Slacker and Steve - Bored 6/1

Wednesday, June 1st

Three teen boys found the perfect solution to cure their boredom. They stole a couple of bulldozers and had a contest to see who could cause the most damage! What is the craziest thing you did to cure your boredom?

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Selector in Steve's son today. Are you cough up half a club. If you are turley board right now I would be frightened. Hopeful apply because. I know you I did it drove bureaus you've just. You're done. Sort of talk about the things you don't report you just psychoanalyze you for a second please dirt. I cool if we your or did you do destructive things I didn't continuing tend surely set up your life. So they you're more fruits whole aren't so don't face he look Laura but you know. Neighbors got poorly now did you sit in your house your government shut onboard I should burn something. So it doesn't expect that she can tell us your cell. I absolutely do I set it up as a stress free life and realize stress free to be Boris lives I didn't Grayson stress. A I theorize it's my turn to you you didn't like it should also filling prophecy is that. Do. To explore. Like blouses. Here are my dealer members you were born tried not your own bathroom now why you're. Just took you three years of remodeling getting sick. I was bored to. Died I go I don't know the worst cars you know every board I look for stupid things and destructive things is what else does too loud not alone actually want done about what have you dine. Might my question I have this question on the show probably more often and I showed. I want her of women do stupid stuff when they're born as much as menu just like adolescent boy's. Life onboard I should see. If I can make aerosol can and a lighter into a plane to our deal. Do women like I think women who sees you when they're bored they just change your hair color TV yeah you go are you trying to do which can also be. Almost as tragic as letting stuff on fire when an aerosol can and a and a lighter but. I just I don't know that it is many women. Do stuff like these these guys Indiana teens. Stole a couple of bulldozers for a contest to see you could cause the most destruction we've all wanted to do. All right. And I didn't do it I am Philippe. Shocked. We believe this because that lead this search recovery back they'd lock you know maybe now they dealt with these kids do whatever they want on YouTube probably has a way around the area I know I don't you do know. Ted Miller bulldozer work around it station at thirty. You watch a five minute video you're destroying some. Neighborhood. Were racing you've got to respect bulldozers they were board in the middle of the night they cost nearly. Dollars worth of damages you have got a son in October tractor trailers ripped the roof off of modular home. Now face felony charges. Well and better juveniles so little nicks and community service just that's when you should do these thing I love why you should or should they did their rights. Yeah I mean if you're gonna do it drew wits you know yeah I guess so that's one thing board hit here's another guess what it is. Take a hard guy named. Chris Rashid challenge Carlos woods. They did call is just resist another country or something. It says he was. He challenged him to. Stick to his lug holes together. And when I believe that means is is your holes there's an Daniels called those lug holes heroes those Arctic G huge holes don't see actual like the action story closely as we call he's here. So maybe that is a foreign. I don't know I'll call the yeah you're right he dentist to your ears forwarding glued on and yet they squeezed like this super blue gel on there yeah. Armed whose board he board there trying to saying the guys going your putting too much on. He still go is anyway he squeezes easier to gather and walks around for a minute. And arm. He he down. Funny plummeted yet they say that TE appears to have vomit and on the floor after gluing his a year or you don't why equilibrium absolute best. Do you like being seasick. That's true way to stop it directors are glued Susie it's gonna sit he's he's riding out to the worst ceasing this. This DNA is a boy boy idea board know like I do I think girls react. Why don't we chatted cannot come pat cash. This I'm trying to be sexist I just don't know for any any calls from women who've done stupid stuff. While therefore I can't think community they would you like to like you said guy is made maybe they have stolen a bulldozer or graffiti there and played our displays or glued there low goals together. Whenever a lot of OS this year and vomiting had to go to the hospital. To Juan. Only one of his fingers and stuck to his ears off books they read this is Leo and this is actually kind of dead this kid was bored and down. It's not a good thing I thought he was Gary Dalton movie destroyed its tie Tony was when Dalton. This guy this Chinese art is Al spent three days and nights piecing together. He sculpture of Nick's he's a fox from utopia it's really funny memory Kia army do your job this culture is unbelievable I thought she was a kid who built its little this kid was born. And pushed a Lego sculpture over and it's smashed into tiny pieces surely glued to the crackle that though it. Hey teach us. Current. Not only is the lesson and make a movie with Steve I think you've just been asked. Oh my god. They say to those sculpture was worth more than 151000 dollars because you set a small Lego sets like eighty box of this I was she she really priceless because there's no sector's ability just like looking at a don't change your bread he's the type of canyon brown. And he maids there's if fox forget I think he's fox is fox. I'm fifteen grand you know I ran because on the board kid showed similar sculpture or I want to go to out of from a night out traveling. Nextel for people look at you wanna be able walk up like saying drag oh legs tonight. Let's go let's go with like a Superman they they had done it's a picture yet action comics 10. How to let Gus Jan Powell all are so redirect that wanted to know how does this stupid kid and and walked by and destroy it was there was no bored kids around in the struggle it's so cool thing probably if you crack the ice so if you know. We're gonna give you extra points if your girl because we only girls do this but if you have done something. Out of control stupid destructive. Or just just plain old stupid when you were born we want to hear your story candy. I think you are disguised. Would you do when you're bored. While make America a clerk recorder records didn't graduate of all cool story workers gave me an alcohol per billion pull our. Oh. I met up and the look you're either direction you can hear about payment you can look at it appears people aren't black airmen or more and ultimately. No. Like correctly was a drum right. I wrote current election but actually opened real trooper perpetual feud hurt. While I was gonna cheating I teed up a needle in a casino on the back and it's tough putts until. Armed so you knew you arms so you can easily go to save your body or your huge Alter your body that's that's yes that's that's the thumb yeah. I guess I do in my allowed NASA specific about a Peter do you know please go to the boats or the man in the boat's O ninths. All right what they're important you about a while. Today and orange trooper yeah that's what you do and we didn't and you left dividends. Yeah I retired army I don't really get what are more heard a little more middle aged. Blurred. Yeah Gloria morrow she's you know boo yeah. Success here. Yeah now your board this success. But yet a magnetic on and that's where you're gonna offer hit yes so yeah he's your friend do that for other people now in their borders she just doesn't professionally. I know I'm not personally but we are in Luke after rebel. Now she's she's maybe maybe maybe ankle and extend your border or nasal bring my whacks it what your eye he's saying here. It's like your eyes there's there's eyes you just do it it's not only is how blacks always the paper on top opening you. Yeah I read some stuff done on me but not that's the rumor but. The the series about the Bosnia just Brazilians. Do you think you are you laying. On your back tell your question or are you done at all on how force is a good at that time be right yes we're not gonna cost and as a so that's been with us. And yes yeah. Board. Yeah at all. I had two older Brothers and we are little kids I. I had super long brown hair coming down to my butt. And we would sit there and take Nash's hands slowly light my hair on fire and watch it scored just. And do it every time I go out you if you do and that and my mom what he had so much. It smells really good Steve knows because he likes his nose hair on fire to trim and well yeah I see you later this boom and each and doesn't. Yeah actually admitting now. Now that people actually give up professionally. Since I was so that you are dead there was a YouTube video that dude who was like the flame throwing hair cutter and you'd be like oh man god. Oh DOS I started as fed you this since you definitely didn't steal if you look at this Parisian man clearly. Crews by U suburban homes yeah. Sorry we don't know who looked a bit but he stole from us Brooks says she definitely saw it you don't you don't do that anymore you go to professional business. I love. Actually started him on merit that way you cut off all the burn pieces. That's a good riddance to learn true and I guess the question if I did it they didn't convert you broke up Christie hit. Yeah yes. Board or heard of them. The leg yet you can't metal spike cleared tomatoes are Claire Barnes and blow up on Google classics slighted. On a playground that when I let them catch it team. Dying excellent sparklers will explode if you put enough from the other guy how do you hotel. Do you like you can't take it take a metal one is ending event out of bottom without money you can't come up really I would want sticking out to talk. August oh. And then go down they don't just. I don't recommend yeah and I'm excited. And you do not just you know. I mean it like shredded in terror without hard plastic sly dig and shredded the end of it you know until I can. Yeah not pleasant I am might be on a want to list somewhere around how. Also I am Jack's lies since then Menendez and Ramona no fly list with the ball. Loans overall I'm really kind of blown away by one girl just just just that is just as I say I like. Didn't make a fire and destruction is definitely more of a boy world. Thank you Christie on errands. You guys you are disguised board Bullard bird. Are you guys so my friend and I and I junior high and we're not let the only kind of every replaying in my third beating drums that are out there Isa and turned so we just started guys from parlor rarely are we can't simulate the football go to race. Or maybe a little less and we've resided in you item. She decided to play American sniper the. And oh my brother dispute that bit. Pumped one pomp and hit you or did you go to liquidated because we feel our people are renewing our third our secure boot from a donor drive or have respect that. Also you're able to hit an and he didn't he didn't think it was a mosquito bite you knew what was happening. Lol I don't know what we really there or not you. Holders Europe that you thought Beatty Bonnie and her around the heat. You did allow for the wind age. I. I don't have the big day they're dynamite absolutely yourself. That's part of being bored of being a sniper do for you here on day zero for the golf I like floor right yeah. You guys do things if you still wanna tell your board ciresi you have to do it on my FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve stay out.