Slacker and Steve - Best Husbands 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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Steam. As we choose someone else talk about notified on how crappy your husband you are. There is there's this thing that are going to Alter when he things but if you're a woman in your married. We are man in your married you'll need to listen up because you're. Find out how crappy your husband is just. Or how great they are or how you are as a husband I don't eat. I think to myself has agreed has Nokia. And a great father dies. I still. Since I don't have a list of Tony things that we do great dad if you like of still winning at that point and Kennedy after reading this IE being your wonderful husband. I'm terrible. Husband all know Mike legit I'm reading this and going dude. You many manner I don't let's let's circle on your list and you tell me if you think I'm gonna OK I shall we number 120. Tiny the power. Things that men can do to make them the best husband's. Number one they noticed a little changes. You're you're observing vineyard I don't know how you are at home your good observer here. And we're not just when she changed her hair using different lipstick it's like notice saying oh my god given talks your friends those little things Sheila and forever yeah. Do you think I notice those things I think you do. No at all none. The hot you're hot friends and it's you keep track sure it's okay for us. I even good all right and I'm not one yeah. We brought around the lusty woman. Arm you don't think you are I think I do notice and metro don't say anything I don't think they're running a mean here is you notice some you've got okay you can out run dry years like where I don't mean to music here. I know that she got her hair cut I saw the charge on the credit card Sunni death. TI haircut noticed there was this much money if all you do. You'll do you know what did I know what do I just don't do it the material they give you tiny but meaningful gifts. I don't know from now on. We'll do I do you think you did I think he did Alan. I don't think it's all the time I think it's way more sporadic but what I will say is like. Whenever you bring in like a birthday present or just a little gift for one of us or something and it's a very well thought out and it's not something that most people would've thought about. These drill little details for a long time. And incorporate that in their late gifts and stuff like that and women love and such you just told stories. Just escapes me with that story was that showed up oh I don't know lust it's odd how when your best man. And I'll buy gifts or you have to buy gifts for the wedding dooms. You received an empty flash once you did the same idea but she found out what their favorite Al I always instilled this lasting gave it to so that's soft. I guess from my friends and under the from Boca Chica. Yeah do what I think what they're talking about is just gonna rain and she's like I'm great gift giver because I am always. Ears up on the golf Koch. Yeah all the national memorials the but like I don't do the tiny little one sick I think what they're talking about is like we'll just because of the tombs random Tuesday on my data was welcomed by these decibels and a bond for insulin. Well I don't do that. But she remembered the death for deals Sheila Sheila flowers she history of this in a tube for milk. Who can go. Yes you do it seems she likes so far no. We say thank you. I say thank you millions. I didn't hear what do you think that idea. You know that I don't in our relationship yeah. That's why don't. Call me around I am I am a guy coup. This is a terrible admission I what are we doing this on the air this is fun. I eat. I know one of my biggest flaws is I hold myself to this standard. And so I told everybody that anything you. If you get there I don't appreciate it I just assume you're supposed to do that. I should say they always two years and all but I unlike. I'm doing this and this makes it fun in the house which is she move organize my shoes or something in or did something cool for me. I don't. Who are gonna first tell us. I don't have to I don't go that's the team that's tanks and that's I think knees saying did you care awkward that was coming out of my mouth. So you can do with your wife her I I don't delude anybody I should do with everybody this is this is not just me being bad husband has media bad dude yeah I'm remark that bad to bad dude. We stop no really oh we have sent it. Yet. They offered help. Yeah you're good about. You're good about helping I don't know about a home which are good with us here. I do a lot around the house yeah I think he I think you get with Alan you're always like offering below. Tiny but powerful things of men do to make him the best husbands. He's got to listen yeah yeah sometimes though you did exasperated when you have Louis. I guess when I hear in my head sometimes we did if you don't get to it. A compliment way too. Just just yet only got so worked today is my peers were sort of get so you know how I'm doing this staying with a guy from that I don't know if I told you to that country Israel Mike. I don't care anymore cynically I don't. Yet on that talent are we not take no for an answer when necessary. So. You're not good at that. At least here you don't. Yeah on it that thank you in the know I think it's I think I'm I do the everything around like. I've got the best idea let's. Access word. It. Don't plan an entire day now on their own. That I know I'm gonna get as it is I think this entire list is. Crap because this is like some woman wrote this and dislikes said this is it the ideal man and it should you go meet every single one of these things you're not a good husband I don't agree with half this pricey whoever planet Dana I mean now I don't because I wanna find out what she wants to do to I'd really take her thoughts and feelings and her mood into consideration to ask her leg would deal for you I'd lay out some options bled. I mean I don't know you did you oppose a couple of years ago where the guy like put out he went out bought the dress for her. Did the whole thing my web win trying to sing in my what would be like what how we do indeed control freak I. I don't nailed it on the dress which the odds are actually I can do that you know what I can do you know why I only do that you can do she's got her Amazon account. Does your wife put money doesn't dramas aren't yelling yeah wish list is going to buy the stuff for wishlists Lowell PGC it's I have to go find the stories at. And by its Boca gonna put water on Amazon she gets email. That's why do you store Amazon can I go I think your wife and I should be like where is that Rascal. I mean we don't need to go to the whole list we've already figured out that I suck it desk but there was one we are going through this tonight I sounds fascinating. Steve would make a great husband I would you actually told me a story I'll hear about this and I'd I. I just I can't picture but when you told our kinda do. Number twelve they hand deliver a couple Carlo facts. Alex I knew that I know her Starbucks order she knows mine and I just hit on the app and I don't border and like she did she does the same thing for me so you do you do I don't see usually you don't drink coffee so why the hell would you ever do it. You right now I don't know how to make coffee. But what I was living with Kelly forever ago we lived in this brand new apartment complex and right across from reliving was a brand new like. Gas station. So I would get home from work early in the morning. I would swing into the gas station to get her coffee and just walked into the apartment as she's just coming out of the bedroom into the kitchen so every morning I would reader with a. You do you see see that little they know but that's pretty awesome that's beyond Doss yeah I just would not picture you doing now -- reason they did is does that Phillips 66 was right player. They're definitely yeah not just. It's so I guess you buy gas station 'cause he's a sometime next yup it's it's it's up. This. I had one of those moments the other night where is so my wife is a nurse and one of her patients was gonna be stuck in the hospital for their anniversary. And he was god used to go out like all out for his anniversary every year and it's like he was super bummed because he wasn't gonna get in his wife and anniversary present a new stuck in the hospital until and so forth and to my wife. Was like you know what. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna get a little taken Armenia happy anniversary I'll bring in our little and the nuggets have the celebration. Well she works overnight so she gets like no sleep went on the days that she works. And so she texted me ten minutes after she walked out of the house. She's like I forgot decay. I forgot to Kate and has like. I loaded up all the kids in the car. OJ got off drove it 35 minutes you're wearing our own often drove back calls today I know and that's a good husband I really hope my wife isn't listening.