Slacker and Steve - Biggest Fear 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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Seat Patterson around here trying to figure out if we're just super toss from cook but no we just don't share fears with anybody we know we're or re in denial hi I know I'm not I don't I don't share any one of these type one net none. One or 21 here likes when deployed I'm like number three pollution of oceans rivers and lakes. What's just a bit of fear that that I'm in the ocean and some garbage is float next to me or something I think that it's so this would want for new jet is huge fear. This big fears it's kind of crippling you know I think that when Steve is what you were just talking about are fair I think. Some people. See nearer the big picture stops women do. Guys I read an article how women globally. They fear every day what's the what's the world do you like for my children to be yeah that's who boss was who mums here globally I cheer very much within my own gas smell all year personal selfish yes yeah. I cheer clowns gets here like a whole bunch class I feared something. I think it's I don't see your four. Everybody's. At this list. On this list is air pollution but these are like come on for you lose air pollution I can him Miller I can walk through Embree the but I he would they're Blake where all saying is Dan. This person isn't cheering for themselves they're feeling globally that it's gonna happen then it's an yeah. Happening and we ensure that their children are fear that this would North Korea use weapons second guys nut job Diaz could go figure I did I but you know I think would brush him down ranked them. They're open it's like crap shooter now she's too but he's. Bears are at the eagle inside news show okay we have a second I don't know two source and around would we do every day we liked. We all take different stuff also the next or awesome I just said Vanessa yeah holy you know crab well that's into Bullock movie. And cut the cut all my. This year's six month high priest speeds real. We will take a bunch of stuff this is what I do before this young guy. So take this or are talking and we we just didn't list like bush talk about just who started attack. And we talked about the the big fears we have them and kind of spewing out like they did Kim Jong connect to canisters mean. Where we're talking about some pretty global big fears things. And we had one of our interns in here she's like parents. Could I sue bird's. The bushes will indeed his fears like deeply darn sure it's my it's it's my biggest fear in life is my entire family dining and me being left alone. And it was right after that when she goes on your bird. I give her. A lot of this little insight just like so I think that's what we want from you we want motion view which we want to hear your biggest fears. It's okay. If states fear of being alone on the planet. But it's also OK it's just this birds if you could just. It's like it's got to be a big crippling fear shows. One of those people is like I just burst plates. She Sears com fiercely fears you have well we'll round them all the time Jews and then like she wouldn't walk into a class or something like that because there were birds like up on top of the building even the birds right around here instead of building and she walked all the way around the back injury and that's that's not something. I hear things that are bigger than me. I'm not I'm not sing all I hear everything bigger than they'd like to be afraid of Alberta. He's. New CD off to a burger I was afraid of all right you take him admit you don't run I still scream and run I hate to say and I do I think. Just once while they're my age when they're migrating may come through in their dislikes. I just didn't know I am a parent or. You know like how. You are you totally secure but I put on this and I don't Brawley the night I instead of fighting a moment like this reduces. The he's here not exactly who thinks they have known for your arms east between the thumb so this. This we have the biggest fear is if she wins have been Americans have our. I don't like Jimmy I don't do in this lest I don't fear any of these things it's it's all we can go through mosque type medical bills global warming. Not having enough money for the future here that. I feel that big time of C I was born into I don't know I did today it's true I just I. I mean. I I grew up not multi port and thank now. I I started to make and make decent money right now we're gonna win scroll up and got married had two kids yet so I don't ask voters now. The money when I'm dawn and when I can't do another day on the radio. We hope that I am do you have. Buffalo I don't I know I don't ever have a Nokia icici that I was pushed parents when you have kids it's debilitating. You think you wake up some days you like I'm never going to be no sop. While he seek you sacked them I don't to do you know I know it's. Little liar we need. You won't spend that oh you're right yeah. You have you have the most error. This lab by lottery tickets I don't think that's my 401K plan stuff that's a Smart Santa investors don't well. Talk to financial Clara Mike we'll have come about the things didn't work at the lottery. System what are you gonna do the financial planner if they're gonna go. Our started watching MS Mike. Not I have nothing I have you know Jamaica and it's been. Yeah I do best did you guys is money in children at your local what's that's what's legal and what do you you know unconditional love one of them could turn into the next Taylor Swift and marriage marriage player tiger remember you. But I honor her first contortions I remember. I saw some of the other biggest fears are the big scary and weird ones there are people who are afraid of juniors. And I guess that would partly there to break through there sharply brief to cut. That this superstition about breaking Mears and stuff or it's just it's got nothing to almighty god I know but then there's also that mirrors saying and it's in a lot of horror movies where you look into a mere. And there's you look at the room and there's nothing there and you look in the mirror and there's something there there's there's I don't have a huge fear of nearest the mir's. You're renowned London while we you hole I mean I walked Brian I don't like I. I don't starent Mears. There have been days where I have gone into the grocery store. With a big Bogut Roman nose or whatever because I just don't what do you use of Mir for the ideal a -- what are get out of the shower. To looking see he's like I'm good but I don't spend a lot of time chicken mere. Is that we were afraid because they will you out they just there's something about. There's just. Does this say Hussein and his original matrix she touches in minutes like Sox in the newest isn't. It's Salem it's potash and some heat that's would've that's germane when that's truly miss him if you're a class a went all these people call. With their fears their big fears your guy. And good energy. It is American car may go route or are doing this to help I'm Tony didn't conquer their fears. And that's why I'm gonna help here's my other one from mobs. Yeah are you in the Miller and Bob COU two guys here on what worries it's it's big east thing 106000 'cause I'm not a straight to things or small army. But there's so damn irrational we are the only one that Willy Nilly and we may see you. They leave that. They didn't just pop shook his I heard what ever you know it's just tough because if you hit by the dust off the wee little thing by now many try to catch one and turn into like the they've they've. It's. Also I fear of modest. Thanks see you never go outside and make your porch lights on and there's like. Fifteen billion of them into this world around her and how do errands like deer birds we know so let's say it's and other insect that has dust pops it's of the dust par for the actual Miller modeled myself let's is what suggested it's tough it's killer in Sierra rational moving them but the pattern of the thing. And his us off and the dust hustles fist is big here to talk let's just in time to take a couple really big cheers. We won't hear your biggest fear ever Taylor. I pretty afraid of all. Which part they did they just this week is everything on. Or near the balloons. And I'd be seen it. I'll always is. He meet. You like watching. Pop and Gary and they really so we heard I don't know. I could kind of see that is when your blowing one you just don't know this is exploding your face there is that yeah our attention that's I do the same way about anything you blow up. Just what I'm like blown up early to bike tire and our right all I am just old I just I had this fear my fingers being blown home. It's weird oppressors freaked me out I am with you I think you've earlier fear. And Lee. Yeah I'm Judy C and I I'm might hear anything like stuck him look like at the museum or any thing and a much chronic wearing me out. Some Teddy bear. But like your Tom Watson der mean that kind of tag yes steered back out. Awful like all okay in the Yemen trunks really do you come bloody thing if I'm president and museum I can't go to Disney World any. Oh you're bringing to. That is similar you put it SRL. Not like in adulthood like maybe my early twentieth I have no idea wise since the school know younger the. Really interesting here thank you for the call on Marisa. And their tactics. Why all matches are just you know Derek. There there are mobs that they're dressed up mosques OK there's a pretty long resilient they developed a little more on who it's a modern legend Jack you know I. Mean even just scored took off just because there's still little things. There's been times where I want to pass a bush recently there's like 4000. Butterfly migration yes. On his actual hose remembers what can block and do we know your buyer doesn't drew on their cell Joker seems to make it has seen. This is why you don't you'll freedom touching it it is still just a warm day with wings so it was a caterpillar today if we. You can't beat them by twenty million. I. A giant but I tried calling and like my age and I'm little and then you can't. Yeah no I didn't you share a lot of his cell death butterflies anonymous BN. Alleys. And I yeah. 88. 880. Let me tell you why don't they and all right in my ear are moderate I can't end well. I got a check a bogey spot here and my brother that I want in you eat it IB RO I went I think commentary. I mean I start. All over that she says you laughter. With these broken run amber you bring your emotions Syria Israel. And it can't act I'll play. I ain't that big EE eight and that NL. Yet yet peaked yet even utter lack it'll eat yet if I start. Understandable some Sears now there are supposed to do there.