Slacker and Steve - Breaking Bones 10/19

Thursday, October 19th


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And all of a sudden it feels like in the news and I know some of the sport news of some of its hits us directly. There's people breaking bones like it's there John you know including Ed Ed Balls don't bounce he did a I wanted to know was in the same farmers one and one arm and you know there. He's got to he's got a bone broke in I think he's got com. His wrist on one arm and his. And his elbow on the other armed right wrist. Ready for this is where you Strom yeah that's I was asking left elbow while she's your guitar player in his guitar clear your brakes on them. You don't want you want rather break my wrist or my right arm because you're you can Michael Bostick and still kind of strong mocha but like your wrist really bands on your fretting hand. So she'd broke that risk that would suck a mean his elbow is still in your elbows kind of constantly in and ninety's okay on your playing its ourselves Marisa wood chip. I mean I just feel bad form what we thought about turning this into. When you break a bone near I have literally other than British singer or two you. They're broke a bone. I've fractured once and I was who's is fractured different than fracture means it didn't break all the way yeah who is due diligence crack and I think so I was like all when I was a kid radius all that's wanted to give bones and security of one of those to you at least. Enough I want to say on enjoy your broker but did you see the basketball player. I think don't will he was talking about it air like caught just a glimpse of the video and turned away and we're not the sports kinda show you know but. Win. Can't watch wind. Things straight. I tee it. I know. I can't watch it when they should go slow moment guys leg is so unnatural position is I. This is some guy who played her the wrong team forever and finally got transferred on to the right team did you team from your time in and upon that's rates finally signed his biggest contract in six minutes into his first game she like she goes like sauls on his leg wrong. And I and the videos that's the title of the video everyone that I saw was gruesome dog leg breaking my I don't click on a video that has gruesome in the title race. My guess is his foot was facing bobcat. Went the opposite way why didn't ninety degree boldly walked the wrong way he's one door and turns to red hair. However tellers are quick she broke a bone right when she Brent yes. And I broke my leg it doing the macarena it's. The bugs are going to be. Full contact Michael I decided let's all just point out real quick if you're if you're wherever you're sitting to my greening your head your legs not involved rights at all right out I'll just no line you know hop corridor. Just yet you guys heard and I need you I'll let me. Oh really okay so how do you break your idea of president competition. And legs. Trying to spice things up an Irish dance just the mockery Irish in my career that yeah it's over one who were competing with a seven year yeah. Keep your. You you're seven as well I. No I would say in nineteen. You crush at GA and even they want and what is the worst part top. Are you okay it's a good I'm so we want from you know. I have this other site know that I'm not sure if we have time to take to show on what's that worked so and I. We won it really where you tell us stories of how you broke a bone we doubled or talk about that but you I I proposes she earlier and you don't punch communities are bringing this up. Sharon let's double right wrist or ask your rights how does he what does but okay. Know this for the next six weeks while he's laid up I'm sorry he's canceling toward how does Ed Shearer and wiped his budgets for the next ballot question I can't he's got people. Would shoot what if what if I break both arms who's now I'm going to Steve's because I was doing. Sorry just thought I know what you mean you're gonna have to do it helped the answer for me would be my wife my wife put it this is one of those for better or worse moments are all millions I know that some totally sucks you like you don't have a for better or worse so you both their arms you don't get share amounts of money. All while one why do. Oh my god everything about what the heck am I gonna do I don't know what I just don't eat in the Nicole would never know I'd just. I asked as fast you gotta eat right foods that like you out you ever had one of those the blues where you wiping like impossible. As there's nothing there. You don't target amount you know when you when you what do you I guess that's it it's ago still not clear chosen through there's like a few wife and there's nothing should go to figure out what you eat on those in the senate okay am I the only people that children don't. Food ghost who might cost. It's not a terrible idea okay where you set a garden not known how did we did hear you why don't I would with a garden whom I won't most of the day thing you like just but he also. What can afford them today he's like yeah you do what everybody look don't I just didn't know you don't you Dwight before you. The dash eight Q were you like after the day notion what am I anyway after you know I remember. No I think he went after did you throw that toilet paper in the trash no one. It's like in Brazil there there everything septic that's why aren't had to use of the day before you don't flush toilet paper down you just. Anything that I degrades goes down likely due to when your team that's it select your big day in and I can't remember who wants. Yeah I throw it is a verbiage yet you can you put your trophy from the garbage it's a little weird and the might be intimate. My son like then so we eat he got in think at a young age he learned of wiped down there so then we would come home and all of this toilet paper would be in the trash always afraid is yet but I'm talking and all this and you're about so as I do there was this high always coming out and all right. We're talking about our. I agree he had Sharon how does it invite him or go back to ensure net having two broken bones if you've broken a bone in an epic way. We would love to hear your stories nation's broken something. Our night. Yes so when I was thirteen. I got to look for daddy and undercut our side we keep market is shaking up Wall Street school crushed school. Know a whole different. With the club no just with the ball. Knowledge club and that's actually doctors say this that they're seeing people getting there with the club a million times but never actually. The ball it's fiction are. Holy smoke you're sort of tough to decide it literally came off his clubs the wrong direction. Yeah I was actually on the cart pass but it kind of been trying to achieve our strategic shape did the right. It's it's so what happens when your skulls broken don't put his cash on a little trio. They edit or add a bunch doctors out of state trigger or push it back now see all the blood that Obama bring. Sucks yeah. No I actually did a distant reach chart to my school. Any early dose of NASCAR. Get rid of the word title this. I think it is only come diesel golf. I do. But I haven't been back to a course. Thank god and you ask the readers' questions to me answer that just your brain goes there it may give you call me think wow that's one bone to break. Kelly. Kelly. Yeah apple got little bone break tiebreak it. Well when I was little barrel. And I live on a bicycle with my dad. He's pro. Or and I would I would kind of staying in front him and my butt got hot in the spokes. And kind of all broke my leg. A detention. Just writing even though we did hear the curtain. Now we know. It was just it's snapped. And yeah then we kind of probably crash and then it was back to nearly 78 when you would get a Joaquin cap where they would pick. Little being on the bottom of your cat you just walked around with. Oh that's true all the all bets a little should you. You're cruising you have to like limped around on that thing behind. Yeah I. And them about a year later it broke my delight. My darn at least it wasn't the same time off Kazan and during each review what we know you could Moya. We've squeezed your legs you what color try to push for us executed she is yeah Clayton you listen to show long enough you know that we all have suspicions about how Steve Weiss and now we know his legs are invited you know we had suspicions about to poke. Remember we talked who's scratching your wife it was the correct direction not forward few was out there are lots of cocaine each. Yeah. Game. I ain't broke straight tournament play it on my tricked out Greg actual law. Like selling my car and is I its title at my current flap and then make it in math and retrieve our own. But those are much talk. From Randy is in order called. An old no light and honest man and. Some of the gases is running all over thing pouring out of the Poulter Darren is all that's the most important. Go to stay in the car I. It's a breakaway things in his console it's on it apparently did not and that's probably why my approach to oh how long were you out of commission. Make it a lot sanitary at six weeks show and I and I do and then I was land package very two weeks after that daily weight gain. I'm so good gas she's still way from now she could put electric. Now let's listen until 108. Games and food on the fairness Tyler. ER BI broken bones. Are absolutely not parents and relatives calculated so that it got to this hour despite taking only child but it won't be too. Jump ball a small. Group retraces her chat I don't. He will. If so this Caribbean JT don't and now you're you're alone timing mom startled UN what did you brake not your job. I've fractured my alarm at the replay dimensional. Chipped it noble. Yeah. Did you go in my Morgan and that's true Zenyatta jump up tonight was your read the book barbecue you know god out. Great girl and it's usually your isn't getting used to all all four or blow that would it'll work. Oh man who put so this is that's the Dana Tyler found out about it street. I don't know but also clearly toast. If I can't thank you could shock us treasury. Yeah Tom MacKenzie. Yeah yeah I broken bones. Herb I don't know. I don't leaning age you know oil. Oh and I stopped my mom freaked out to you know hospital not in order wrong and I I'll sleep in my hospital bed. It rolled out a book both on the buy our. Yeah.