Slacker and Steve - Blinding Lasers 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Staying on every parent should be infuriated by Steve stupidity once again. Or did you not save a statement. Plugged so we'll do our own poll can't. He's a beautiful kid I'm taking you are coming up I was out of context. Happen. Hum I suppose there's rarely if you're one of those people who but what are the big bulk. Called stargazers are cost amounts yet there's a billion of them on the market now let's just does things a laser things that chime laser lights on your house instead of putting up Christmas you know you're not allowed to put up with a big bill. Close enough to an airport you have to look at art you know user buy cheaper. There's by the your buddy rice are you don't know I really wanted this about a zero ruins I don't protect you guys by language by the airport there's a certain radius within an airport that you're not allowed to have those guys now so our shower star games are you guys because you guys live where rallies I we don't live that. It's reciprocal. Home might actually I should she go on a chance to reflect the media. I just see. How did you sense that I. But it is saying holiday laser light displays are blinding pilots and we should all get rid of them you know has been going on for years now right like they say this every year but mentally or you're deal about it night's three or four years ago was when this stuff started. And only a few people bottom to zero like 7080 Boxee was night on TV like they want. Now do the grocery store has old displayed them. And there are did come down in price I tie my drugstore even sells them to do right now it's gotten that Collins it's I think the reason it keeps coming up. Now there's so many more of these life. Short bands who likes them. Do do you does. There are two different and Israel say is I think they look cool but I would never put him on my house things okay how because. We knew we try to bite at your house. I would like him because in my mansion that I live in its near your foreclosed Miss America formerly shore clearly is yes since he's so high. Has clay tile roofs and I couldn't clip lights on so the idea of just projecting what's on my house is cool I see that it. It doesn't. The idea decorating your house decorating ousted this. Greeks are trees your windows you're hot but it's all follow it doesn't just what Jack click so it is projecting on the small you are right here. The window would have the light so when you're walking but it wouldn't. 60 so everything gets covered does not discriminating blanket light any because it doesn't just follow the outlet to your house some of it is shooting up in the sky in the NS 737 come on and on a short approach is like getting blasted with your stupid green and red light now pilots are like Mission Impossible guy trying to get through the laser ring. I sure hope so because they become so cheap. I've got a neighbor who's got one in his front yard. And his doctor are you saying he's cheap or poke poke Kutcher good man milk I have a neighbor that's normal and all four sides of his oh no place I'm saying he's cheap and sing he always brought that about so like planes come in from the east south north no matter what I can see only zero. Skid by his laser everybody else is lasers so but they have to it hasn't directions that comes with the package how to do it correctly and to over swap your laser. I know I don't usually are over slop oh well I wanna hit the peak of your house the gable there in the top. Yes so if you're gonna be there's no way to just stopped it perfectly homes which are losers focusing in soul it's gonna slop over end. Until there's a pilot cessnas out in your backyard. But we'll show you were saying that these are affecting pilots and all I saw was only you're gonna admit to saying no idea I should say a good. You should have. I don't pilots was affecting auto pilot did lightning not go blow it. When you're flying a plane Steve Norman on my pain United's like. All right me neither did any other not so always a billionaire and I don't know what. Don't know I don't look at that moment I don't pilots flying the plane the pilots doing when you look down so why is the lasers affecting your vision. When you're not even paying attention to the gravy means it's just hitting your -- you have to be looking down that's why don't like all these high school kids got in trouble like trying to shine a little green or red lasers and helicopters and stuff is usually. Oh very much. Senior juror incapacitated in case something goes wrong oh you're still you're just now taken off and you haven't kicked on the auto pilot. You assume that the pilot just goes makes it hasn't worked the guy got an eight but it does everything yeah did you just losing sleep yourself. It turns a better job they did she have an international flight which you've never been on May be oh no. On the little show gets from top hotel in Dallas one naps the other. It's on like what are you looking at the grounds for a shift real mandate is my I got to kind of agree with CN I've never heard a pilot be like I would say this from engine failure but all those Dane lasers now she's like you've heard of pilots complain okay and shot the guy I. Have a good day it's never. Mean anything have to break distilled down and stop looking at my Christmas light display it's on my house Jennifer. I you know it's a labor into our that the airport space. I can't release balloon drop but it L a you're really got brought that it at our back a beer or bank. Wow and you know that's that's sucks your whole life you're generally run an occasion. I don't. Laser and. You're all there ridiculous we're you're won't eat out there are a what every I checked it well actually there at the port that by its own you what they yeah. Oh you poor people who have to live so close to your own eyes she slept two hours but not sensitive work for its. Four buckets. I hope you never have to get on a slim and Oprah I don't want to put out craziest. Little insight into what I do to keep you safe on this flight school sticks coupled to a degree. Forced you'd go like hello I'm gonna keep an old country safe except you applauded when we look I want. Oh hole putt putt and it we seed Kim Jong women's open door that in the woods. Would you driver yeah. What a joke student I don't Bruce Gordon that's a good. But it's. Our game. And yeah yeah. No jokes at a place at a transit routes and I was younger I mean I don't of those cancel his political a couple of lyrics and all the mirrors house's. And we'll take really any good song glaring need like looking forward. He came outside we decided to sign it right and say. You know being in our duty police office. I implore. Anybody that's sort of yell and honest than actually you know we took it away and go outside are literally shut down the street that I Milo played little or are. So. Trouble with the police officer there now know you want to do a lot of associates a little I never know people are. Differences with my Christmas lights in my house of not shining him directly in your face though that's what you all are shutting them. I stand no that's my airspace that's what we did could you could buy it hurts. Hey Jack if they're gonna do appreciate the story and hope that's not good for. You. Gotta yeah. And yeah yeah. Yeah I got a yeah but Obama got.