Slacker and Steve - Broke People Tips 8/17

Friday, August 17th


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Staying on day. Poke people tips for people to it so people since this is treading on Twitter couple days ago and down. We just don't like to be trending so we let it die down and then. I jump she is sure. The people. That. Our shell. And you wanna know what happened on Twitter last week listen tomorrow slack current stage of the it's a country that's how we got to get this show is the pomp morsels for your honor login to Twitter so we don't really know our dogs the bottom. So usually want its basic. Lee you're little scruples things. He did. Win you were. When you're struggling we've all been there I mean some of these things. I was there I never took it to this level cutting open toothpaste tube never occurred I haven't either I just keep rolling it tighter and on. Earned but just snippet big I was telling you know go find other side I think we should out of competition doesn't see you introduce your role on 'cause I hate my family. Might seem reside. They squish a little bad they're squishy from the center or whatever at all all walks into my kitchen and open up the thing and I see it too which is based. In in good the trash general Mike who put that in there. Get like more we owe more on until I mean they used to make a special little key that he would help you ruled the end shy. Yahoo! Intel and Dick she opens are Vinciguerra. I don't like they would do it for the your your your toothpaste. You know she did every little morsel I mean you and I have sail board yeah decisions and who do you have been you just kind of all you river are refreshed you were snipped open one of those tubes is that each color of Poland is like a radio I'm Jim and I guess. So that's what I that's why starting out fresh because I was a broke person many broke people tips. And when you start squeezing it too much you know only getting like one color. It means those legs and you're just didn't granulated patent on Kim's got great simply. You don't want you got a pregnant and don't lose to her I should cut it opened on next broke people tip. Ask for ask. Extra napkins when you go to fast food restaurants or just grab extra napkins and and to support him still put their own. Or straws like because I don't drink. I don't use strong auto vote fast food cups and stuff you don't there's no reason reasons or because of him because they're not re wash during thing and it was only there were dirty. This is really your sang I will ultimately your house. And telling the prize cup but don't take the straw intact don't put it in a bag and one of those big freezer bags she is packed full these straws and are no use for a team needs some money. Call this agreement for free do you know how are supporting you deserve. Is there. There's always drew incredibly distraught ex. The reason people use a straw is not because you sync your glass in my opinion is dirty you know from not being watched Yelp is dirty from the server touch and it. Debt to. There's so even your plastic cup do it stands to reason somebody grab bag and put I don't know if you're right I should. I'll always use a strong since my biggest pet peeve is when the server brings me a beverage and hands it to me in their phone I'm sure all. Top top more but most of us. I want now anywhere on my dvd menus straws for the paper cup on they say save money by showering together that idea dumb because what have you is this could take longer if Denis yeah I mean you may seem like a nickel logistics longer in the near neither of Euro that clean. They the broke people tips that I used at many times in my life even when I'm not broke like when my. Internet service provider breaks down then I will drive to McDonald's and just send their parking lot. Oh just you wrote me off their all that's actually not bad he's got to drive to a business as free Wi-Fi OK sometimes Starbucks but we should now for a servant she looked rich you it's weird how much less Dockery you look. Sitting out in front of a McDonald's thing you do is. I don't know because there's people that sit outside a Starbucks and you can tell they're starting to call the authorities to your. But I'm just sit and into Como and look at suspiciously when asked about my life hack OK tonight. Yeah you gotta. It another tip I have what has to do fast food and brought this up to interdict. Just you don't want about paying for I swear that is you know everybody and this works we do go to your drive thru and order food Pulitzer resource to pay when we say it's a gay dollars ESCO all. I thought were doing though pay it forward thing I thought they paid forming my fault. My bad. Even though is give you the food menus don't shoot free. Yes so will go for broke people tips a don't soccer and auto companies stealing you're not stealing they said it's OK now they didn't yeah. Now I'm gonna read one and I think this might work and I might actually try it yet. This is a broke person tip if you have a nice shirt. That's missing a button. Donated to good well. Then wait a week. And go buy it back from goodwill for a dollar Tony cuts because there would replace the buttons from. It's gonna hope some that don't know Israel's buy that shirt well what do foreign employees just this week. Are they allowed them are they allowed to buy it isn't like you know you've won your good express and that shirts out there and I have. Every dollar we pride tee just put its own damn on yourself fights do you think the staff there goes through a grabs what I'm good so I would choose the good stuff first have been put the knot this whose stuff yes. I hate that's actually good idea that we get a free button three button yeah but do you think they care you can get Clinton did a search out another one MX Biden results and establish this. Could that. And it's both Kurds. Short. Taxi that odd another tips broke person tip Saran wrap your paper plates. And then you're on the plate forever. Oh why are they reveal that SE get stuff funny from my docs published as Serena knows her or my surroundings which leg O reactions in a washout. Well you found a way you always want to do I just like the accident again was re washing or just label hears a blood bags this had a peppering it and then just keep using it with the Turks. But said I'm just clean it I don't know. You all look like. Green pepper put my fridge use the rest of it that's my dream tapper back gonna put a green pepper and the next time doesn't have old remnants from the old green peppers bloom. Slashed his. Kept the ball possession in the back does that helps you sleep better about it it helps people eat green peppers and let's get it dismissed from the plot grand opera it's yeah as Sara kudos all right so this horrid it. If you were really core or even if he just got. Fun little tips on. On what to do we got a bunch more involving duct tape and prominent such while the we want to hear your broke people tips jams. A guy broke people sense. I know my mother and liar and found out that what ever occurred or are tied for negotiate direct. Aren't they think like treachery and apart if you buy the box instead of the art link on. So let's is she I thought I cannot and then she go back and return all the aren't properly. And profit up 2030. All you have that is Brill did since most of those things when you by the boxing business inside is not very individual sales up granola bars don't say it. I you know I. I'm not really the template telling me and even trying like it's going to I'm not speaking. Who's got time for that that's actually kind of similar to. Take stick this is my mom she's like I got the ads from Milwaukee's and save slang and she's like I'm archrival or might. What no I wish gassing you bring to save them as a teen sends a good news out politics and I maternal person nevermind why would my parents got in Iraq. On the way to lucky so now they're only on things like a. More mass quit while he's in the crash all Rick and I don't know I'd like look he's on the other side down like who don't know. Cassandra and only ask Joseph who's gonna say what do you. There could conclude that Leon state even gone and then shady Barack asks it's weird Christie. Yes yes no could help what you broke people tip. I would I didn't think the momma I was actually go to McDonald's every Monday they had that when he went and hamburger at 830 I think you've burger and I am just pocket for the week and that's what I need to that we. My jaw just let him. But switcher I don't what you do yet you have three Ritter it about it at all think. You would just like okay you're tired girl so mad Dan Simon. Yet by an element microwave them all week that was my old. Dinner that's there you have a limit is a lot of good a lot of stores when they're like you know I always corn limit any its like he's heard Ellen did you buy as many wanna. No idea that I get ten limit at the time he'd like hammered and sheep herders and why we're get ago. And drives are different mcdonalds not ten marks run lead that's actually Smart I don't do that anymore you shut down battle promotion Gerson took the fifth thanks for not since the let's. Yeah I broke people tips. Show I can you need for a while and he can make your local laugh. You put a little bit of water and it. Ball. That's an I think slackers families have to. You could skim milk. No can't do without because I'm a broke college student but that's like it. As a as a person who stands across. From me no common source by you know that is insulting that's like buying boy not de Rothschild wine and I got too many people human over I'm gonna cut it yeah. Yeah you don't. We don't bother us a bit like to get baby powder out when you have a nicotine part of the you don't have my tonight. Okay Larry that the by yes if you've got to college I got you would you gotta do and I can't you know you chant no no I get a I mean you know PG NED never really easy size and mix your. There's no leaks or try you know you try this and now you. Marcus. Yeah our guys broke people since. I walked into a museum that word. Triple Decker don't get a look at the west what does he think that he's leaving but he's actually moved to go you they don't charge regular charter review. We just were really slow and we're looking around and we took took backward another step backward. We will always true beginning of the podium and win so. It's not bad it's actually pretty careful with its its its commitment it's tough but I love everything yeah.