Slacker and Steve - Booze Cleans Your Brain 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th


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Staying on at all of those things where on the same we're sometimes good. And that is bad and in his. Again we got a special certainly made a special do you have a special thing for you and your real. It's okay now are so today. Louis blue is blues that last and we talked about with the wind blew her back women and pregnancy drinking wine was good but the we just learned last summer it's bad now. I can't remember where we're at CNET was a banner yet prevented this deal was bad just sometimes they say old Teresa GMs or teams in the in moderate alcohol. You know good. It was bad too because it turns into it if you're in the spring and staying. It now let's go to saint turns into a raging yup alcoholic or something. Well here it is. Blues. Is it. Now what is. Good players goes well apparently a new study published in the journal of scientific. Reports I don't know tennis great but if you're a huge nerd you've probably noted Don Don ready. I'm having a glass of wind. He gossip and story irony sucks. For beer at the end of the day can actually help your brain. Remove toxic and suppose so why are so apparently SAI think release two armed. So like. Alzheimer's or something Jintao also if you have that alcoholic beverages one at the end of the day. Taught him to keep saying we just watched one just I think there are you don't know can scan my version of it be like seven nope I think it's easier to refrain. 19 study was done in mice so the exact amount of alcohol screen similar results is still unknown but they say haven't had Russ Weiner beard to you today. Can help your brain remove toxins. In the same way that's leaked us. You'd use you consume a lot so I got to six this what do I got plus you're healthy through like they held its ports and a I'm toxic train people are no it's up. Anyway. It looks like you can stop hard to please watt hole and stroke. And maybe. Toreros are gonna do you never ever have any of these in my list terrorists might do in the history of heart disease it's it's that feeling I'm bucking the trend. Her because of all of this stuff there's no on the so they're saying. Hello this is. Bono no sense in giving up to most of brunch is coach tickets but they still say age. Eight a single they'd be here are good or a glass of wine you oh well now you know it is it that at least for today your. It's good for.