Slacker and Steve - Body Oddity 9/1

Thursday, September 1st

They say licking your elbow is impossible, but that's no feat for 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis, who can lick her eye! She has a 4-inch long tongue! What body oddity do you have? 

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Steve I day. I really in trouble for doing this probably a little they can fine though is throwing stuff out. Talk about body on a decent other well what do you get well weird ones. It starts with. A twenty year old girl named. Her picture is in recent picture. I loyalty because I could I ask you you said no mind GL US CNET oh god I don't do I wanna see it is going to be cooler is it make its own creepy okay. She's she's twenty years old and she isn't really foreign half inches long it's huge. It's huge it's huge if she gets a four point 48 inch long tong. End this would shatter the record of the longest time by human on the planet Miley half an inch of the current world record is three point 97 inches exactly Steve's Tom. And that guy's a bitter I'm driving his. Really don't earlier today she's good also what makes her tone look there are oh whatever you're accusing it seems you know major. That is the only thing he's got min that I. I'm she posted pictures are mine mature touching her nose Michigan liquor Bible to her yeah touch her ear lobe. Why yes OK I don't know how to feel about that have really long your gloves or is it just knows or she got I have to pinch the tip of her tongue and then wrapped around her cheek to get tumors rally in a row only as she can get it all the way there no problem. She can liquor elbow Leno I mean we should that is that is that's the bar trick anatomically possible she can't look not only does not only does she lit her elbow when she wraps her tongue are around her old today how close them. Ninety your even now they're like an injured unknown if not longer failure to stop were I don't know I don't do necessary means to reduce our. Minnesota got the bucket list she. It's not tough stuff it up at the just hope if it's watching me like why are personal at least. No idea why am since she saw your own pride and yeah ain't bury my head. It's a whole tour and win and I. So that's her body oddity he does anybody here have one. My everything they did I was saying what thing. It's just it's known is it's like a one in the malls are a girl's hair. You know you did you Albanian those UN and loyalists but remember just imperfectly formed. Receive you people so I don't like but so I am one. But right here in my body and my underneath a nipple. As so it's stumble yeah he's a lumpy mole is just follow my ball I mean it's not it's so excuse for a long story longer it's. The first time I was in her wit so you like your nickname you know that. And could put the case all the sole. It one point somebody asked me. You like don't tell Italian team had relations or every news site. Didn't like they're young they're laying on your chest news talking reverence like really not as indiscernible little holes susilo excited. You'll all been really good lawyers and engineers and but it doesn't what she needed not always good for. This is only that but I mean you wanna see K no lawyer Gerald brown dog no examiners your choice. I let my elbow for thirty more sad eyed glare. It's definitely Irish you know multi multi multi planet. You're anything like does not think like I know you think your Brittany form. Nobody RT can you are you don't drink you like turn an arm around her little wood and high school ahead of buddies that he can take his eyelids and he's always still in school Woertz. Like tears no cause our room. And he is right out of the corner he would twist his eyelids and squirt. Now it is what he likes fully and so is trying to say flat top declined any would twisted and then that would cause this dark. Like coach. Last year and gas that the that the how do. And question you know what he would do well I don't know how he figured it out but when he would get bored between classes who walked on the hall if you got sprayed with some than. It was probably him doing that that's the thing I was gonna say if anybody ever tries to fight you that's all you have to do in the vice. Eight future reject violence rivalry you remind me in the near my body under the I can clique on command okay we don't bite and you still think. Having your I live in flipping out and getting you teared up to like sure yeah I don't know how you'd figure that out but like. I used to like. I don't know I had canker sores in my mouth when I was young yuck can I write move my tongue around doesn't like my mouth hurt. I figured out there's certain ways you move your tongue and the little things underneath the tunnel pushed. And I could squirt and now I teams I eat. I can go lead right days a quarter from underneath my tong here this amass so I. What is lumping multiple earlier to be totally honest I didn't even meaner I know I. Isn't it Tony Seaman are now fifty I tape to solid five you say well I'm going this guy who bet that. They're electronics in the room. Okay yeah yeah out we just do this is pretty water kind of look close right. I need to look at radio or I should is an interest singson FF I. Us us about some other body are deceased people or weird which was your favorite none of them but the guy the fingernail one. I feel bad for her figured OK so there's a woman woman named Shane you sound. Hit a disease named after she isn't really named us her it's so rare. She lives day today with an ailment of baffles doctors because a sharp stems as hard as fingernails to grow out of the hair fall a girl. Here follicles. All over her body all anything you don't realize it is women don't grow beards order but they still had hair follicles on their face yeah it's horror in the show the picture is basically a girl with like these you these little things are good it's horror like I. I fingernail beard Ziad. I he's just a whole weird no one can figure out why this is happening tiller. Fingernails outer hair follicles so this is an entity. To. Loaded. Likely set up and we call your body already well organized do remain very. I'm sure I'm sure she can. All right so and there's another dude and Illinois dude. Cool things stick to his head museum Mac and it has always done on his every terrorist hand it looks like his skull is magnetized but it's not apparently is skin has these suction cup so he can take any object. Put it up to his head and they just come. He has a hundred degree body temperature so as a couple are always is sweaty yes so it cost. Borrowers actress he said as as suction cups John his name's Keaton. They can't ever try to climb a building. What's it. Yes but the first thing I would try to fit somebody's finally work on his head go home me and he's never gonna muted debut its stock picks what he's a hundred degree heat. I think it's just shoot you just kind of a hot medicine an awful but I'm all right so that we are going to need these pictures of unfazed all you got this one. I don't even want to talk about this when you really wanna talk about this one I don't know this is the night. So in this is his body oddity in that hole we want your body oddities as well but this is a youngster. He was known as the eight limbs boy now he looks like tinian aboard because they did somebody. Paid for his surgery. Arm. It happens a lot in the womb a lot of us are twins in the wounded and some doesn't work out. And just did the tissue and everything gets absorbs any amniotic fluid or this is Julia yet. On this kid. Has it looks like each. I set continued is growing out of his stomach there's like the bottom half feeling so there's legs and a but yeah. And something else some other weird little appendages. Hanging out this kid's midsection so would do those whose body parts like work. I don't think so you know they're just hanging there okay yeah how likely do Siegel let's party there and still a bottom is Chester gut or wait a minute to. What do you look I need somebody must've gras in new Roy eats and what they're learning they must have. Are they don't move do they do they moved I don't think. But yeah. How does little. Coral closer connected this stuff fight if he can walk on those otherwise no. It's an awesome party try to I'm. It's oh my god almighty Donna with the release of the day they surgeries are really all been an impossible 50000 whatever they're. Currency is that pounds whatever that then weird thing is somebody paid for it. And that's cool man that is different and then he's a normal boy now as he remembered even old. Well I thank god all right so if there's something weird about you mold did you Jeter now we'll find perfectly. Since I suited to one need you guys. What makes myself OK third nipple liking police stop touching a lot of Jews go to that's pretty wicked but it's not you why I would second cousin of the thing down below. We did do in return we'll get insight as. How it looks like Columbus actually smaller. She can talk about her I don't go by doing that. No I love you mole they're like yeah I guess there's some in the makes you unique we will hear all about your body oddities Christians. Guy body underneath. By the way I can probably get outta the Bennett and act and all the time. Susan weird when did you discover it. A law I thought my my buddies showed me how the what are you doing and then you'd like you know you put this bit from the bottoming or now with your thought it'll come out like that public. Okay and then I tried it and well you know as I can do and I've been used to really Dewey thought about doing it yeah. I easier dilly once every five times I tried now it's like every single thing. Did you leak when you yarn you don't realize that you know I donuts. You gonna every time. I think that I wanna do I have to go. I like both you are trying to one up each other right goalie. Alfredsson. Yeah. But no it doesn't know all right so what's your what's your other body on his yacht. So let's start on my I think in general old Ecko got about two engine. And the weird part about it is it picked my left packed up about two and a higher than my right back to normal more than hundred. I I don't know like I like the joke about. Bing but what I'm pretty sure know Florida at night shift broke up into the middle checks and when I came out it is gonna like more the phone's been very upset hole. No name. Since did I mean it betrayed her body shots and stuff but I don't really cool. Yeah not an actual like in grand old like it great for my girl urged him rector had anywhere like night and not believe. Once he wouldn't weird really take him self behavior. Your head holes to burn your authority this whole group or face what did you take your lunch I don't cure you think that's we are whole come. And I and the weird because like. I guess I can't really grow hair much everywhere but in the middle of the hole is a split it's weird to bear. Here's what I'd love to see from you Christian if you eat your mission if you're willing to accept it. A video of you slowly but surely good leaking and snowing up you're you're now or more that's okay Christian. We're gonna go a long time but I we're going to ask that we we've got enough time you'll be one of those YouTube videos it's like six minutes on the we don't care well yeah he hits a bump Jason did that I dad step aside Bruno fist hole in his chest Tracy's. Yeah yeah I body oddity. Well my husband and in addition to all of his siblings. And all of expense that I have now been born into the failing. To land in the back point. I'll part of their son very your your top knuckle on your thumb they can bend it back ninety degree I seemed to me that this. In his sister came and touched her wrist and with the death of. RTC RI am and I'm like. Half they are Jessie Davis is eighty is it called double join Anderson doesn't seem Bieber they just it was it was like and there are some has been just chasing like that is decent down it's weird. Now how many in higher daily. Street Sicily Domenici ninety degree Disney's some don't while the U Miriam anyway to conclude that maybe iron into and it ill. Figured out all the top class practical applications and does some make him the truth I don't know when you have guys making big even a couple of to see today. And a nice body oddity. I don't know. The lie go that's a finger Michael Jackson had footage he had ya I salute you first in his night. Leaguer is first in is like you're darker Browner whatever. It's like it's like slow soft into a bright white pool why like CO2 different colors just in to make on your hands and they do insulin surely some Michael Jackson liked his bleached all of this DN so that it would be that might call oh I didn't know that's that was the ask. Did you do that two and a. No I'm actually Caucasian so it's a little weird looking at Pettitte looks like I guess I really bad taste in my. Harlow just didn't win what's slots are you not run. What's thoughts do you have an on. I got an animal over my leg below her right arm actually have two that are on my I inched. Don't think it really bad sunglass and PMI. Mil wow. You do he do you hated or is it a good conversation icebreaker peace. Actually I don't mean lip purse when I first hit puberty they are correlated. And they hit I actually got it good but it's hard can look at elementary school are all these kids come up pretty asking what strong advice is still. You know hard to explain to them until I guess it went elude the patent and I don't know what picnic is. Yeah now Tennessee's got us to seek wow that's I yeah I I actually know one other person who has it I'm really yeah. You know until it's really OK I've gone Teresa. I needed Yahoo! what's your body under the. I did it not hit it I did it get mileage. Once. How does he saw it. I don't meet account came up aren't I can eat like you know it. We ever spent the night to get married at why you know only I could put my eyes wide open. They don't dry how he can't sleep can't slumber no. What are Rem sleep nothing for. I don't know. Are needed. It to his eyes were dry out visa consulates would drops and exactly. Did you make some formally some percentage diluted zero so yeah. Good thing to me is still I wow that's weird I never heard of that no breakup with a million. I'll do you personally I'd gotten didn't we didn't take very long no. Because of the because he's serious you and it's. Well I think you know there is no it's a Lowry beat odds and a nice body underneath. Yeah at so I work for some doctors and I had a thing calibrate an MRI initiate. And I have a KL. Hot but there doesn't come out it's just under your stamina you have the bones underneath. It's what we saw the toxicity that you have an extension and Ernie yeah I honestly tell you how long he's. Think it did what's what's Cox is a couple little tiny bones not your tail boom basically your help you a little under her around. Curves like terrible and why it's so would you go leaning dual plastic surgery and have a Mike puts in stint on Etsy actually out tomorrow. What to do a double pay for what I just. I it was a great plastic surgeon and sure you can get I don't I don't think they would do this well but I don't. Boom wow that's crazy night is any at this awesome now did you use it like to balance when you run relates twice trees until it's so I. I love. Hey you know I let it cloning if I don't think we're. And we didn't detail out of their culture gotta get we gotta make you more news slam thank you I these solar does not your body oddities we love the German maybe you get to see the cyst or mag guy okay where did slacker and Steve FaceBook page.