Slacker and Steve - Beware of People Who 10/10

Tuesday, October 10th


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Steve. Was trending on Twitter and I think we need to expand on what triggered it does is awesome thumb. And you know we we've all got personal ones for this but it's basically what it is is hash tag. Be wary of people who you out there it is. And I have always had one of the one of the first things on here is beware of people who. Drink decaf coffee and that's we I mean we don't talk enough here. If you're a person drinks decaf coffee. We wanna fight. I thought the only person who brought covers a coffee. This for the caffeine knowing drinks and fruit tastes these are always disguising the taste. Adding others are on base a lot like that yes your drinking your for the caffeine if there's a Kathy you brought that point it's a drink in the near rear of. Not a hard don't know we've beverage why why do you need me just to be bloated effectively have to see a bunch of sit there and never get a book. No match. If you don't. I get it you wanna feel like you're socially whatever to near bear but a decaf coffee dude. Do what really Megan and the Serb. I don't know rockets that's I don't know it's tough he has a reason is that realistic that one reason out of coffee table call decaf. Ask your mind. I don't know if you got one off the list or one personally I said this for years and this is this is a big one for me. And I think and I know. And there are a lot of. People listening to a score huge sports fans I'm down with you think your awesome for eleven sports I love sports. If you're a person. Who paint your face for a game alone it's a true failure. She completely unaware of the person who. Affirming. Did you ever. Had to call six of your friends like I gotta GO my chest and I need five more guys yeah. I'm a good boy good. Well I really. We where someone could mean who will pay themselves wise from Boris more than you ever ask you to say hey hey he's made any link we need any of the at all. Did and to lose my number it's not that it's still I'm only I don't now ready I don't know you gotta be you know somebody who do you guys got. I'll in my in my is anyone who saw Bob post like us status update that says something to the effective. If you kid enemy of my worst on Democrats are let me get my back. Yeah like where did he may yet but that just got one specifically though like if you can only a matter worse he'll give me MI bestseller I don't want you I mean you're always a war. Envoy yeah. Yeah your phone off Steve you don't want. It's the people where were broke literally going nowhere in traffic we're doing zero miles an hour maybe two miles an hour tops but it says those cars as drivers that insist on staying seventeen car lengths back from a hard. All in front of them and I gained seventy college is stopping this or the shortstop. Steve. Children grow old. I'm not sure Owen Friday I'm it's just everyone I'm always Stuckey had a call on the seventeen years you know you'll often Dana this is where your ms. notices you things. Go back court it's us because when you stay seventy car in the pocket or are sort of saw the car sort of use seventeen carlin's back from a car in front of it for absolutely no reason otherwise the fact that -- and morons. So you're letting everyone emerged from the other lanes in front view which means I'm behind you I'm not going forward anymore I'm literally going backwards a little. The only one. You're seventeen car lake unnecessary you know you're not making progress but you're not. I'm not going forward look I've been told a zillion times that I misuse the word literally scared and I'm gonna make you not use it that. Your not who. Really I feel goalie turned out I I I feel like do you. Parker sat there and and you know it might remember her six sites where you now. It's not out of work that I never got never gonna get anywhere if you're letting everyone merging Africa's it to see so okay. Yet we are saying enough. It's you're right you leery of those people you got. You idiots. People against your right who overuse them like seven Carling brand NS seventeen are such a great name for a news so we are officially adding them to us yet there's things on the Twitter thing we're giving you the radio station to say whatever you want. You Wear off people who blank. This one I know woman to catch hell from you probably from little. Put pineapple on pizza it's good to know if Trudeau the Malone what is. Beer pizza Buffett's two rules. That you pineapple on pizza there why you do when I eat what is my job Steve quick question yes sir armed. So you're aware of what constitutes a true race. That's Jesse did it meant to all of you what's true to most people mistake his vegetable though do you tomato mean yeah. Sauce is on pizza stone feet most of the time new White Sox but it was tomato sauce it is it's a fruit so if I knew -- back to take a lot of you saw. We are going through and belongs on pizza yeah I remember you saying that okay and then second so six and it was sort of an up so well while playing I'll give you don't know well it was a Welty was perfectly but they're kind of contradicts earlier apple TV you ordered I got nothing. He's gadgets. We're getting it once it's under very odd if sympathy is no there are additional fruit doesn't below. Yeah. The bass player for your chance to retire 'cause I put my pineapple underneath that she's yet now they're well. I guess I'll try it why do you like pineapple I do I look trying to blow up pizza just not together do you like Canadian bacon. I actually really it's I can tolerate his shot up to Pam it's. It's just a minute to somebody is now it's it's am it's more open it's a weird or Canon pineapple. Are so good together yeah you get that sweetness of the pineapple spiraling yeah. What in the wool. Or like I boldly to Brazilian places and they'll like Dell Dell wrapped bacon around pineapple or that it's stolen and grill it. So that is compatible the world together. I'm sorry he slapped a bad boy on a peach some US Delaware but where do you where all the person who puts clamp on pizza. I will I will stand my ground now and I'm not what I didn't allow that and only simply some of the puts fruit in a beer. That's not listeners is wrong that's unsure of delight put through in a ansari joined the taste that's why you want my good brother police. He's via text. Nice he's a guy invented blue moon. Oh yeah how we we met them when Madden who got these symptoms to show me he says do not. Ruin my dear what's fruit but I don't really say specifically makes you put a giant slice more range in the Blue Mountains though they do it's made with core. Coriander fruit coriander. You'll coriander is I was out of fruit it's the seeds from some ultra. The more you now. But it's not a traditional but it's also got a corn trying to some minutes yet anyway so fruit through peer through goes on pizza pizza or beard as Malone. It was about an ally got. I think the minerals that can live. Hopper's work two days of August another big one for me what's up be wary of people to. Dress up in costumes. When it's not Halloween careful. When he careful though those people are crazy I know everything there. What we're doing and giving people the radio station to get very leery of those folks we orders were pursued. If you're happy with the decade you're living in I'm sorry you. I had to see century yeah. Well I've mode or takes I don't play acting civil war zone for whatever random Tuesday just it's off putting is help watching the grocery store and have you want through your musket. And I'm so did your tried I don't get. Watching them just a nice sound October oh. But you can't be where you're not assume that's that's that's a good lord I'll. Home being aware of people. And this one is a big one for me and we turn over you guys who want you we this is your pet peeve the singing gotta tell people to be warehouse. This I did on this at. Lease forgive me just ignored them on the soapbox more than once he wears people who eat steaks. That are older coax some weight when they put sauce on yeah so there. I didn't to a place. And had somebody order catch up and they did their stake in it and I'm like. If you wanted steak. Or you wanna beef we've catch up. It took the order in hamburgers that that's what ketchup goes on yes and if you put catch up on a staked. You make me wanna hurt your family is it just me the last ten years or certainly tomorrow with those different dipping sauces now where you are with a dipping sauces of the state if. If some Shas has spent time saying I dry aged this particular New York strip any payers. Beautifully am with this it's dipping sauce. That stack you know orange sludge whatever news. And I'm down with the idea put a big if it's just but some store but kinds products and it's like you know George burn the hell out of that saying that I've dry aged two weeks try to make it perfectly amount of salt in whatever. And then don't. Vinegar crap on it who didn't didn't why didn't you just gotta go to world pig you're the most all right yes. It. So plurality when you where you can bring your plastic bags taken much food as you want those don't. They got us into my damn stage at the but I thought it was a Shas and somebody. I'm serious beware of people who overcome distinct if if jury didn't. Something Blake's house or if it's a Miami's on your menu cook the crap out of that he's a stake but if your anywhere else. If you're nice restaurant. And you overcome distinct if I was Shas. I wish I would intentionally did you towel I mean tax. Or something terrible was his medium well is that meanwhile still to go on. Medium is the most he's ever cook a steak and moves its most you should ever cooked steak and a nice course. Do understand. Should I say it's a drop a sort of new video now. We we got a text that I think encompasses all this and just puts the finale will cap on all of this day says be where people who overuse the word literally. I'm gonna call that she started it usage or literally going back and I think that's where it was from it was a would you know. It was just it was it was a technical works you decision right now we want you actually these lists be aware of someone who blacks tapes. Hey guys who are we being aware I was aware of. Who do little that I had to keep it key rate at LE. Where are. Of people who hanging body parts from the back of their trot. Well yeah that's a good one just really doing what's going through your head on the elements when I. I don't know I don't know why anyone would want to display that it does not expect me. After twelve maybe but it is still there are a lot of people who made arguments you know if you go to big trucks you're over compensating for something and I don't necessarily agree that's precious and I haven't you have a big truck and I look over you. When you hang that through your truck and hope your screen here it's true I am compensated for the young but this. He tendered at yeah. You you're guaranteed to be labeled as the guy let me. And solace for the rest of your life I don't know any girls don't is that Utah Jazz Susan with the dangling bintang not a cherished the Iditarod someone I don't know screw you over if you could get the fifth pick things with us Chris. I think you need to be aware of people who sleepless there's talk. You know what storm on my dude I gonna we take it one step further. Nor are people who put on different clothes to sleep yet to Jim a special clothes asleep then what do you sleep and include more just just take your grandson Zach and get him back even wearing clothes for twenty hours sleep in his kidneys and that's where you came into the world. Like your opt for the I love these you don't wearing clothes for three hours is if you stated Tony ordain only sleep before I think you've got that upside down on the road see. It's. Yeah I ain't got you where peoples and. Be aware that Lama who look like Turkey Ali whatever your act like only. Only it. EMI tight or I am at. If that's true. One upper you know holly acting. I may or may not be that person so I can not true loan. But I definitely have I know people who user always better than every other Bruce not matter. They just didn't never mind OK Ronnie is the case beware of people who will. You know that chocolate that is pre pack. Have all square they cut out people who just buy into it at a title. Oh breaking it off evenly on this course and an assist. I'm dead serious I'm ouch you in front of everybody if you don't do yourself why. What Ronnie. There's Hershey's and do that there's a lot different to any companies that do that one of them is kick cat yeah and it's four separate bars and they not only partial raid it perfectly into the whole thing they're pulled jingle is. You do you bring a Brit Milton. And I want steam unwrapped a tick tack and go. But here's I didn't screw up three of the four bars orders posted that's Steve's okay does. All products yes oh they can suggest how I didn't just their product copilot why all of I'm going to be doing it my way in my always correct point gonna snap off one of those little piece. To harness out apple off. Learned that they're that upset maybe they need she should I just didn't just open your mouth to take a bite and eat you can take a bite of the individual borrowers that you have. I have to conform to the we'd be tell the whole enterprise god thank you and your right we are being aware of them there's a watch group. Copeland now there's a wide tests you should employ you got to take you gotta I like dead twelve dental costs go by a single thing take cats. Throw your break from work and just sent a camera and any of those Communist peas is how you can cool. I didn't do it. Watch them were non conformist legal solemn and not out it's showtime does US you know what this what you're one of those people who you need for the sake of being unique. I was has more unique and I follow through on those are your so your needs and are you familiar yeah I don't do it on purpose you do do I don't you guys who don't purposely snapped it off to birds bees they need these kids they happen. The Davis and. Yeah yeah. Aware of people who don't see guys yeah what's yours. I got. You know what is it hit it where people do when you're around him there early garlic so you can never get checked back. Lack. Trolley. And go alone. You need to burn unit gambling with the seat upon young. Girls. You are so dead on Davis Milloy huge dog watch error anybody like her her mug islands and moving on. They are immune attacks mamet and there. Hi. Yeah I I do where people who what. Do hard candy. Oh. I'd say who else does that I wonders like here I'm telling you right now. You somebody anywhere quit and it's your right knee in small thank you saint to release. They hop on a dollar range and just start certainly know why you. Or soccer why do you do with that why you why you do wrong to ask you this Yasser. Or I just make a statement you. I'm non conformist Steve I don't have to eat at the way they say I have to eat it or don't have cash I don't have to follow their instructions. I'm unique I was born with a.