Slacker and Steve - Best Smells 5/18

Friday, May 18th


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I no one's gonna crucify me and look at me funny the same way you and little Vijay is dead up because Hasbro. Has two trademarks. The smell of played out. And I don't know what that smells like. How can you have children you were a child away you were point 00 you really you really never had a when I was a kid only play noted your results salty eating in her home. You only play we know what he played well. You know pretty poor people their moms usually make please be a good recipe right you ask him about what you schism about taste that mean that does all eight York's like I heard of the poor kids always say you don't assault a year than the well truck huh. I don't honestly did you guys. Is your weight you put it in other terms formula what does it is it's not Sweden does it smell what does it smell like attorney you know how to describe it value I can describe it is smells like played out yet it's one of the best top ten smells of all. Hasbro gonna do now that they have that's what they bigamy to perfume and they all know what it. All sorts or try awesome I'm gonna be like Omar John Snow like something night I tip my finger on anybody out Cologne or air freshener yes would you want your house to smell like that absolutely. Do. You really want I would sell like that because you know good smells sell your old. Well Plato. I would just set it up and in strategic areas. Small containers like in advance the screens like you can raise a family here brought beats you played O dividing Israelis up. I Steele really I so here's my next question as an adults grown man. Do you think I would smell it and like it or chizik for you guys it's launching new back to some fond memories of being young for me to smell it now on him like our arsenals like a chemical so you do your children. You know Vijay never had when we have ipads whether they need clean up. It's not true now. That's true can't really good no making a squishy Dag yeah. I think we would just get Jack did Hollywood all these things on their ipads and like Hainan it just looks an aerial assistance except it's not just. They don't they don't they might kids right now they start a plane without digits banner up. I am not. And throw away is important he spent Michael Newton. Dude I don't have children and an urban married. So I wouldn't have children around to have played a book every now and then like a year every two years I'll whipped into a Walgreens rabbit canister of play don't just Harry. All right so do you have another smell like Deb just the only snow I can think of the little we welcome you guys what is smelled and does smell that Blake's kicks you in an emotional spot. And why I think I don't you like. Gasoline which I don't understand some sometimes it's smells good the dryer vent especially in the wintertime it just has a much why or why you. You smells no different in the wintertime the cold has I had a good idea I think it has to do with it's the same thing. That we've talked about before and I like I I learned the answer in the I forget the answer. But it's like everybody thinks. The world smells. This debt brain has a smell and brain does not have a smell. What brain does this put the moisture in the air am and and then you can smell more like. You would you can stay here right now and pass gas and you'll be like oh that's bad. But if you do the same thing in the shower it's so much more punch him because the water in the shower caddy is like tamp thing down everything also bit actual smell. Gets to you so when it's a brain you're not smelling the brain. You're smelling all the stuff he couldn't smell both slower okay that's cool I feel like perhaps. Winter does the same sport the cold and cold and and the moisture in the air must make. So yeah I'm a dryer vent outside your house yeah you most in tiger how long. Yeah how well now because of the grace of. You know smells great too that not many people are gonna know about only smokers will know well. Okay is speaking once again a cold weather I love going outside in the wintertime smoking a cigarette going back inside. And smelling my fingers it's got this policy ideas hate that oh I love you that tell us that's a good smell really he. They used as your smoker I hit it dead it's gotten to where I dated this hunger for awhile I kind of I I didn't I grew hot. I missed it when I was. If this does Arizona you know. You have a good emotional feeling with a deer did either you like grass not the kind I cut grass like yes and an idea that's that's good stuff did you summer. My wife wants to go through like the nuclear decontamination. Shower if she's not scraps. But we sheets. It one I don't know. It's it just smells too strong for her some Ira she hates summer that she just she it's no summer I don't wish he likes a lot of late. Things remind you noted is she she doesn't like dirty. And so wet grass tells her is dirty little traction it and should thank you should tell her it's not like a wet dog. One on super some personnel were murdered since she doesn't like you know Dennis Sheehan like wet dog and I kind of liked the smell what dog I remember around now. You know yeah okay and when your dogs are dead. Rocco why I'm sorry. Tiger misses and all of Mo Joseph after he would like jumping all of a sudden there's there is it when I was in the middle of it was always like managed. But now I think when I smell went on with. Then it makes me miss that's cool my puffy eyes and we got a person smells from the month. You know what no idea I I don't either and so many of my friends in high school would be like. Oh man can go to that girl she smells like my mom and I'm like why. Are you like wow. I don't think Nadal never wore anything so. I had the exact opposite happened to me I dated a girl in high school ensure this it was like a cucumber melon lotion and I was like oh my god that's smells amazing. Loves date and then all of a sudden my mom started where we want oh and number no I won't have the minds of so called hot and it brings out. The. And do you and Payer. And I. Arms you know it is one for me ends I don't know why but you know like that chlorine smell you get from a pool on a summer day. Yeah I love that smell beats you I could sit there and smell that all day every meats soup I don't. You don't want that kind of almost like burns your nostrils a little bit chemicals now I love attitude but if you look if you recall my first day in swimming lessons Lou I tell my leg I ended up the whole summer and had high seasonal thing so chlorine makes me think God's. Awful almanac that bring down stuff yeah well. So look at the odd if you got us now hold it brings something back if you call Stephen little CI. Because I am just gonna find that big and Michael is wrong with Mary. For. A so to finally put to death. Well some people attitude that if you got a smell that reminds us something to bring this back to the smell that makes you happy best. Yeah I think what smells. Yeah I I thought all. Like I love up there oh I love. And spectacularly the store without going in volume but all. Broke does it remind your grand Marshal is it tactic all right she mopped up all right out. You. They were when they live down in Denver what I do about it. I'm like I was like in high school and they've got a house they were at I house what our she'll go. I'd historic about 101000 bombs. It's a series during you know how she is an Intel. All spokesman Ali out spot while I can't acutely historic belly spot all about. Are okay ha I don't think I know it isn't it they're kind of didn't yeah bitter. I don't think I'd I'd readiness and no you know you're smell in the year do you like the cedar thing. All cedar chests yes you ask him all you guys don't cedar mulch he has put down bunch mostly tumultuous mills do it doesn't you doesn't smell the same as it when you do when you line the bottom of a closet with. Or something and Miley like to for a couple days and I'm like oh you're over it smells like what would to me. It's Prague I feel like I feel like I have like a water leak or sometimes. At my. Is that where that's the cedar chest. I took the tell me. Tony. I. Autism and you'll see a much how they get rid of it's a lot wider than your religious age thirty different store owner. Yet you get written permission as they grow up get another puppy up. He's a certain amount where he's disposable stuff. What are going to Denver don't friendly way encouraged that all cynical and you've got to her breasts now. We're there to bring you Connolly yeah. Which got a newer model no match up well know that but I don't know what it is puppy breath makes you. It's like a nerve agent that might make you forget just you know on the floor yeah. Our story so valuable minutes I don't really. Awful lot of Bieber he's never mind your gosh I can't I. I wholeheartedly agree they should make a go of our air pressure glade she come up with a poppy breast center. I don't want that much of all go long is this I'm telling you you would not want to glade. Does a silly I just. You wouldn't over the plate doe played I'm sorry I deserved and prince Silly Putty a little bit and know same things no. Now so we don't want color and no one was Hasbro and one was Mattel sits there we can facts not yet another. Yeah guy which is now. Breaking fuel all I had to go to race track got my dad we run a ticker Earl and it. Love the smell of breaking fuel. I I used to pick through sprint car team to India there's something about it enough. It smells more rocket fuel than regular fuel its own satellites NASA pencil last time we did this I mentioned that I love that smell as well. And somebody wrote on the tax line you can actually buy candles that smell like raw whole NASCAR thing. Make your house smell like a racetrack that isn't hack. I'll idea you know we didn't talk about what is your weird little things might you go into contact your source. Value here why do you think we I didn't know you're racing decades now we are at all he loves balkanized rubber yeah just goes yeah there's like did you lose. Doug do you. Didn't. Know. A broad brush my but I don't know if Clinton won its no the rubber that's good smell Jeff sneak. What's yours now. App I. I'm happy. Puppies teach all the pads here where I'll be. The leader. It does have a distinctive smell especially in the sun from. Yeah. It. Does this stuff it's OK I didn't do what they look to walking everything you know. I. I guess I was is not. Out of the relevant Nadal. At Christmas. Oh my gosh oh but it grates smell plastic governor who did here as its new plastic though and it's just renewed doubts well it's just very. Notice it's the same thing is a new car and they just precise proof is like oh my god yet the new car smell it's a combination of the chemicals that they put on it it's actually noxious and killing you that is true. Sasser and and smell gonzo. More healthier going to be so glad they did all around like Bourque is a good your puffing your desk. Death heart you know about. I'm Denise. Well it probably going to be toxic to their windshield wiper fluid. Although it's either I like it when I had when I Tori yeah that's good stuff stand up nicely down the river nine cue up that old duplicating whenever it's carbon copy your. Oh OK number I mean he's. Oh yeah. That was due ordinary and now the about it she loves. Well might do for three B when I understand Steve we'll everytime there's a new marker and here's Steve takes a hit through you Hudson exit music. And since my mood had tickets smelling sell but yeah. It comes. I and the end of my grandma. Lou it's not a. It really good Kirch you know. Not but results are really heavy smoker. Cerro it's been a mixture of the taboo per Diem and the cigarette smoke and. When I smell it's funny because I'll be in my mom grandma and dontrelle on time I begin tomorrow or something and smell that. Everytime I turn around. You know it's like grandma's enter everything combined with cigarettes smoked it spells or eat you know it's the husband Bob Walker. Of the they usually cost taboo in cigarette smoke C united humans other people to view iphones every. Man for and well guy smells. My grandmother attic kitchen under how open out of wood burning so could it. You wake up early in the morning and and light the stove and they get. This and would only occur it's fresh baked as Donna woods is good alumni and our backs now that's really yeah. I'm Sherri. Terry. Switchers now. So it would just seventy. Man what a little bit square in Moscow alone the whole milk well really it's a very good days and so. This man is sweat isn't enough he got some other deep verb takes the.