Slacker and Steve - Bizarre E.R. 2/17

Friday, February 17th

A hospital in the UK revealed that they once treated a patient who broke a nail at the club and wanted the doctors to glue it back on. What bizarre injury sent you or someone you know to the hospital?

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Staying on day. When he also. Let's talk your body are now closer grabbed the extra piece of Russia with you on ice to beamer hero guy. We got a story just like that room he said it's just just a tiny little bit different though it's our news there's a tiny little details but this is just okay. What we really want you dig dig your brain around it is time. Went to the ER for a bizarre reason bizarre ER and make it. To make it even bigger we know that not everybody has had a bizarre ER experience and maybe you're just at the ER for some silly and you get to watch to be in the lowering our experience or even better. You're totally download bust enough chippewas. And you are and ER tech now. It's okay wanna call back the same day you saw that people we have voiced his guys and why do I ever saw yes. I heard that the just the use the name or your hospital or they're a patient or their Social Security number where they live outside. So Arnold you are there is a woman. It was at a nightclub. And she lost. A portion of first finger of use and had to be she'd she'd this tragic. Rush. To the hospital. Luckily was at her or whatever for I think she had the wherewithal to grab the chunk of her finger. And bring it with her to the emergency room smarter and everybody's like OK okay with that she did little prettier hair don't sit there and she had rips up. This horrible. A chunk of her fingernail off you know is accustomed a male. Governor friends through body on the par excellence preserve deported me yeah device in the rush to. These are great. Old tree on its own this is the I com. So yeah no I didn't show there was there was just me literally and DER. That counts is the. Does Arianna that's like two greenery there as soon. I hate it this is any UK hospital who I would I would work harder I would stich at bat boy backed up the and I'd charge her severe amounts of ask. You to what emergency C did from a from a reliever a club. I mean she's hideous here social. Okay it and the speaks to the speaks I'm. I friend told the story before and under the arm Intel and really briefly this I didn't break chippewas on behalf of my friend was a yarn arson. I remember this but Davis cereal guy who comes and he are like once a month. Wins three in battery OK what. It is junk. And is limited to is it and so your mind instantly my mind was first sight of the most recently watch batteries of the marine batteries and a battery low. Get in the sports yeah AAA no double. I see him here at her watch fear that OK and that now garage door opener battery that you put all those are pretty bad owners regardless OK that. But it wasn't it was I'm like okay. It's AAA and she's like no did you go to movies to make Madonna letters double yet I told you Ed what are. The 083 that's a flashlight is like loads up a flashlight that's basically gonna go backwards on my own hours that you think this is the arrow to get a direction for quite hit the things he would put them. Let us into this was part of something he liked. And most times she was Wimbledon. Get them back Darren is okay usually he would need to help them and tell us. I'm. This morning you were just talking about off fear and I am not great with a who's who I can't. You know 'cause. Just tape worms are a lot less for some reason maggots SA forms and maggots are two things that. I have a real trigger Wes these accusers slimy their way. In there there rental or you know they wriggle room in the segmentation. That special to voice your of the whole thing yes. There's a 48 year old. Man who had severe stomach pains. It's and they went in went to the ER and had a they checked him out and they realize there was a tape warm inside of them. It's and the entire warm curled in a small intestine UT's. So surgeons went in and pulled it out. If you choose your small intestine. It's closer to go out that. The bottom I'm Smart I. I have a rudimentary knowledge of human anatomy but I feel like we're pretty close to the X ray writer just kept doing that way they know they didn't they pulled a six foot long tape 63 out of he's now they did a machine is small intestine that guy. All I'm saying is just killed. You don't preach you know. Haqqani had to be under I that's a bizarre ER. That moment of this I was telling you that I loved you know I'll order big onion rings but I don't want. Small hole in one big pull the onion out of the breading. It's to be there in my eyes even tape for a gazette has wisely so it's slimy it's warm it's like you thank you. I appreciate that too as you well you've just on what. Is ensured that I will never ever even onion rings or and Baltimore as a hoax and it really makes you can call over and over again I wasn't as sometimes accidentally bite is a fluke and that holdings 00 hole and know that things also might say yeah. So all on the whole table all everybody's Victoria. Is get a ruling the that's stuff. You see what color yeah. Yeah that's a good taste law he saw chief yeah. Are couple others were just in your headlines and we're UT your stories. There's a teenager who took a picture of why she would had a bizarre ER she's literally got the iPhone so sure went a little skewed saying yup. Sticking out of her so much yet won the prongs what all the weight in this seat lay there and grow her camera and headed for punitive tool yeah BER. It takes a lot I had a gaping head wounds. It'll look good but I was seriously sitting there are no white church in my hair was super long has your covered in blood and like. I was there for a long time people get. She doctor. Blood and the good reservations. Call you know general Somalia attitude and attitude plus the slot. Hundreds atrocities. Limiting economic times is this dude they took me so late I learned after passing around here. All you gotta do is say I don't know if that's really it's not it's an illegal heart related to. Upgrade to the front yeah I hit my head because I was feeling woozy from my chest then you get a chance you do look at that woozy but all of a running meetings you know he did so. It also so I had a and oh god what our current. The finally a woman had to go to the ER because her pet snake when you're engaged here. That's bizarre. He's he's then anyway it is like he was fat now meet our house what was is that I was Tug pull and if you were. If they don't snipper your unit into the so we if you seems somewhat bizarre we are even better if you're in the ER technician doctor knows when and it is we just want the weirdest things that happened in in ER. Saw Ali. Yeah yeah yeah I thought I'd say your name right. Well and some in critical what's your does RER us. I know we are camping one week on Labor Day weekend. And when you heard cleanup to come Tom Ryan has been decided to issue that got. Adam a lot of balloon slingshot. And he did incorrectly and it came straight back adamant let him in the head between the current it's. I didn't cry. Then literally so can somebody hold this will be awesome rulings shooting that your saints. Only guy. You flip the bag over at Sony could shoot it down the mountain instead of and though when he let go of the bag slipped back Belgrade shouted back and said. I always do. You have food and cash. I had Bradshaw went down in that hospital from up in the mountain Goode stick to our advantage is that now. And then he had to get twenty fours inches in three layers. Sat on my values and a baseball is phones I saw. Did you replace the did it in fifteen minutes apart and it's brand name. Netscape and Leonard. So all us cool like cattle were tells them we might additional suspect a typical but that is. Just bizarre it was a it was a ball stuck in his header just hit and bounced off power which. And that's who we lost her. Paige. Yeah yeah I guys bizarre yarder rearm. Yet so. I'm a nurse and we had had seven year old woman come in which they wouldn't plunger sticking out of her. Why. She was using it first sign and had fallen backwards on. Oh and it ruptured that area. All I did good news bulletins. And I'm Chris she's sedated and they neared it our all. Yeah I know I mean like she came in the ambulance setting issue is that incredible okay net. I can't a lot of damage what splint terrorists. Slack she's. Not that it matters what is of one of those plunger is it looks like it's being used opinion of trumpet those would be all of those aren't there. We are now realtors. We should say it straight standards as well apply. You probably had the bathroom rely. You don't hold on she's on our car don't even we'd like. I love the sanitary needs your it's your first or somebody levels it's your health and I don't know which question I want ask personal matter how you look at its. And she didn't I don't family oh no we had you edit with we couldn't tell that. So would you attack it feel like yes you're both. They're like herself wearing unites these he's heard Italians. Our election spelled out. And if you want to know more about it. Yeah you oh my god that is seen him I'm telling you pain it's why do you we TCU one year it's like a week as you see these stories you step up. Oh yeah. Think my day takes you very mixed ho it's really not nice I just. All I want to say is. If you got a grandma who did you think she might be allowed just duress always whenever I or something in the gym expects to carpets made of silicone resumptions investment god forbid she's out there would like an axe handle herself but she's got me so endless fancier than the none splintering and Baxter could well I don't know what. We don't want your but I gotta. It did in the bathroom is a law if you if you. And Jackson says. I yeah I bizarre ER had. I AM when man with a fondue fork sticking out of my hand. And La. Oh about twelve for him I was at my and it neighbors. On new party men and send. Didn't want anyone to use my pork so runaround with that. And obstinate and went to grab Mednax at least smashed in the laying an honesty here. It's. Been good so undue sort of I'm not mistaken their long and there's only two Toronto right. Yellow on the backward facing car Obama yeah thanks it is all I ask your kid is yeah eight and now all year you know BC news. He adds. I was not fly only dropped first asked armed to my parents that I don't. Your yard take some cheese with the. Well it's. A little a year earlier than cool man (%expletive) yeah. Until all the minister and the only got I. I enjoy who thought he might do make you got some great ideas stuff on hey I would probably use my severed hand for Lewis just fun to take so long they. Are feeling it I'm really eat a few days reminds secondhand. It's just a little trip he's an insult to chocolate karma thing we have just 11 covered in Manhattan. But it is. Oh my god it's just a scar on your hand no you. I'd hit you add just a little too little marks all I know it's you've got a massive street cred but you get 20% off on your places he's pro you like to see stricter than this. No I was here because you may give new patient anyway thank you. It's a Guy Conti or whatever it all Tommy he's fired now they don't look at. Then you can't dance hall oh La Superman should ask hey is midget goes. At least through you it's it's like what you do is what he'll pizza restaurants don't actually put it on their pizza. They put it on the PGA in the commercials so it doesn't only look decent speeds and it's Australians legs. Did you that's what it's like I want ace could triangles or do you. Our list topic here because we're playing on crystal and yeah guy a break in rags battalion from sorry are. My doctor. Jeremiah unusable Osborne that's also it's the I've always had this serious like the Dodgers they sign this hippocratic doe no link they get home and out Heidi yeah and now we saw it. Drew yeah. I'm not there any one is there anger at all always remember a time. Basically this elderly women fell down and hurt power and she lived alone and I think after street is her little Pomeranian started you. Know. And you being the issue which heard issue that still lie it's basically been eaten alive by her little green and god. Still oh man. I think eventually I'm treated. Every chair they let out their calendar by cheat your diet orange being a bank army strap her. Probably through any. My guess I don't know I don't know if you know the answer to this night did she keep it. I daughter princess the dog. I don't know I don't think he asked I don't uniting go to that bar. Just you know some people you're just showing up with your dog any insights it's the dog was hungrier whatever but it's nice. Yeah there's really man's best friend and you're eating knee done on years all night. Meaning if there Madonna didn't. Diana I don't need much. Yeah that's saying at least it was DR Miller could have been early 20 well I'm just aren't even your fears had a good. Aka what are your John Stevens who kicked it culminated in my dog ate my job shoot. And David Crystal please say we're not gonna get over not winning time zones. Suzanne. Yeah I bazaar ER. I think if I worked at a hospital all in an ultrasound we had a lady come in from the ER. And so large she gets pregnant by an alien and that you ultra Fallon. And she had stacked against hey you know her leaky heart church. In marijuana announced that it wouldn't go well wait a little by little. You know. And oh shoot. So box. Seats she put a potato when there. I don't think so you heard I think she wears a rain Lee. You break his habits is these are grown all of them say easily look like aliens and stuff flew actually smells wonderful. So ray policies. These. Oh gross. How you would see any potential product it's that I had no we don't need them. I bad I wouldn't do it within a stop light to some ways it I mean when you told her what was there or did she seem. Surprised interest did intrigued what was her emotions. So now we don't tell them as a packet and that we let the doctor how about privilege usually get paid enough for that. Right you sure I would say no way. Maybe earth. He's got a little strut her schooling good. Toss up all right but you know wait your whole life. You've got a good on this like Guernsey should go well that's loses and you call truth that's disgusting that if you hit it I'm gold plunged over potato I'll go OK you can close your messiah. So little guys Fuzzy oh that's miles RER. All right I'm five years old I'm from the little luck in Missouri we got hit I'm ones in attitude came all the legal. Underwear wanted to go to meeting and had previously. Another billion in the catchy. I assume you're pleased with sweeteners pull out about a 156. K. Go around my agility and our chief smoke. How real. So I. Okay. Yeah. I'll take genocide before assay data Tony's IE mails a notice. Yeah car. There my times quite the experience and a couple of nick does being sold out. To do and disposing of cigarettes you that's Zune looks like Barack. My Brothers so try to burn outside don't know more on. On your junkie smelling my insides are so yeah it's tiger is all that's you have that memory and it's never going away. Never gone away and I check every comment Jim Phillips live picture or that bad. You've been near me you know home. Wrong wildcats. Thank you JJ just I asked her she's. Colleen. And the bizarre ER we don't feel good grades. And I'm mad as fast thinking that when he Aaron. Is our situation I Powell as we don't do drugs because they get really bad things. I had that can't clue com affluent being constrained. Test and a prank. It's eight it said. All we won't seems to show how. I left added at fifteen how many rotten little bag all look at Weiner. Arnold since. Why no one is saying that's not a camera this kind of thing and good but you don't like. Agree with you couldn't wait until you. We've sort of tacit try to reattach or he's just doing this now be added yet another error. Oh why so why so. And I just exactly how never eat potato again now plus ranks in dealing. As he is an awful awful day at all. More bizarre ER stories on the slacker and Steve FaceBook changed.