I don't know the names of this the sweet and sour stuff that you guys as live off of but I always like to yellow in the green which were some great because you guys both hate yellow and no one likes the yellow lingering Darwin should like I was right. Rights are and I'm match so OK yeah now the flavors like all the green elected don't players know retainer said the only time I'll eat those kind is if you guys are eating them and you don't want what's left and all community to otherwise I don't buy that kind you I don't care I do I don't so there's a new survey out says arm you can probably go raid your kid's Halloween mad and they're not gonna care because you probably want chocolate. And all they want is the other stuff Yahoo! sweeteners sour stuff don't they didn't. Number one on the kids does its act it will just as it includes that's a good feeling he's Smart slid as a kid. They're so small want to ask you something bigger I I that's it is so tiny and small I remember is a kid my brother and I like playing doctor with them in south and west yeah. Stills and so were not able to boss some well yeah actually yeah like weapons as well in keen but that's outsmarted us is the place. Okay utter ass it is not just sit. It's what to pour house his debut based parent report your microwave popcorn balls Coleman we gave open. Yes you know we gave voice that I don't deserve and expect that big pack. At where you get like tootsie rolls. Terrible hard dumb and securities and then the little things that are. There's like six little milk chocolate dings in us leaf that's who I ruthlessly tests. 06 at CNN the bat cracked yes and even at the flavors of Tootsie Roll which worked or low read to lend. News it's a yeah caller is supposed to be you like I love those annoying. So poor state of the yellow ones are like do you vesting on the show. Thought the cut at the CI serious. Oh my god there's our gross an outbreak is my kids hate him until almost perfect and an excellent yup it's a Smart is only kids' list star burst yeah I take your lead those are pretty powerful. For me they are as I don't eat that vary but yes who. Something in your meaning if you get a star bursts like right away starters don't wait very long they started party see it cold there terrible hoax it's called on Halloween mini and release our burst in more month. I don't there are five million yeah I don't like come on let's see what else tweaks. And so the chocolate that's would you like a child in karma I deep you can have a cookie I don't mean that in there are nerds yes. You know those are good with the power or those like old level I would think kids on this so Urals pretty I'm totally freely skills and who sour patch kids those are hard that was the only gotten where almost how we we won June 3456. This seven won his first appearance of chocolate in the just handed news Eminem C. Its only noon criminal like chocolate yeah. The world. Doesn't exist without chocolate and karma combine all the problem is I was like the I don't have to do about the gigantic sized bars but may make him involved it's all the chocolate. We originally to star Mercer was you know you got to go jet I want advice is usually you have sold and last is that he's a final one so to only two out of liked ace. I feed kids like tasking you're in Olathe taffy and oh yeah he is one of the best things on the planet call. You know I don't like bananas and like Panetta flatly ordering and demand a ransom banana Laffy taffy pull the hot deals check in Latin dancing. The brake checked now so you can take. Anybody who's got Matthew Jaffe right now I wish we had some. You putting amount of like didn't pull on this hole on an endless stretch out and stretch out but you did. Whole singing handle it and smacked it on anything he'll shatter new attack like. Ten relevant I want just yes I've been doing it wrong this whole time if you don't want to stretch it out so I can keep it it. I just hit it on my leg and then you have individual little pieces to eat do I don't know we'll shut it gets tossed yes but you read me the eyes. Once you stay can tell you can't go back to stretch every once you get whatever you do still do the tap if you can't have Christopher go and other canals and once you stay. I don't think he can't hold so what's your committed I never actually I'm just committed to it that's cool I mean you always think I did that Jolly Ranchers are doing everything you smash them. Well Cathy Cathy will break. Katie. IP you know descending candy. Read a letter. He knows it's a good community. We do you know what. I've gotten into this argument of those people I need to know specifically to you can't you see Reese's peanut butter cups. I need to know the size of Reese's peanut butter can be done about this standard months. Has too much peanut butter. We knew it to small don't work on what is as an inch an ass and I am I'm her nose and why would you like to smaller ones as it has less peanut butter move. Mountains around. Now do you regularly about the a little ones you get lazy Easter whenever pattern though like I robbing gas collar. Know. I think this specialty holiday ones are terrible 'cause it's exactly what you're seeing like the Easter ones in the Halloween and Christmas once they all have likened the peanut butter to chalk that ratio is way off you know it's too much people now Monday hypocrite not be the Easter ones are actually better you know 'cause it's a lot of you'd better protect chocolates different it's not hard it's super soft on the outs I don't. And so it's. Reese's peanut butter eggs are better than a reason to be her cup and all the eggs might have too much peanut butter mountain. They do it because of chocolates different it works com I don't want to read G chocolate on the inside edge over your protection the sheep. I don't the bridges he's clinical. A corner thank you know quarter. Right Don Zimmer pretty good looking like. I'm one of those delaying gratification dudes are ever so like. We have tried to get a Reese's cup I eat the quarter part all the way around the outside edge. And seeing just act creamy chocolate modern. Across the top I see adults by the way we're gonna do the adults and Reese's peanut butter cups comes in number one. Wrong Eminem's. Yeah Swedish fish yeah room where we are you if you like those I can you tell those gummy. Although I'm on him I'm going to be so good news agenda support person can you right come on you know love them because you wouldn't. Who knew this stupid little gas station in long long Colorado used to sell. Slate. Circus peanuts the Swedish finish all the crafty and east its prestige and and they did during good there's like five days when they come from the factory were Swedish Fisher guide. And every day after that they're there and Mike. They're lifespan is going to would you put mineral and which is the one color once labor just all red alone there terrible our Hershey's Kisses. Now boring cookie is a kiss is the ones combed and but who let the children of can be gathered. This is where we have to have a quick debate candy corn. I can talking ingested I don't buy it to give out though love it it's been in my pantry for the last month. But that I was mad -- -- I don't -- friends anyway public when the pumpkin there they're bigger pumpkin chief one does too much to see you and yes it did kind of what I want to nasty it's like -- wack ass don't deviate in the colors it's got to know you talk oh right yeah chopper when his stupid you can throw that chocolate third for that it's really chocolate is just she's like the other when they're just full immunity is needed brown it's brown but you know like hit you do like it I hated it first because that was messed with my mind there was going to be yellow LaMont and I tastes the same vigor of fund it. Yeah that's terrible it's. Your list you the same thing over and you've never done some don't tell your thoughts. We put the daily life you know you're gonna take it it's just it's like sugar stick oh well. And I shot Joseph Joseph basically been jealous know they've played. It's like pixie stick powder now regularly at a show all got their terrible stuff I didn't Snickers. And kick cats. Let me tell you what's missing from the list you. When the greatest candies and mounds and a punch in the face are now mounds and almond joy or absolutely Limbaugh went up the one with this co cadets got a lame. You like to own almost an NF a I don't eat around and to say the only. I'm always pulling all the known just chuck the rest of the if it sure didn't coconut. I'm the final one for me. This off missing from the list is the and it's only got to the semi air. Those damn. Sour apple soccer's soon with them. Normal on those suicide future beyond those last year those are gonna call Karl apple in Indianapolis. So somebody bring me and knows it's a good that's good and Laffy taffy. We're in business we are in business you're recording it we're gonna continue this debate because so far it's only been one persons and reason being America stood. And leads in most of runs a pertaining corn but if you wanna tell us best team he ever. Hit up the site currency FaceBook page.